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  1. Schedule Changes

    Interesting today, Chris Smith doing newsbeat on the breakfast and drive shows, Tina was doing TV but Chris had middle of day off
  2. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Wild card here, just a thought... Maybe Aled is trying to get a zoo format back to breakfast, and Maya could be the new "Becky" with Scott and Chris, making a breakfast team in readiness for the departure of Grimmy, put this team on breakfast for a couple years until Ken Bruce or Steve Wright or Simon Mayo retire, opening a door for Scott to R2 and then bring a new breakfast Jock in (Greg) to team up with Maya and Chris for breakfast circa 2021 or something? It's not been unknown for an older R1 presenter to take over breakfast after a younger one in the past and Aled is a radio geek like Scott and Greg and Moyles so maybe he is changing things back a little I've certainly noticed that Scott and Grimmys shows have more talking specially Scotts breakfast show On Scott and Breakfast, when they covered over Christmas and NY if it was Scotts team why did they do Grimmys shit bangers rip off and not their own bangers ?
  3. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Is the Saturday Moyles show pre-recorded? Cant understand the Scott thing on a Friday unless Chris is taking Fridays off Also will Matt still be the cover for Scott ? or will this be someone else
  4. Schedule Changes

    wonder why Dev is covering two odd days Todays show was very Scott esque wonder if its his team working with Matt as opposed to the usual leave thing where Matts team are poducing When Scott did breakfast over Christmas was this his team or Grimmys?
  5. 2018 Predictions

    I think Grimmy has at least another year if not more He is now 3rd longest and only has another 138 days left to be 2nd to Moyles I'm still convinved he will go for Moyle's record Also of note, does WIKI calculate the number of days by show or days he has been in position i.e. including weekends Alot of people are saying Scott will be the likely deputy for Sara Cox's new show on Radio 2
  6. Hello New Members!

    Hey Dan welcome to the forums Lee (the one who sent the tweet to Jono)
  7. 2018 Predictions

    As mentioned before, I think Coope wants to beat the CM record on Breakfast It was him that engineered Moyles leaving and installing Grimmy therefore he has to prove a point and keep Grimmy in it to beat Moyles at least Greg on breakfast maybe but he is in the same zone Scott was in about 2010 when it was speculated Moyles would go and he would take over then it would have been ideal for Scott but September 2012 he had already been relegated to afternoons so no chance If anything happens I would say Mills to weekends and doing cover work on R2 and R1 in the week (covering Grimmy and Greg and his old show maybe as well as R2 shows like drive, Ken Bruce and the Steve Wright show) move Greg to 1-4 (i know he did this before) and put the new guys on Breakfast and drive
  8. Help with a large editing project

    I would be interested in this, if someone can show me how to edit
  9. 2018 Predictions

    I agree with Grimmy this year Maybe Mills will start the transition to R2 hopefully if Sara Cox gets a full time slot on there Mills could be the cover for Breakfast and Drive and the Ken Bruce slot as well as the main cover on R1 breakfast Greg I think his TV career will take off, so I cant see him sticking about for another year with someone like maybe Grimmy replacing him? then a new breakfast host (Jordan and Katie maybe) or will they go for gold and try to poach someone like Roman Kemp Chris Moyles - I can see him making a BBC comeback on radio 2 as well potentially for the right slot (evens retiring?) Maybe as a curve ball - Clara Amfo maybe her TV career will take off and we will have a new mid morning host Question for all while we are on it A. Has Scott ever covered the live lounge show B. was scott on the Mayo 37hr show
  10. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    Adele, Scott/Chris and Dev appear to be the only regular daytime DJs working over the period with Matt and Alice appearing a little Scott is working hardest I would say 3 weeks of breakfast cover I so hope if Grimmy goes Scott or Greg gets Breakfast for at least a couple years
  11. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    No one on earlies the week after then would have thought Jordan would have picked that up and Matt the 10-1 slot Also seems none of the daytime DJs are about bar Scott and Adele all over the period
  12. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    I was going to say Jordan looks like hes on from 7pm NYE to 10am NYD
  13. The Future of Radio 1

    I hope not as well I hope he gets a chance of one of the bigger shows before he leaves like Breakfast or Drive again
  14. The Future of Radio 1

    I am going to go out on a limb here... I think Greg will go before the others I think his TV career will kick off within the next 18 months and drive will go to someone like Matt, Alice or one of the newer ones (Matt or Alice drive, Scott weekends on greatest hits and cover in the week for all shows and Jordan or Cel Weekend afternoons) As regards Mills - it will be the way I've always said, he will start to cover shows on R2, as soon as someone on R2 leaves Coxy will get a daytime slot, be that breakfast, 930-12, or 2-5 or drive (cant see Vine going anywhere soon or Mayo) at that point Scott will become their first choice for cover I would say covering all their shows like Coxy did and also covering slots at 1 like drive, and Breakfast before moving into the next permanent slot on R2 as well as doing Sounds of the 80s although that could be made part of Coxys gig and Scott do a new sounds of the 00s show As for Grimmy Well hes in the five year club now between Mayo and Read in place and I think if he continues as he is, he will just break the CM record to make a point then leave, to be replaced by someone like Cel Spellman or Alice Levine I think this there are two reasons for this Grimmy wants to beat the Great Moyles and Cooper needs to prove himself What has surprised me is Mistajam being given more exposure and bigger shows as he is an older hand on the station being there the same time as Greg and co
  15. Bangers Mix

    Brilliant Bangers mix by Scott at 1545 today Banging tunes for a Friday - like the old "floor fillers" days from drivetime He was saying as it went down so well may well make a feature