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    Jono got a reaction from anothernerd2 in 2020 in Dundee?   
    We seem to be going over the places that One Big Weekend used to visit. 
    But either way I'd be so pissed off if I was Radio 1 and a local newspaper had spoiled the announcement like that.
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    Jono got a reaction from Nxthxn_Dyer in Scott and Chris to present new Radio 5 Live show   
    Who's tuned in this morning? Will be interesting to hear how they try to keep sport fans and non-sport fans interested.
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    Jono got a reaction from WELOVEMOYLESPART2 in Scott and Chris to present new Radio 5 Live show   
    I never really thought a talk station would be the direction of travel for Scott, but it definetly makes sense over a choice between Radio 2 and 6Music. Means he's up against Moyles on Radio X which is usually where my radio goes on a Saturday morning too. 
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    Jono reacted to Lee E in Scott and Chris to present new Radio 5 Live show   
    It seems a strange move and could be spelling the end of the 1-4 show on R1 meaning he'll just do Friday chart, Saturday on 5 and maybe weekday cover on R2? although the article clearly says no plan to bin the weekday R1 show off yet 
    Funny enough Moyles was a whoooo today in the whoo game 
    He may well be steering towards only working Fri/Sat/Sun and this is a step towards it as his partner Sam is on Nation Radio Saturdays in Cardiff so probably has to travel down Friday night therefore it may suit Scott personally to be doing weekends and have Monday to Thursday off to be with Sam who has just moved to London 
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    Jono reacted to The Chilean in The whole show for international fans   
    Took me a while. 
    Now it´s working. Listening now on my phone top quality. 
    Needed so much to listen to this first in the morning. You've made my days a lot better. 
    Thanks a lot. 
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    Jono reacted to Lee E in Scott on daytime BBC Radio 2   
    I listened to the whole show and thought he was absolutely briliant, at home, on target and sounded amzingly different but the same if that makes sense
    I felt it was more "him" as in he was being himself more and we heard more of his personality coming out as opposed to quick fire segs on R1 and links
    I reckon he spoke for more time yesterday on R2 than he has done on R1 for a long time
    He showed a "mature" approach and adapted well but still some of the Scott we know and love coming out
    If i was to vote it was a yassss from me, bring him on again and I would even go as far to say, if he moved to R2 I would quit R1 and not even bother with Greg anymore
    Loved the bants with Sally Traffic and loved the music, seemed more up his street than R1 ever does and even he commented that it wasnt constant Drake i think in a link
    I tweeted him with some love after as well and had a reply which made my day
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    Jono got a reaction from anothernerd in Scott on daytime BBC Radio 2   
    Much rather he stayed with the BBC than crashed out to commercial radio though.
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    Jono got a reaction from robpotter in Schedule Changes   
    Just updated the forum plugin, let me know if you still have issues guys.
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    Jono got a reaction from OohErr in Radio 1's Big Weekend 2019 - Middlesbrough   
    How have you not heard of Catfish and the Bottlemen?!
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    Jono got a reaction from Dan18F1 in Radio 1's Big Weekend 2019 - Middlesbrough   
    Tickets will go on sale on Thursday 14th March 2019, at 5.00pm
    Saturday's line-up includes:
    Miley Cyrus
    Mumford & Sons
    Bring Me the Horizon
    Billie Eilish
    Charli XCX
    James Arthur
    Jess Glynne
    Lewis Capaldi
    Sam Fender
    The Amazons
    Vampire Weekend
    Sunday's line-up includes:
    The 1975
    Little Mix
    Catfish and the Bottleman
    Ellie Goulding
    Jax Jones
    Pale Waves
    Rita Ora
    Sean Paul
    Two Door Cinema Club
    Zara Larsson
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    Jono got a reaction from anothernerd in 24 Hour LOLathon with Scott and Chris   
    I mean that total is now over £100,000 so it's certainly jumped up considerably thanks to breakfast show listeners. Just a shame the other audiences aren't as engaged during the day and night!
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    Jono got a reaction from TheSaviourisHere in Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James - First Thoughts   
    I feel this is perhaps the boost Radio 1 needs. Have penned my thoughts here.
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    Jono reacted to Phrank in Hello New Members!   
    Thought it about time to say hi,long time listener to the podcast mainly as i don't get much time at work for anything but podcasts and in the minority as half of the music isn't really my cup of tea.
    Haven't listened to breakfast since CM days and couldn't be happier for Greg getting the job.
    Scott is by far my favorite R1 dj and was amazing with Laura to start then chappers and Beccy have had me in stitches many times and got a lot of strange looks because of them, as for stark not so much.
    This is a great site giving hours of enjoyment, hosting the podcasts as well, i thank you all for that.
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    Jono reacted to Jordan12 in The Scott Mills Show Discussion Thread   
    Scott getting jealous over Chris bonding with Mike Skinner off of The Streets at last night's gig on Annie Mac's show was hilarious today!
    Chris: 'Music speaks to me. I know that's a weird thing to say.'
    Scott: 'I speak to you for 3 hours a day, hun!'
    Later on...
    Chris: 'I'm finding more and more that major moments in my life happen when you're around, Annie.'
    Scott: 'Has she allowed you to play Innuendo Bingo with Lauren Pope? No!
    HAHAHAHA! I love these two!
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    Jono reacted to OohErr in The Scott Mills Show Discussion Thread   
    Couple of points about the show last week:
    Laughed hysterically at the "WAZZZUUUUUP" calls, they were absolutely brilliant. Possibly my favourite thing they've done for a while, so so funny.
    Banged my head against a wall repeatedly at Maya Jama totally not getting Scott's "ice cream" story. Which in itself was quite funny. 
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    Jono got a reaction from Acelink in Friday is now the weekend   
    I mean as far as schedule changes go this isn't as dramatic as I expected this year's overhaul to be - no one has been binned!
    It seems to say a lot about Radio 1 that Scott's had a boost from this news, he seemed a natural fit for the chart show from his cover stints in the past. Not sure what to make of the fact Maya lasted only a few months working with Scott and Chris though!
    Will the chart show now return to a 3 hour show rather than the weird reboot it has been in more recent years?
    I wonder if this is Ben Cooper's way of getting the wage bill down - presumably Grimmy will be getting less now unless they're expecting the usual Friday hosts to do some more elsewhere. 
    Jordan is great, it's a shame we're not hearing more of him, but Mollie King and Matt Edmondson are a good match.
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    Jono got a reaction from OohErr in The Scott Mills Show Discussion Thread   
    Whether or whether she isn't, it's nice to hear some new voices, especially when they make Scott cackle like he was yesterday

