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  1. There’s no way Scott is going back to drivetime. I think Scott’s been given a new contract after turning down Heart Breakfast. Meaning he’ll be on afternoons for a good few years yet. I think Greg is on Breakfast for the long haul too - probably 6-8 years
  2. I think the schedule could do with a bit of a shake up, personally i'd rather see something like Weekdays: 4am - Arielle Free 6:30am - Greg James 10am - Adele Roberts 1pm - Scott Mills 4pm - Dev & Alice Weekends: 6am - Matt & Molle 10am - Jordan North 1pm - Grimmy [not sure...] Possibly swapping Scott with R, M & C after a few more years? I don't think we need Clara or Maya. I'd quite like to see Jordan on a daytime slot, but I am not quite sure where to put him. Unless he gets drive with Dev & Alice taking over from Scott - I really enjoy the style of their show at the weekends right now. But I kinda feel it'd be miss-understood by a casual listener who might not understand their 'banter'. I'd probably also ditch this 3-day-weekend thing. Have Greg & 10-1 on 5 mornings a week, with maybe the same afternoon show on Fri-Sun and Scott still on the Friday chart.
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