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  1. What do u want from an Radio 1 breakfast show ?
  2. whats going to happen to us here at UM
  3. already seen xmas stuff in some shops
  4. getting a real slating on twitter for having a go at public sector workers going on strike
  5. i was at work & just heard it on radio-1 like in the links posted above. when i got home i watched what was happening on the news, it would have been Sky News i think. later on my dad & myself went to his mom's & his brother was there & it was on BBC news & he said "this is war" how right he was... even though a family friend should have been working in a building right next to the Twin Towers on the day, i do of course feel for the victims & their families, even though i have reservations on what 'really' went on on that day. seeing the Twin Towers in movies always bri
  6. very close today against Bolton, a good away win though, Bolton seem a very good side this season.
  7. amazing assist by Aguero then a amazing strike
  8. well they have lost me as a listener, i haven't listened to R1 in Oooo six weeks maybe two months now, i only listened to a bit of Moyles in the morning & a bit of Fearne, but i listened to the afternoon all the way through, but i simply had enough of Greg, he is just the same as he was when he first started on the afternoons, i still expected him to bring back "flash flash", he seems way out of his depth & if he is established, why does he keep moving about to cover for other DJ's ? the people at work also got fed up with listening to it, it now more than ever plays the same stuff ove
  9. very lucky, WBA played very well i thought. hopefully Man City will be top tomorrow after they batter Swansea
  10. E*F*4L

    UK Riots !! :-(

    the rioting was nothing to do with the cuts, the people responsible for rioting & especially looting did it because they think they can get away with it, they saw other people on the TV news getting away with it so they went out & did the same, now if they had watched rioters & looters being shot at by the police they may have decided not to go out rioting & looting. the main reasons for what happened are that there are no consequences, they know that nothing will happen to them & IF they do get sent to prison it will be one built from cushions & playstations, instead o
  11. the Discovery Channel have a program about the attacks on Sunday http://www.newsonnews.net/discovery/10728-discovery-channel-to-air-documentary-into-the-norway-massacre.html ! didn't take'em long.....
  12. Eyeball Paul will always be the best Ibiza DJay 8) :woo::woo: Floor It ! Floor It ! Floor It ! Floor It ! Floor It ! Floor It ! Floor It ! Floor It ! :woohoo::woohoo:
  13. Man City now have their own plane thats just proper class 8)
  14. i doubt she cares what anyone thinks, especially when she can go back to her stately home & count her £50m ! i dunno, she seems to be able to offer more than James ever did, he only invested in that dog exercising company.



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