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    Jono got a reaction from WELOVEMOYLESPART2 in Bad news for Grimmy but good news for Clara, Scott and Greg   
    A good blog here from @Matt D on the RAJARs.
    Grimmy's slumped to the smallest audience for Radio 1 breakfast, but there's good news for Clara, Greg, Annie Mac, and Scott who have seen growing audiences. This somewhat contradicts that Radio 1's audience are shunning radio - although I guess they have more appeal with older audiences.
    Moyles and Radio X are also on the up which is pleasing to see.
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    Jono got a reaction from WELOVEMOYLESPART2 in 50th Birthday Celebrations   
    Yes the Radio 1 Vintage page should take you to the podcasts.

    I'm a bit lost without the station today - feel it could been even bigger than three days. Still I guess it's time to look forward again now!

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    Jono got a reaction from WELOVEMOYLESPART2 in Ben Cooper: Age isn’t a number it’s an attitude   
    I'd argue they've made it more difficult messing about with BBC Three and talking about pooling budgets with Radio 1 (no doubt for further cuts). I'd say the reason I'm still with Radio 1 outside of target audience is 6Music doesn't really speak to me, BBC local radio and Radio 2 are targeting a demographic much older. There was so much focus on targeting the pre-teens but there needs to be a better strategy for 25+ and under 45.
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    Jono got a reaction from WELOVEMOYLESPART2 in 50th Birthday Celebrations   
    I knew the song but didn't realise it was all to do with St George's Day  I'd forgot about Roy Walker doing about Carpark Catchphrase, tragically! I see he still managed to get some Radio X plugs in there - I wondered if there would be a mention or they'd try to avoid him getting publicity.
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    Jono got a reaction from thebeuter in Chris Start post-Scott   
    The good thing about Chris is he can literally slot into any show and still seem a good fit - whether that's with Greg James, Alice Levine, Matt Edmondson, etc.
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    Jono got a reaction from thebeuter in Easter Weekend on Radio 1   
    I assumed we were going to get more Scott and Chris as a result of Bangers being on all day. Not quite the same!
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    Jono got a reaction from thebeuter in Big Weekend 2017   
    I've put together a map of all the places Big Weekend has been, it's quite interesting seeing the gaps.
    So did anyone manage to get tickets? I've managed to somehow get both days despite being well out of the area. So you can rely on me to be tweeting the whole thing...
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    Jono got a reaction from thebeuter in Rylan Clark sitting in for Matt   
    Agree, I thought he was a good listen and sounded a good weekend deputy for that show. Sure he wasn't perfect but for a first attempt it wasn't bad. Would listen again.
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