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  1. I really hope Scott and Chris carry on but with other shows popping up with Scott presenting I can’t help but think a move is on the cards.
  2. I think they will continue to bring on new talent - which is no bad thing - but Scott, Chris and Greg still have a lot more to give on day time.
  3. Scott and Chris obvs, but yes I agree Chris Moyles was fantastic. I’d like to hear Matt Edmondson go back to his old late night slot with the risky themes - his late night interview with Ross Kemp was hilarious! Also, the big man Charlie Sloth. Shame he lost it at those awards. I didn’t listen to his show but he was funny when he came on Scots show: You’re fattest, no, your fattest!!
  4. Eurovision is around the corner so I’d say Scott has enough on his plate getting ready for that.
  5. I too missed it - I thought it was Sunday he was on - but good to read the positive feedback on here. Obviously I’d like Scott to stay at Radio 1 for a long time yet but good to know the path is being made clear for him at Radio 2. Listen Again is on later.
  6. The only time Sloth was funny was when he was with Scott, so yes, agreed.
  7. Matt filled in for Scott and did the feature one day. As they were wheeling Sloth out, they caught the ‘big red’ reset button and took R1 off air. Judging by the way Matt was when they came back on air 20 minutes later (they went to emergency music) it was clear that wasn’t planned. Matt a while later admitted what had happened.
  8. “You’re fattest”, “No, your fattest!” with Charlie Sloth, followed by a whopper (WHOOOO!) from Charlie then, him being wheeled out the studio. The incident with Matt Edmondon that finished the feature was both a shame and funny. The less said about Mr Sloths departure the better!
  9. Hi guys. I’m trying to find a compelation of the 2017 Whooovent Calendar. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even hear what #1 was. Can you help please?
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