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  1. Actually I think your theory could be one that’s correct - after all Scott is already doing drive on a Friday so why not add the other four His Dance anthems has been renamed too to Party Anthems What I think will happen is there will be major changes when the new controller for Radio 1&2 is announced (has it been?) if this is Ben Cooper as predicted maybe he’ll make major changes But yes I 100% agree Scott’s show sounds fresher than ever and it’s also been really good to hear him solo as well
  2. ALSO note from Friday 5th July Scott's Dance Anthems have been renamed to Radio 1 Party Anthems Also Matt and Mollie are in for Greg 1st July and Matt solo on 2nd July
  3. Same as Dev did with the 8th for 6 months
  4. OMG I forgot that Dev and Alice covered for 6 whole weeks I wonder if that classes as their "own" show and makes them the shortest drive in history since they wern't in for Greg or Grimmy
  5. Yeah I think so too, and the fact they knew then that Greg was going to breakfast although it wasn't revealed until last May Greg and Grimmy knew in September 2017 when the decision was made therefore they knew that Greg wouldn't be continuing the chart It's a shame they didn't give Scott drive back when Greg went to breakfast and Grimmy on 1-4
  6. I couldnt' see Scott making a return to weekday drive - he's only on a Friday because it's the chart and DA Which leads me on to this - not that I am questioning but how did out of the weekday presenters did Scott get Fridays still and not just continue Greg last year? and Grimmy inhereting it Just wondered how they came to that conclusion Wonder if Scott was given it on the basis that his show would wind down and he wuld transition to R2 but still have the chart
  7. well that has to be it for Scott and breakfast then surely? well on radio 1 anyway Wonder if Greg is presenting any of the coverage from Glasto
  8. Why would they replace Grimmy on drive after a year? unless Scott is off to R2 ? and Grimmy to 1-4 and Mike on drive
  9. It seems like the final nail is in the coffin for Scott covering breakfast then - he is there this week yet M&M covering so i'd say that's it for him and breakfast, the last official breakfast cover shift he did was 27/12/18 He took part in the show for the escape room and covered while Greg was taken so not really covering for Greg but kind of The lolothon you cant count that as breakfast cover as it's a special Thoughts?
  10. I quite agree with you about the features, they need to be fresher Clara to me is just boring, her show is very bland, and she maybe has became complacent in the slot, maybe she is the next change Greg did hint last week about something happening in the Summer with him but the breakfast show would work better as a team as opposed to just Greg, maybe with Chris Sawyer and Rosin getting involved more - listen to Zoe she has a good set up already, not knocking Greg as he totally should be on breakfast I find Clara and Scott's show too music heavy, Scott could do so much more but he's constrained by the playlist, and the amount he has to play to make up the last 15 mins of Claras show which is news - I also think a shift to R2 is coming Grimmy on drive, yes he is a bit better but in essence its the old breakfast show just in the afternoon Adele gets short changed, she deserves a daytime slot, and so does poor old Dev who seems to get the shittyist deals, early breakfast weekened breakfast, then gets paired with Alice which isnt that bad but after being the weekend breakfast host for so long its a bit like Mayo and Whiley scenario, although D&A have worked out much stronger on afternoons - Dev deserves Scotts show should he vacate, but i cant see it happening and more likely one of the newer ones will take it Same as M&M, Matt is old on the station now - he's been about for a long time now will he get a weekday slot, probs not Mollie may well go on to bigger things (Claras show maybe) Scott - his time is coming I fear, he is being shipped out gradually, first major sign is that hes no longer the breakfast cover, second is that he's being used on R2 and his own R1 show is covered The next will be he will come off for a week and cover a weekday slot on R2 and someone like Dev and Alice will cover his shows, and maybe Jordan cover the chart if it was SWITA he covered or maybe not if he covered for Ken he would do both on the Friday, who knows On that - Sara Cox hasnt had a full week off of drive yet has she? only bank holidays where a celeb sits in, seems we dont know who her regular stand in is On that too - she needs another half hour I think start her at 430 and finish SWITA at 430; I can see their schedule being revamed if/when Vine moves on and that slot abolished with Zoe extended to 10 and Ken 10-1 SWITA 1-4 and Sara 4-7 What we havent considered is the talent released from contracts by Heart, maybe R1 will snap up someoone from that pool as well for a slot Must be contract time soon? Listen to scott on those old shows posted he was far more riskay then and the one where he jokes about Moyles is priceless you can tell there is some issue between them in 2001 if only he could be that lairy now night time no issue, Annie fine, Kiss 3 brilliant and Jack wicked Kiss 3 may appear on daytime as well, 9-11 may be a bridging move
  11. Have a look here It was done by Greg for the new breakfast show for the geeks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtVd5wtPIlg
  12. It's Gregs standard jingles with new speech to say its sheep dash and all
  13. TBF it would put it in line with the weekend as well, although Adele would be short changed there because she would have two hours less a week, either that or Matt and Mollie start at 630 on Fridays I will be interested to see how Fridays breakfast show is imaged - being branded as an extra episode of Greg's show with M&M as guests
  14. Seems Jamie Theakston has the gig - schedule has changed so they are 0630-10 to go up directly against Greg and all with all of this - one wonders, was Theakston the second choice and Mills was offered the gig? or was it lies from the Sun, something we will probably never know I suspect Mills was offered the gig, but the Beeb offered a new contract with Radio 2 cover Incorporated, wonder if Scott will still cover for Greg going forward and it's just M&M did it this time because of eurovision thoughts?
