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  1. It's a terrible loss and my heart goes out to his and his sons family!
  2. false the next person is happy that i started this thread? true or false?
  3. what is it with 4OD and BBC iPlayer (beta) I've got Vista and guess what....they're not vista compatible! Makes me mad and green!
  4. If you've not done this before you just answer the question true or false then ask the next person.......ok? True or False: The next person is in work reading this instead of working??
  5. I would like to be A TREE!!!
  6. I watched this for the first time last night for this series and I'm sorry but I just think that chef is a bobobobo, I'm not trying to sound hard or a big man, but he's not scary, he's not evil looking, he looks like a dried up old greasy man who needs to have a bath! The way he puts himself across is so pathetic and it's obvious he's just playing up for the cameras. Now Gordon Ramsay, he can come across like a bobobobo sometimes with his swearing, but when he's not, he seems a genuine nice guy! Anyone agree??
  7. I heard virgin media is utter ****. you can add the missing letters in yourself:
  8. have you had a look at http://www.moneysupermarket.com/broadband/ to help you decide what to go for, very helpful site!
  9. What we need is a channel that doesn't have adverts, doesn't have all that sh*t that's on the telly, basically it should be like the up and coming BBC iPlayer, you can choose what you want. It would be so nice to choose your own television schedule for that day!!
  10. I would find this SO easy!!! When I lived as a student, my room looked just like that landfill, full of kebabs from the month before, and fags and beer cans, pizza boxes, some course work with coffee stains on it, clothes all over, lets just say you couldn't see the floor, then i met a girl and my life changed, she'd refuse to stay there and i cleaned my act. but still come on, they have a shower, and due to health and safety regulations it is not a real landfill, and all they;ve done is whinge and moan. and oh my god that canadian artist!! Where the hell did she come from? I know its not this planet, she should be looked up with dux tape or something. I've got some arty farty friends, but she takes the biscuit!
  11. BBC Three is great, it's had Family Guy (my favourite program ever) it's got Heros, another great program, it's get 2 pints of Lager (I know; the acting is crap but you got to love it) Last Man Standing was great! Perhaps they should try getting 'Lost' for the next season, still can't believe they're still going, but going to have to watch it even though series 2 and 3 were nowhere near as good as the first. The reason it should go to bbc is because I HATE adverts, and they would have an advert before the bloody credits came up!!! It's ridiculous, I think adverts should be banned
  12. no chance will he move, he's got the second best slot of the day (sorry scott, but chris moyles breakfast slot is the best time of the day for me for radio as I need cheering up before getting to work in the car stuck in traffic, not trying to say chris moyles is better than you as you'd do just as good a job as he does if you had the morning slot and i think it's about time i close this bracket and stop blabbering away the way I'm doing at the current moment) Sorry about that, don't want to hurt anyones feeling!
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