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  1. Hey, look what I found - a new-style DJ page for Friction's new show: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01d76m6 Presumably this is the style that they'll be moving to? Don't want to be a spoilsport but... I don't really like it...
  2. Where do you get such early listings from, out of interest?
  3. See, this just makes me wonder whether Tom Deacon will be kept on as a cover presenter. It's weird, it never said on the press releases that he was leaving (it usually would state "as a result of these changes Tom will leave the station"), and if he was going, would he be presenting a week of shows on his final week at the station? Where's Adam Catterall?
  4. Starts at 2002 because it's part of 6Music's tenth anniversary - the station started in 2002.
  5. Spot on, although Reggie won't be around for long I'd wager. He's being completely marginalised, cut to 1 show a week - fair enough the chart's a big show, but it doesn't really allow him to show off any real presenting skills, plus he never seems to do cover. I wouldn't be sad to see him go to be honest, don't really feel he does very well in general.
  6. Did Scott mention anything on the show today? Never listened...
  7. It's another discussion, but while Greg James is the most likely contender for Breakfast now, they could go leftfield and do something like put Fearne and Matt Edmondson on breakfast. Which would be like cooking steak for dinner and then serving it alongside offal...
  8. Two things that haven't been talked about yet... * I'm assuming Scott will be doing the Chart Update each Wednesday? * They could lose the wonderyears but they'd better have Greg do Ready for the Weekend because it's one of my favourite shows of the week, and I would be raging if they ditched it...
  9. The natural progression from Radio 1 once you "outgrow" it is surely 6Music, not Radio 2. 6Music also promotes new music, but not necessarily chart. Much more eclectic, interesting music on the station than Radio 2, it's a miles better listen IMO, and I can imagine that's what I'll be listening to in 10 years time. If the BBC doesn't try to close it again...
  10. I thought of Matt on request/chart, but he needs a proper show to give him room to do sketches and interviews and things. To be honest, although I'd like to hear him more than once a week, ditching Tom Deacon and moving the Matt Edmondson Show to 7pm-9pm Sunday would work wonders.
  11. I agree, weekends needs a kick up the backside. Here's my dream renovation: Sat & Sun 7am - Adam Catterall 10am - Sara Cox 1pm - Matt Edmondson 4pm - Someone who isn't Reggie. Anyone.
  12. Major loss here is BBC Introducing nations. The specialised Scottish (and I assume Welsh and Irish shows) offer something utterly distinctive that you can't find elsewhere, BBCs remit should be to protect and foster them, not cut back. Poor show...
  13. I'm surprised the website was made live to everyone so soon because it still feels totally beta. Why have they not updated the old dj and show pages yet? The links on the homepage sometimes don't work. It just seems not ready yet, don't you think?
  14. Really interesting article actually, it's something you never really think of
  15. Also, equivalent 1Xtra Beta: http://www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra/beta/
  16. Try this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/beta/
  17. Ok, think if you're signed in on a BBCID you can access it via a link to the left of the main scrolling pictures box on the current homepage (where teen awards link was a fortnight back) I really, really like this site, for what it's worth. Feels really slick and I love the layout style. I'm wondering if the DJs pages will also be updated to the same format? Love it though, very nice so far
  18. See that just illustrates my point exactly. When Scott was on the other week he wasn't taking chart numbers seriously at all, and it kind of worked... My other most hated Reggie-ism is when he constantly says "we're getting closer and closer to that number one spot..." maybe we'd get there faster if you played some music instead of talking, Reg...
  19. Oh dear god that was an awful feature. At least Celebrity Raspberry was done tongue-in-cheek, Reggie acts as if it's some serious feature.... gah, I really, really dislike Reggie as a presenter, this feature just kinda sums him up for me :/
  20. I'm loving the new BBC Radio beta page http://beta.bbc.co.uk/radio
  21. I quite like 6 Music's page, Radio 2 is ok as well. I don't like the square box styles they use for teen awards, Radio 4 Extra, and Doctor Who though, and I have a feeling Radio 1 may be moving to that kind of blocky style :/
  22. It is a new website, on the Teen Awards vote page it says: "In order to vote for the Teen Awards, you must sign in to BBCiD. By signing up for BBC ID to vote, you will get exclusive access to the new Radio 1 and 1Xtra homepages later in September!"
  23. Not quite the full show but http://www.youtube.com/user/LongestShowEver#p/c/BB89BC099FF3B2F7/105/4J5_ppRVGZQ
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