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  1. I was just randomly flicking through the channels, and put Channel 4 on. It's showing some old quiz show, and I'm sure one of the contestants is Chris Cox off of Radio 1!!
  2. Supposedly the BBC had no choice but to suspend the pair, given the number of complaints received. I'd be interested to see what would happen if everybody now submitted complaints about the fact that they've been suspended?
  3. Whilst playing an online game that involves being directed to various websites, I stumbled across this: http://celebritybackwash.biz/. It's a website where you can buy bottles that celebrities have drunk from, and there's still some of the drink left in the bottle! From the ones available at the minute, prices range from £25 for Gemma Atkinson's Bacardi Breezer, Callum Best's Corona, or Peaches Geldof's Becks, to £445 for Jack Nicholson's Budweiser. For £35 you can get Fearne Cotton's Red Stripe, for £40 you can get Vernon Kay's Heineken, and for £45 you can get Chris Moyles' Stella Artois. So which ones are you all going to buy?
  4. On the Chris Moyles show this morning they were talking about getting Rob Brydon on the show, but Aled said he was off limits because the Scott Mills show have baggsied him and anyone to do with Gavin & Stacey. I wonder what's coming up? Sounds like it could be good.
  5. Aww thats very sweet. This paragraph is horribly written though, and proves how useless the Daily Mail is:
  6. I wouldn't worry too much - it was really difficult the year I did it as well, everyone came out of the exam saying how impossible it was. But because it was a hard paper, the grade boundaries were shifted a bit, so people still got the grades they would have got on any other paper, if that makes sense.
  7. Moyles isn't doing it - from his show it's Dave, Carrie and Aled (not sure about Rachel?)
  8. Since it hasn't really been publicised all that much, maybe it's just a trial to see how well it works? So they want some people to watch, to see how it goes down, but don't want everybody watching in case it all goes horribly wrong! I could be totally wrong though.
  9. I went to see the movie yesterday, and it was sooooo good!! We booked our tickets about a week and a half ago, which is lucky, because when we went yesterday there were posters up saying all the showings had sold out. I would definitely recommend the movie to anyone. In our group there were people who watched the show and people who didn't, and everyone thought it was great!
  10. Maybe I'm getting the complete wrong idea, but I didn't think the idea of this was to make it a TV show, it's to show people what actually happens during the radio show. If everyone started acting up for the cameras, it wouldn't be natural, and would almost defeat the point of the cameras being there.
  11. They were in for Nihal again this morning. Didn't hear much of the show, because I was asleep, but might listen again if I'm bored later, because their shows usually make me laugh.
  12. Is it only me who thinks that advert is ever so slightly similar to all those Channel 4 adverts where a bunch of celebs get asked a question?!
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