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  1. Looks like shes on some sort of messenger thingy
  2. It has started doing that recently for some reason. Even since it changed to iPlayer Radio.
  3. IrishBaz - The Infamous Libary Books out the window mention!
  4. Oh my god dont remind me about that... thats one of the reasons I dont go on MSN any more :shock:
  5. Such a shame for the rallying world to lose yet another great Brit in the space of a few years. Richard Burns (brain tumour) Michael Park (Fatal accident @ Rally GB 05) and now RIP Colin.
  6. I'm not sure about the actual point she wants to put across with that. I do find most of what she says is true but I;m not sure if she trying to take the p out of it all because of the way shes written it. But surely "the ghost of John Peel takes over in the evenings" is a bit OTT. Sure its more about the music in the evening but I dont think thats an accurate statement at all.
  7. Erm True, but I've only just started watching. True or false, the next person that thinks Scott makes a good lottery host?
  8. My god I'd say a certain True for that one, what tripe.... True or false, the next person who slept until 2pm recently.
  9. Woo for The Feeling but I am looking forward to hearing most of them, i find it interesting to see how good or how much of a hash artists make of other artists songs.
  10. Well you couldn't get that more right 8)
  11. False. True or false, the next person that cares about the Radio 1 40th Anniversary line up.
  12. He'd surely run out of ways of doing it soon if he didnt repeat them ever now and again.
  13. I'll talk to some people I know about some hosting. I'll get in contact soon.
  14. Thanks Helen, The whole experience has made me wake up and have a good look at my life. Just means I cant do much for the next few weeks according to the doc. You lot best get ready
  15. Apologies everyone that I haven't been around for ages. I've had a interesting past month that's made my time disappear like anyithing. Towards the start of the month I had my laptop taken while I was in London for the week. Thankfully the laptop was found across the road abandoned beside a rubbish bin, but unfortunatly he had also taken my external hard drive which was full of photos, clips, music, documents and loads of other stuff and that to this day has never been recovered. Some people in Britain today are really pieces of crap. Even though I had recovered the laptop it seems thats the little sod decided to start copying the entire contents to another hard drive (as seen in Computer Management) and now has most of my old content. That is the think that scares me. There is somebody out there that has lots of pictures of me, my family and my girlfriend as well as other details about myself :confused:. Police investigations have yet to turn up anything. Last week, I had a scary experience while travelling on the M11. It was a Wednesday night, around 11pm. I was going along quite happily to come back home from London when the nearside front tire blew out at roughly 60mph. I have never been so scared in my life, having no control over the car with alarms and buzzers going off while trying to steer it away from the central barrier. I was partially successful with this but instead hit the embankment on the other side of the motorway rather hard. I thankfully managed to avoid having serious injuries but I did brake my leg... when you think about it I'm very happy thats all that happened. So August has been an shocking month (there are other smaller things that happened) and so I must apologise for not taking more of a part in the forum recently and this post is just something to say that basically I am alive and around. Thank guys and girls, TES
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