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  1. charli

    Essex gals

    Im from Essex and yes i am younger than the others on here, but I like to think that I'm nothing like the stereotype. I think that its stupid and that everyone has their own mind and can do what they want, no matter where they are from. It has nothing to do with being from Essex in my opinion.
  2. Just a few local bands for me. I've asked for tickets for The Hoosiers, Elliot Minor and Pendulum but we'll have to see what my birthday brings.
  3. Where I live its right near the proper countyside so we get loads of road kill and I hate it. It makes me feel sick. Its not nice.
  4. I would just like to say that I am not allowed to go (too far) BUT I'm so jealous of anyone that is going as the ones above are some of my favourite bands. Have fun people. x
  5. Im not going any where for a while. I have a local gig next month. Can't wait.
  6. I thought I may update this . So : 1. When The Day Met The Night - Panic At The Disco 2. Figuring Out - Elliot Minor 3. Moment - Aiden 4. From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins - Panic At The Disco 5. Pas De Cheval - Panic At The Disco 6. Stars - Madina Lake 7. I Have Friends In Holy Spaces - Panic At The Disco 8. The White One Is Evil - Elliot Minor 9. The Pretender - Foo Fighters 10. Makedamnsure - Taking Back Sunday.
  7. Water for me because I'm trying to stop drinking so much fizzy! And I'm listening to the new Panic At The Disco album at the moment. Its really good
  8. Im going to see a little local band called Definition in April and i can't wait !
  9. The Buddy Revells. They Are Like My Life At The Moment But Its Kinda Weird But You Know.
  10. I think its a good idea giving them something to do, but I dont like the fact where they say on the news and stuff that its 'teenagers' not all of us like to kill people ect. I think they need to see that some teenagers do find creative things to do and dont mix in with the lot that are causing trouble.
  11. Thats creepy. I think the one on the top right is meant to be that Arnold guy that did those films like Termintator and stuffs.
  12. My dad likes this song and Im like whats the point ? Its the same as most of the others really. Nothing new. All the songs sound the same. Bugs me.
  13. charli

    T2 - Heartbroken

    I can't stand it at all. People play it loads at school and it annoys me so much. Its one of them songs where when it comes on the radio I want to turn it off but I just sit there listening to it. I don't think it should have as much air time as it does.
  14. charli

    My Guy

    Any of the Pussycat Dolls. I will think this until they start thinking about putting some clothes on . I wouldn't mind seeing the 'Plastics' of my school atop a bonfire, that would be awesome !
  15. Ahhh Halloween. The one day in the year where kids are encouraged to talk to strangers and beg for food. Don't you just love it .
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