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  1. so a person without a mask on would have been able to breathe under the water fine?
  2. your laptop wil get a bit wet wont it?
  3. Mr_Quincy

    UM Awards?

    this is my creation
  4. i once wrote my name on a hub cap in tippex does that count?
  5. scott will be too old for it by the time chris leaves
  6. Mr_Quincy

    a thread from dc

    those dyas of wacky fun are gone R.I.P
  7. what an original and hilarious question
  8. have they left you feedback already? if they have then just dont worry about it. if they realise and want the money back then pay them. its their fault, they should have waited for the money to clear before sending the item. if they havent upgraded their account its their problem not yours.
  9. yeah it was theakston and ball. also it was peters and greene and leddon and that other bloke. then katy hill and otis and that and then it finished.
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