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  1. Lee E

    An alternative future...

    Scott now I think? is now the longest on the daytime lineup, in current slot, since Greg and Grimmy swapped I wonder if next year he will be moved? I actually think there is a possibility he could be the new R2 breakfast host you know, although Sara deserves it, and there is a campaign for a woman anchor, I think Scott is definitely in with a shot and he'd be silly not to put his hat in the ring On topic, I think if he'd have stayed at drive, Greg would have gone straight to breakfast when CM left or maybe they would have swapped Scott and Moyles over instead of bringing Grimmy in If Chris hadn't arrived I think Scott would have been on R2 already or a commercial station, wasn't it true that he was in talks with Capital when they got rid of Jonny Vaughn?
  2. Lee E

    Schedule Changes

    they must have versions of Gregs new jingles with Scotts name then surely he can't use the old Grimmy ones
  3. Lee E

    Nick Grimshaw's new show

    I listened for a bit For me it was very much like his old show just at a different time Probably because he has the same producer and the entertainment presenter as his old show, so they've just ported the old R1 Breakfast show to drivetime Missed the Annie bit It'll never be anything like Mills on drivetime - i maintain they should have put him back there with this change and maybe Grimmy on 1-4
  4. I wonder if the show will have its own jingles and all, because it never did with Scott or Greg
  5. Lee E

    20 years of Mills

    It was briefly mentioned when he appeared on Zoe Ball on Saturday earlier in the year, when he got the chart show and was doing interviews, and he skipped over it then it was like "so this is your twentieth year" and he was like "yes" and moved onto the next thing I am really surprised that he's a smoker as well while were talking about him
  6. I thought it was a brilliant show I wanted him to have the studio lot more involved but that will come I suspect with time I just hope Scott is still the cover and hope they've done the jingles with his name also
  7. Lee E

    The Official Chart

    I also think he's doing so well, it's another new lease of life for him and he's giving it the personality and having guests on like it needs and taking it back as it should be In the schedule shake up i'd have like to have seen Scott get 4-7 all the time again
  8. Loved the bit where he said it'll give Moyles amo and think he reffered to Moyles when he said about DJ rivalries
  9. This week Scott is actually self confessed breaking his own record So I thought i'd start a little thread about it Noted thus far Scott today, wouldn't say Moyles' name on air, he was talking about a time in the past when he covered breakfast and interviewed Nicole Shirtslinger and said "I was covering this show for a previous host" I mean Grimmy said his name last week, and Greg has named him loads recently so why not Scott - I mean they used to get on right? Watching the 52hr show, and the Hackney show they did they seem to work really well together so what's happened Even on the last CM breakfast show Scott sent a load of flowers in
  10. Lee E

    Greg James Breakfast Show Bingo

    I think he'll definitely play hommege to Chris Moyles - he has to as Moyles is one of his heros
  11. One of mine was his last drivetime show
  12. do you know what time in the show that was also for note Scott used the standard Grimmy jingles, so its still branded "The Radio 1 breakfast show with Scott Mills" so differing from the last time he covered between hosts
  13. Lee E

    When will Scott's time be up?

    I tend to agree about Scott keeping the chart, and transitioning like Sara Cox, by covering shows on both R1 and 2 before a permanent slot is available I feel that the major change will be initiated by someone like Chris Evans or Ken Bruce or Steve Wright leaving R2 to retire, or go somewhere else, which will open a daytime door for Sara Cox for sure, and then Scott could start with her nighttime show, or as many have said before he'd be an ideal fit to directly replace Ken Bruce or Wrighty, Scott and Chris doing Steve Wrights show would be the one I reckon as they can take stuff like banter innuendo bingo and real or no real would be great features for that show I think his current afternoon show has some more mileage, does anyone realise now Greg has moved, Scott is the longest in his current daytime slot, and almost now as long as he was on drive He also has a major string to his bow, he's the breakfast cover, and looks like he still will be, doing breakfast is second nature to him so he has work there for a long time I'd hate to see - and don't think it will, him do a Moyles, go off air for three years then come back on some small time commercial rival
  14. Lee E

    Is Chris Smith leaving Newsbeat?

    Tina doesn't seem to have been mentioned at all either, loads of Chris smith stuff but no Tina
  15. Greg just been on R1 starts Monday and he's on BBC breakfast shortly