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  1. The nighttime part so far is radio gold, even better than I expected.
  2. ...I'd replace Maya with Jordan ASAP. She's on for almost a year now 6 hours a week, and... just have a listen to today's Greatest Hits.
  3. I don't hate her, she's fine, but she's my second to last favourite current presenter after Cel. She's not bad, just everyone else is better. She's kinda like a "new Fearne" to me. I still don't agree with her getting a permanent show so soon but as a regular listener of the Greatest Hits hour I don't mind her being on. Having her on Scott's Friday show was the exception though. I was optimistic about that at first, but turned out to be a disaster.
  4. Wow... I didn't know R1 back then, here this was one of the most overplayed songs of its time. My first thoughts were that maybe musical/soundtrack songs like this don't quite work on the radio or only successful because of the fans of the movie. Then I heard the song a couple of times (including Lewis Capaldi's cover) and I really like it, even though I couldn't care less about the movie. I would've been happy if they threw one of the mumbling mood-killer rap tracks out in favor of "Shallow". But thank god getting charted doesn't automatically mean getting on the playlist. By now I'd be traumatized by "Baby Shark" for sure...
  5. After his first week I can say that Jack's show is my new favourite. It's on a bit late for me though, so I can only listen to it on iplayer next day, if they ever swap it with Charlie's, that'd be even better.
  6. Just a quick example: The "Nick picks the best Beyonce song" part. I thought it was gonna be some kind of guessing/voting game, but instead he just played the song at read a few reactions. Why didn't they expand this a little? What's the worst than can happen? One less playlist song to play in the hour?
  7. Not just you, this angsty "rap" (they're not rapping, but I don't have a better word for it) is the current trend, but this won't last forever. Just like dubstep (WHOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo...!) around 2012. It was everywhere, people kept complaining about it (It's just noise!), and now it's gone, merged into pop. What I don't understand in this is 1xtra's role. It supposed to be all about these trendy songs, so R1 playlist could have more variety. But instead of promoting 1xtra ("Hey kiddo, if you're a fan of JuiceWrld, Tyga or Lil'WHOevr, there's a whole station waiting for ya!"), they just playing the same stuff and simulcasting every single night. And I'm not hating on the trend here, I like some of these songs, just like I did like dubstep (more or less), but less popular stuff and more variety has always been a huge part of R1's image.
  8. Worst moment: Kardashian "news" Best moment: Annie Mac! In overall I was expecting a little bit more, but far from a letdown. I'll give it a few weeks to improve.
  9. Some actual show descriptions have appeared in the schedule: 16:00 Nick Grimshaw 03/09/2018 Nick is back with a brand new show and he's holding auditions for various roles. 18:00 Nick Grimshaw 03/09/2018 Nick picks the best Beyonce song and is reunited with his favourite...Annie Mac 16:00 Nick Grimshaw 04/09/2018 "Don't Call It A Comeback" is your chance to get something back in fashion 18:00 Nick Grimshaw 04/09/2018 Nick picks the best Arctic Monkeys song! 16:00 Nick Grimshaw 05/09/2018 Alan Carr is taking calls in the Celebrity Call Centre. 18:00 Nick Grimshaw 05/09/2018 Nick picks the best Britney Spears song! 16:00 Nick Grimshaw 06/09/2018 Nick's auditions for roles in the new show comes to a close. 18:00 Nick Grimshaw 06/09/2018 Nick picks the best Eminem song!
  10. I was a big fan of Grimmy's 10PM show, but they lost me soon after moving to breakfast with the celebrities & gossip theme, I think I haven't listened to his show in around 3-4 years except his very last one. Based on his "Best of" compilation it was a good decision. I'm hyped for this new show because I hope that this is about to change. My expectations include: Less celebs and gossip, more Grimmy and music related stuff, or just general silliness. No more than 2 songs in a row, if they are all from the playlist. Just surprise me, I'm not that hard to impress. Obviously it won't be like the 10PM show was, but as long as it feels like it to me, I'm in. "Hope never dies" category: Involving Annie Mac in the last hour more than just a handover. (But an epic handover is the minimum.) Revival of "1000 Albums Everyone Says You Should Listen To But We've Only Got Time To Play One Track So Here It Is..." (I just can't look forward without a little bit of nostalgia, can I...). And if it turns out to be a letdown again, Scott and Greg are still there.
