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  1. it's going along with the AAA main event on Radio 1.
  2. it is http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/chrismoyles/tour/2010/ "It's all part of Access All Areas on BBC Radio 1."
  3. That's what I keep thinking, I wish they'd update the website more often!
  4. Another Demo here now... Here's Newsbeat 2009. Unfortunately it's with the old voiceovers but hopefully you'll like it It's in this order (these are the cuts I have!): News In News Main Bed News Sport Bed News Weather Bed News Entertainment Bed 5PM Updates Bed News Out (standard) 6:30/18:00 News Out (longer one) Enjoy Newsbeat 2009 Mix.mp3
  5. okay then sorry if one capital letter insulted you.
  6. should be good, enjoyable! great to hear some good honest big guests on drivetime
  7. i love apple stuff! i have loads of apple gadgets, and hoping a new ios to come soon aswell for my iphone4
  8. i have never listened to radio 4.
  9. I think Windows 7 is great XP is still great and 96/98/2000/ME are old and crap
  10. That's a bit odd - how come saras covering one week but the next? it would probably be a little easier if it was the same of last week Still not sounding like a fun week
  11. I think i'll be sticking to my ipod for that week,won't be listening to that
  12. That's a bit of a shame - but to be honest it wont be much noticed - especially as she's on really early weekends. She's been great on radio for a while, though.
  13. I think they're going to make more updates over a time perhaps, and you'll probably notice new ids on a regular basis.
  14. music 4 never did ids, fxs and beds did they? i dont think puretonic are doing the beds either....
  15. It's a shame - but i'm beginning to wonder why... it said september launch!
  16. well, there you have it..... they still havent launched them!
  17. I'm really hoping it does - but i really dont think its PTM. I dont think they made a pitch for the newsbeat 2010 imaging - they made two piches. One for the chart show jingles which the didn't suceed in, and the other one for the full station sound fx/ids which they won, and will be updating weekly. But i dont think it's them doing the news....
  18. I'm not boasting! Im making a point of how much they've done, and theyre going to do a load more by the look of it....
  19. Lets put it this way, theres around 20 cuts on the puretonic.com website, but so far they have made around 395 cuts, which me and newsbeat have every one of. So in perspective there aren't many cuts on there.
  20. I loved the way that John knew you were 12 and wanted to apologise for swearing etc on the forum, but started the post with 'SHIT'.
  21. I think it's time that Music 4 just did the moyles jingles - because i think that's the only R1 stuff they're really good at. Puretonic's stuff really sounds like new and cutting edge - it sounds great on air. i really like the new sweepers used.
  22. There's too many 'pottymouths' on this forum....! Don't be mean, if he's 12 then im sure he's not going to fall of his chair if we use any rude language, but be careful! If newsbeat's 12 I dread to think half the other forumers. I feel like the only adult in the forum at 34!
  23. I loved 1tros and especially the way chris moyles played them, but I agree with radio 1 in thinking it's time for a change now - and if they're doing what PTM have in their samples - I think they're great!
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