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  1. vorti

    Schedule Changes

    Oh yes*, I love all of these, but couldn't name them all even if I tried. I can add one though: the fake BBC Three promos which always sounded real for a few moments, and these "shows" were always hosted by the same "former Atomic Kitten member", that was where I always lost it. Saved a few episodes back then, I might give them a listen when I can. *YAAAAAAASS!
  2. vorti

    Friday is now the weekend

    I managed to have a short listen to almost every show yesterday. I like both Alice and Dev, it was lovely to hear them, but it was confusing listening to a show called Weekend Breakfast on a Friday on my way to work. I can only imagine how confused those were who get up to the radio each morning. (Even Annie used the word "confusing" on her chat with Scott later that evening, around 43 minutes into Dance Anthems.) Then my confusion hit a new level with the Greatest Hits show stopped being Greatest Hits halfway through. I really don't know what to say about it... the team must've been drunk or... idk. Also Maya was just awkward and annoying as always. Sadly, I missed Matt & Mollie, but I trust them, seemed like a fitting show for Friday afternoons. And the chart was... well... The Chart. But with Scott. He sounded like this was his dream, so I'm happy for him. I'm not a "chart person" myself, but at least he's still on 5 days a week. And Dance Anthems stays, that's also a plus. I think they will get rid of this "Friday is weekend" brand as silently as they can in a few months, but no later than Greg's breakfast debut. He will be on Monday-Friday, I call it.
  3. vorti

    Schedule Changes

    It was pure epicness even with that magpie always stealing the CDs with Matt's best features.
  4. Wow, swapping Greg and Grimmy was on the top of my "Would be cool but unlikely to happen" list since 2014, and now they're actually doing it. I'm so excited for both new shows! In case they're still reading my mind: Annie Mac should co-host with Grimmy again, wink-wink.
  5. vorti

    Grimmy is nearly second longest

    Yeah, that's the selfish part, but on second thought I'd still hear "Charlie Sloth Breakfast" trailers 24/7 and even the current Grimmy ones are annoying... Jokes aside, I'm happy to see Grimmy's success, I was a fan of his nighttime show and I was hoping that some of the "vibe" would be carried on to breakfast, but sadly (and obviously) that didn't happen. I think he will stay on long enough just to beat Moyles' record, but will be replaced shortly after by either Greg or someone we barely know yet. I was also looking forward to Charlie's new show, but it's a disappointment. It's not a Radio 1 show, it's a 1xtra show. If I wanted to listen to 1xtra, I'd listen to 1xtra. And what a surprise, his shows are on simulcast. And he's still on on Saturdays? What's the point? Phil Taggart would have been a better choice for weeknights, he did fine when he was on (Phil & Alice, WHOOOOOOOOOO). Apart from the 1xtra thing, Charlie is funny in smaller doses like Fat Tuesday, but a whole show of that is just too much.
  6. vorti

    Grimmy is nearly second longest

    Hi! Long time lurker here. I have to admit I actually like your idea, I have two (kinda selfish) reasons: I don't really listen to breakfast shows in general, just don't like it as a genre so I'm always rooting for my favourite presenters not to get promoted there. We might get new nighttime shows in his current timeslot with potentially listenable music. (I liked him on Real or No Real though...)