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  1. Schedule Changes

    I wonder what will happen to Chris on a Friday then?
  2. Schedule Changes

    Odd for Scott to have an odd day off - and no Stark either? so wonder if Scott & Chris are shadow running the chart while Mistajam is doing it? wonder if Scott is indeed covering the chart? although still says Jam on schedule. I reckon its the former, remember when they are doing a "new" show they shadow run it in the next studio a few times, Coxy, Moyles and Grimmy all did the same when starting breakfast, think Grimmy did it the Thursday and Friday before he took over while Scott was on air
  3. Friday is now the weekend

    Maybe Alice and Dev will become breakfast full time in the end with Grimmy relegated to weekend greatest hits ? Or will Greg finally get breakfast and Scott back on drive?
  4. Schedule Changes

    And another thing, Scott must be due to do some breakfast cover
  5. Schedule Changes

    Looks like week commencing 22nd April Jordan is in for Adele
  6. Schedule Changes

    Its weird that Scott is not doing some more high profile work here, like covering the chart and one of the others covering him
  7. Friday is now the weekend

    Thinking about this more - this is totally the work of Aled isn't it Hes a total radio geek like Scott and Greg I wonder what the future holds for Scott now?
  8. Friday is now the weekend

    I absolutely agree about the Dance anthems thing - when did Scott cover it on a Friday?
  9. Friday is now the weekend

    I've also wondered what will happen to Scott covering Breakfast which throws up other questions Assuming Scott remains cover for Grimshaw, will he cover on a Friday? or if Dev or Alice are off (assuming they won't let both off) will he co-host with them, but I would think the answer is actually chart first so I would think yes he will be cover for Grimmy but on Fridays his priority is the chart As far as Jam and Dev covering - maybe Jam has had enough as hes been doing 6 shows a week for a while, and now Dev will be breakfast or nothing on a Friday i'd say (will we see the likes of Grimshaw covering odd Friday greatest hits shows and all?) How will Newsbeat work on Fridays? same as rest of week? will Tina be on with Alice and Dev and Chris Smith with Scott? Will the 1245 and 1745 long shows still continue on Fridays? If I was Ben Cooper - I'd have put Scott back on 4-7 all week again and Greg on a lesser slot as clearly his TV career is kicking off as predicted, or give Greg Breakfast Mon-Thu and remove Grimshaw and bring Matt onto 1-4 weekdays (this still may happen, maybe this is the next stage of changes leading to the end of Grimshaw on brekkie and Greg on drive, funny way to be reducing your breakfast and drive shows seeing as they have been advertising and plugging them recently) What happens to Mr Stark on a Friday? Its kinda funny how Scott is going "back" to a more prominent slot - yes only once a week for now
  10. Schedule Changes

    Whats suprising about this is that Scott is not filling in now hes the new host - and Jordan doing his show or earlies to allow Adele to do 1-4
  11. Most of Steve Wright and Ken Bruces shows are current stuff Surpised how much is in common with the R1 playlist Where will Scott go then? and what about Greg?
  12. Scott appears to be covering the chart again this Friday at 1500
  13. Grimmy is nearly second longest

    Which makes me ask the question, of if its like this - i've noticed Greg, Grimmy and Scott all going more to a Zoo format recently and weekends are as well with Alice and Dev teaming up and Matt with a co-host then why did they get rid of Moyles in the first place I think Grimmy is kind of done, great yes he will now doubt beat Blackburns record, making him second longest to Moyles but surely he has to go now?
  14. Grimmy is nearly second longest

    I reckon not 2018, he doesn;t seem to be going anywhere
  15. Just thought i'd start a new thread Just 84 days (29th May) and Grimmy will have broken Tony Blackburns record and be the second longest to Moyles on breakfast Does this mean something will happen this year? can't see it personally as he seems settled and no sign of changes Yes Aled is making changes to weekends and pairing people up to make space for the newer ones to come in but can't see Grimmy going anywhere Just a question - does the info on WIKI mean the amount of days in post or shows?