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  1. hi, does anyone have the full 2019 lolathon, i’ve been wanting to listen back to it. i know we have the full 2017 one on here, so i wondered if anyone had a full copy of the 2019 one stored?
  2. It was bank holiday though, so audience would be low, not actual prime time.
  3. Mollie on Mids would be dreadful. I really don’t think it’ll happen. She’s not got the right style to do it, she sort of talks in sound bites a lot when on her own a bit like Maya, and just doesn’t come across as authentic.
  4. For Radio 1 they don’t tend to announce cover, the average listener couldn’t care less so it’d just be a service for us lot.
  5. If/when Jordan is the incumbent on Drive, Dev and Alice would potentially be great for regular cover.
  6. Dev and Alice would be really good I think, would enjoy hearing them have a shot. But, would they commit to depping for two weeks? They’re both busy, especially Alice.
  7. With 2019 being the year that Matt and Mollie extended into the week, to cover for Greg, transitioning away from Scott and Chris deputising Breakfast, do you think they were the right call to take over? I’ve certainly had my criticisms. In the new year, who do you think would be the best Breakfast dep? It’ll be interesting to see if they switch up who covers, that’d be a better policy I think, trying out different pairings and DJs.
  8. I think this will most likely be a year of transition and change for Radio 1. We’ll hopefully see innovation in terms of distribution on demand, reaching the target audience in the ways they consume content. I think we’ll almost certainly see some schedule changes to the linear station, Breakfast will stay another year easily, there needs to be a weekend shuffle, with some fresh talent coming through, and some tired talent either moving to weekdays, or going. Weekdays, Clara could stay another year, but the show certainly sounds very tired and there are people that could step up. RMC almost certainly need a promotion. Scott and Chris, I’m very doubtful they’ll continue, it’s time to move on, they both have many prospects and the station needs to evolve. Nick could easily shift from Drive as Clara could from Mids, but we’ve been wrong about that before. It’s either going to be a year of big change, which I think is needed to keep the brand and the station fresh, or a year of stasis and slowly declining audiences. Ben Cooper goes in the new year, so that leads a path for fresh management. Time will tell.
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