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  1. On 8/20/2021 at 1:54 PM, R1Fan1 said:

    Here is my final version of my schedule. Since I started making this in April, Radio 1 announced an awful lot of schedule changes which seemed to match up with my version, so the only real changes to daytime are some of the timings. When you get to post-4pm, I've made the most changes here, especially on the weekend.

    Leaving you'd have Adele Roberts and Benji B (with DJ Target also leaving Radio 1 but staying on 1Xtra), and joining the station would be Rakeem Omar, Robyn Richford, Dave Treacy, Sam & Danni and Jess Iszatt. 


    Looks good to me - I'd give The Rock Show 7pm-8pm on a Saturday (or an edited repeat at that time) - but apart from that, all gravy ...

  2. 4 hours ago, anothernerd said:

    I wanna know why or how you’ve managed to dig up this thread from 2008? ?

    I did a general search the other day, out of idle curiosity, on most annoying dj's, and this came up as a link. It then struck me just how long (off and on) I'd been TRYING to like her! ...

  3. Well folks, it's now 2021, and to paraphrase Paul Simon, 'Still annoying .. after all these years'. 

    I've tried to like her - I really have.

    Fundamentally, it's to do with striking a pose whereby she wants to be mainstream, and yet somehow 'above' the mainstream, at the very same time.

    She just about pulls that off on telly, because she still looks kind of cute in a pair of wellies. Back on the wireless, however, it's insufferable.

    Thank goodness for Janice Long on Radio Wales ...

  4. 10 hours ago, NathanS said:

    I'm glad we're getting an outside broadcast. I very much enjoy 'event' radio which i think no other station tops Radio 1 on. The family feel with all the DJ's that comes across on air is especially a highlight which i enjoy. I assume they'll be popping up at various points during the day on Clara, Scott & Grimmy's shows. 

    These summer road trips remind me a bit of the noughties on R1, they did a fair bit of this, especially with Moyles and his team... so it's very reminicent of that (for me at least).

    All we need now is DLT dressed as a chicken ,,,

  5. 21 hours ago, BBCAaron said:

    I mean agree that would be an idea to shake things up a bit and something if I was controller be willing to try to experiment and see how that goes I mean it will be similar level of energy to over Saturday progeamminf with different gear changes. I’d say worth a try then. I’m surprised that 6 Music hasn’t got a rock show of their own to at least have some content for Rock fans across BBC

    Indeed. Extending my previous idea - Could then throw-in an 'In Concert' hour on 6Music, 9pm Saturdays. So then there would be a run of three hours altogether, of various shades of Rock, over three stations ... Caters amply for the leather-trousered amongst us, without making serious disruptions to any particular schedule - How's that for joined-up thinking?

  6. 14 hours ago, BBCAaron said:


    Rock show in effect already has been demoted with the axe of Rocktober and the Rock day where housed to play classic rock and more Rock in specialist shows 

    I still think there's a place for a Rock Show - just not on Sundays! - Neatest solution would be to give it 7pm-8pm on Saturdays. That would just shave the first hour off the '1Xtra Takeover', and dedicated head-bangers could continue their adventure at 8pm with the R2 Rock Show ...

  7. Consensus on these pages is that R1 is in pretty good shape right now - And I have no quibble with that.

    HOWEVER! - What's the one* thing that you would fix?  If you had the power? - The one thing that is obviously wrong, or not quite working?

    It could be a matter of presentation, mix of music & speech, scheduling, whatever.  Just try to home in on one* thing, cheers ?

    *Ok - maybe two things -- three at an absolute push ....

  8. 19 hours ago, radio1fan said:


    I’m actually feeling quite emotional tonight as it’s just sunk in that Radio 1 won’t be the same station it was when I was growing up, even though I’m only 18, and clearly still don’t like change ?


    Wow, you've got DECADES of turbulence ahead of you  ?

  9. 6 hours ago, AndyK77 said:

     I know Moyles was very popular with many, but his abrasive style and lack of music also drove many away from the station. 

    Moyles was at his most compelling when you had to accidentally 'discover' him, in the very early morning.

  10. 14 hours ago, BBCAaron said:

    Guess you’re more of a Radio 2 listener these days 

    Not particularly. I've always listened to a mixture, since I was a kid. Never really understood why there isn't more 'channel hopping', like there is with TV.  The 50th birthday of R1 did re-kindle my innate love for that station though ...

  11. 12 hours ago, BBCAaron said:

    Feel Jamz Supernova made for an excellent replacement and brings something new turnover to and where risk work and moving with it’s audience .

    Each to their own. She's not for me - not at that time-slot, at any rate. I now give Matt & Mollie an hour at 1pm, then Paul Gambaccini an hour at 2pm, on R2 ...

  12. 14 hours ago, BBCAaron said:



    14 hours ago, BBCAaron said:

    e.g Liz Kershaw tho now gone was unpopular with 6Ms audience and severed 18 years could say that for retaining or removing certain content, 

    For the record, I miss her Saturday show ?

  13. 10 hours ago, BBCR1_James said:

    Not entirely related...

    but I’ve always wondered why ‘6 Music’ is not ‘Radio 2 Extra’, as it basically is to Radio 2 listeners what 1Xtra, 4 Extra, 5LSX are to their sister stations. 

    Kind of - but to make that more plausible, a '2 Extra' would need to re-adopt some of the 'pre-rock' material that R2 has been quietly abandoning for years ....

  14. 9 hours ago, BBCAaron said:

    Think if I was BBC Radio head would rebrand the stations but keeping of course the themes of the station try to maybe create a BBC Sounds News (Newsbeat,PM,Your Call,NewsCast,Today etc) BBC Sounds Sport, BBC Sounds Talk (original entertainment and topical factual stuff like R4 comedy, dramas and Scott and Chris’s 5L show and Eli’s and John show), BBC Sounds New Music (Clara Amfo, Jack Saunders, Jamz Supernova, Gemma Bradley, DJ Target, Regional intro presenters etc, Benji B some other 6M presenters) BBC Sounds Good (what Radio 2 is mainly upbeat pop adult contemporary playlist incl the Mills switch

    Interesting concept, although I'd still want to keep the traditional '1,2,3' etc on the actual stations, mixing it up a bit on BBC Sounds could encourage more adventurous listening, for those who are a little stuck in their ways ... That said, and going off-piste again for a moment - I would have kept BBC3 on television, but re-named it 'BBC Fun & Games' - making it the home of all sport and quiz shows ...

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