  11. My expectations were high, but the show lived up to them, 20 years of preparation was totally worth it.
  12. I first tuned in to Radio 1 on the 10th of January 2011. And that's already not true, I found the station the day before, but unfortunately the worst show of its time (and maybe all times) was on, Tom Deacon. I decided not to count this as the first impression and gave it another try next day, and the "official first impression" was some bloke called Greg James, talking about how things at the BBC gets instantly done if you say it's broadcast critical ( https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00x7j3j ) and maybe the first hour or so of Scott's show. I wasn't really interested in DJs at first but I got hooked by the music. I live in Hungary and at the time I slowly but surely got fed up by FM radio stations. They either only played boring old crappy songs or were a so called "new music station", which meant an endless stream of Rihanna* sometimes interrupted by a David Guetta song or 5 minutes of ads. The best one was MR2 (basically Hungarian National Radio 2, but the name is constantly changing, it's a really long story) with a great selection of both mainstream and alternative music, but presenters were there just to announce the time and introduce songs and they had no personality whatsoever, all shows felt prerecorded even if they weren't, and at night it was just an MP3 player on shuffle. I started to look up theirs songs I liked the most on youtube, and stumbled upon some Live Lounge videos with the BBCR1 logo on them. The rest is history.What I really like in R1 is that most of the DJs has a passion for their job, they're creating their own little world filled with the most entertaining nonsense I've ever heard like hearing GO ON PIGS on top of an overplayed song or even playing nationwide hide-and-seek on air. I couldn't even imagine, but as I got into nighttime radio more and and more, specialists shows turned out to be even better with their own selection of music. But the most important part: I rather listen to the same 5SOS or JucieWorld (or whatever his name is) song the 1000th time than having ads on the station. And don't get me wrong, i know how commercial stations need ads, that's fine. But who the hell told them 5 mins of the loudest and most obnoxious ads after 15 mins of content is fine. Let's have some random thoughts for each show I discovered before the length of this post gets out of hand. In chronological order: Tom Deacon: utter sh*t. Greg's afternoon show was the first I was listening regularly. (Get on the beer son! Choooochoooo chifinch!) Scott was the close second, and after they swapped timeslots, became and still is my most listened daytime show. The earliest feature I can recall is the Trapped in The Closed series. Grimmy at 10PM. The main selling point was the music, but no doubt this was his best. The breakfast show was a huge letdown after this. Grimmy and Annie Mac on Sundays: the weekday show, but on steroids. I loved it, I'd love to hear these two together again, and if drivetime handovers is the closest we can get, I take it. Zane Lowe: it was scary at first (please don't laugh), but soon I realized he was the god of music radio DJs (yes, i just said that). If he shouted in your face that this or that song is the best and hottest and most amazing song ever, then it freakin' was the MOST AMAZING SONG EVER! Maybe it was. Or maybe next week you heard it again and found it pure rubbish. But he sold it. And for a moment you genuinely believed every new song was the best one ever. The biggest loss of the station so far. Kissy Sell Out: I wasn't quite into that "speed garage whatever" he played at first, but damn, I just couldn't stop listening. Annie Nightingle: She could almost be my grandma, but I just love how nicely she introduced tracks which tore apart my face. Plays a bit too much urban for my taste (like the whole station) but she's still on and still a regular listen of mine. The Matt Edmondson Show (9PM): It's just like Comic Sans, but on the radio. [...] Imagine the best show you've ever heard. Now lower your expectations. The longest show ever: The best piece radio entertainment I've ever experienced so far. I used to think Moyles was just another self-obsessed breakfast host, but after hearing this, I didn't care if he was self-obsessed, he totally deserved his position. 2012 Specialist takeover week: The best piece music radio I've ever experienced so far. 3,5 hours of Zane for breakfast? Kissy at 7PM? You could imagine how gutted I was when I found out I just missed the 2011 one. And it's been neutered by 2013 and then stopped altogether. What a shame. Okay, this post is now officially too long, so I finish it here... Oh, and if wasn't for the ability to listen back any show in full whenever you like (the 7 days limit was okay, but changing it to 30 days was just godsent), I've never been able to hear half of these. *Scott did a great impression or this type of commercial radio once, it's still one of my all time favourite Mills moments.
  13. I bet he'll get naked for charity/"artistic" reasons at least once more during his years on breakfast. For the first show only: Going home to work song.
  14. Oh yes*, I love all of these, but couldn't name them all even if I tried. I can add one though: the fake BBC Three promos which always sounded real for a few moments, and these "shows" were always hosted by the same "former Atomic Kitten member", that was where I always lost it. Saved a few episodes back then, I might give them a listen when I can. *YAAAAAAASS!
  15. I managed to have a short listen to almost every show yesterday. I like both Alice and Dev, it was lovely to hear them, but it was confusing listening to a show called Weekend Breakfast on a Friday on my way to work. I can only imagine how confused those were who get up to the radio each morning. (Even Annie used the word "confusing" on her chat with Scott later that evening, around 43 minutes into Dance Anthems.) Then my confusion hit a new level with the Greatest Hits show stopped being Greatest Hits halfway through. I really don't know what to say about it... the team must've been drunk or... idk. Also Maya was just awkward and annoying as always. Sadly, I missed Matt & Mollie, but I trust them, seemed like a fitting show for Friday afternoons. And the chart was... well... The Chart. But with Scott. He sounded like this was his dream, so I'm happy for him. I'm not a "chart person" myself, but at least he's still on 5 days a week. And Dance Anthems stays, that's also a plus. I think they will get rid of this "Friday is weekend" brand as silently as they can in a few months, but no later than Greg's breakfast debut. He will be on Monday-Friday, I call it.
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