  15. Hey Aled, your'e not cramping style hanging about, would be lovely to have a Q&A with you? its so important to have forums like this where us "geeks" can nerd out about all things radio and learn the inner workings of what happens behind the scenes of R1 Personally you, Chris Moyles Scott and Greg were my inspiration to get into community radio and I've just started a new show on Uckfield FM in Sussex, and loving every minute of it, I have done shows on another station too, but this one is the best I've been to and I've only got you guys to thank for that - radio does so much for my mental health too so thanks Lovely to hear from you
  16. Yeah looks that way to me The week before usually loads of weekday shows are from the place too, not mentioned next week until Friday breakfast unless the others are going up in the week - wonder if Scott has to be in London for the chart Friday then travel up
  17. Big weekend schedule is out Friday is a combo of Greg and Matt and Mollie on breakfast branded as Gregs show so wonder if he will use his imaging etc? Also Arielle in for Matt and Mollie Sat and Sun Maya and Jordan doubling up 10-1 and Dev and Alice on at 1, but no other DJs on schedule so wonder if theyll just float about or do a bit each - last year Scott was in evening on Sunday IIRC
  18. Scott of course and Chris has revitalized his show Moyles from yesteryear - I would also say Sara as well in her later years at R1 Currently Dev and Alice are upping their game and I really like the new three from Kiss they've fitted in really well and I'd take a punt that it won't be too long until they appear on daytime
  19. Also of note on this playlist is that Scott is in for Moyles but also shown as In for Greg - what was that about? Suspect Sara was in for Scott that week
  20. When Greg first started it continued, Scott covered the day he got married a few weeks after taking over, then he was the anchor man for the escape room show Scott also covered it a bit over Christmas; its clear they always intended Scott to cover as they had imaging done for him Matt and Mollie covered over Christmas for the second week (Greg had two weeks off over Xmas) because Scott was off too, and now seem to have been used for this period of leave, my guessing is that A because of last week nearly every other show was cover, so Scott was consistent and B because Scott may have had this massive Taylor Swift thing today so needed to be on afternoons, which IMO would have been better him doing it on breakfast, C Scott has eurovision stuff happening and D Radio 2 cover work I'd say a domino effect has now happened starting with Chris Evans and Simon Mayo leaving R2, TBF if that hadn't happened and a route to R2 wasn't open now, then maybe Scott just may have taken the Heart job? So with Evans leaving and Mayo, that opened the door for Zoe and Sara therefore opened the door for Scott to start covering more, like Sara did in about 2011/12/13 time
  21. Talking about that, noted that Adele has dropped the Friday resident DJ segment for the earlier finish "Film friday" dropped
  22. What I am wondering is; who decides who the cover presenters are and what they do; how do they allocate it, I assume someone like Scotts agents talk to R1 management and say when he's off so they have to cover I wonder if they have like a rota person who produces it all
  23. I wonder if Scott's Monday special is a pre record then, if they are off to eurovision I am glad its Dev and Alice as well I can see Dev getting 1-4 going forward actually as he's not got other weekday commitments like Alice has and Alice going solo weekends also Chris would work well with Dev if Scott went to R2 and Chris stayed at R1 It looks to me that the current way of covering seems to be weekend guys do their slot weekdays if the equivalent is off now
  24. Yeah it was rather odd, but then Scott has never been one to play on the fact he's been there that long, he doesn't like reminding people he has been TBF most of his younger audience probably wouldn't know he'd been there that long anyway, or even remember him on drive CM would have played on it big time on the contrary if he had made 20 years on R1 and 10 on breakfast on 2014, but he'd never be on daytime now, maybe if he'd taken Grimmys old slot he was offered he still wouldn't be there now and only one day at weekends and some R2 work Scott is bang on target still and caters for his right audience, older studying students and uni people and people at home in the day and driving for work, which are generally late 20s early 30s upwards He adapts to the chart and Dance Anthems well and he has proven countless times he can become more R2 style in an instant so much so we had him on in the car Sat and my Mrs asked me to put Mr Jam back on ! as she thought it was boring talking to people about marathons and all What he has done on R2 in three hours Saturday is more speech than a whole week on 1-4 shows I bet he did more voice in hour 1 than a whole weekday show 3hrs I seriously think he is no longer primary breakfast cover now, and instead he's being given opportunity to cover on R2
  25. I am hedging a bet with the new joint controller role coming in, that Scott makes a permanent move to R2 in the next year maybe bar the Chart on a Friday, and he replaces Steve Wright or Ken Bruce or Vine but as a music show not what Vine does now
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