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  1. The Future of Radio 1

    I hope not as well I hope he gets a chance of one of the bigger shows before he leaves like Breakfast or Drive again
  2. The Future of Radio 1

    I am going to go out on a limb here... I think Greg will go before the others I think his TV career will kick off within the next 18 months and drive will go to someone like Matt, Alice or one of the newer ones (Matt or Alice drive, Scott weekends on greatest hits and cover in the week for all shows and Jordan or Cel Weekend afternoons) As regards Mills - it will be the way I've always said, he will start to cover shows on R2, as soon as someone on R2 leaves Coxy will get a daytime slot, be that breakfast, 930-12, or 2-5 or drive (cant see Vine going anywhere soon or Mayo) at that point Scott will become their first choice for cover I would say covering all their shows like Coxy did and also covering slots at 1 like drive, and Breakfast before moving into the next permanent slot on R2 as well as doing Sounds of the 80s although that could be made part of Coxys gig and Scott do a new sounds of the 00s show As for Grimmy Well hes in the five year club now between Mayo and Read in place and I think if he continues as he is, he will just break the CM record to make a point then leave, to be replaced by someone like Cel Spellman or Alice Levine I think this there are two reasons for this Grimmy wants to beat the Great Moyles and Cooper needs to prove himself What has surprised me is Mistajam being given more exposure and bigger shows as he is an older hand on the station being there the same time as Greg and co
  3. Bangers Mix

    Brilliant Bangers mix by Scott at 1545 today Banging tunes for a Friday - like the old "floor fillers" days from drivetime He was saying as it went down so well may well make a feature
  4. BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes

    Have noticed that as well In Grimmys show Tina does the news in 82A and is part of the team - she is becoming more so recently same as the CM days Clara is slap dash sometimes as well but our man Scott and also Greg are bang on usually
  5. BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes

    Thought there was a 9am one as well
  6. Schedule Changes

    November about second week Sent from my iPhone using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
  7. Did he not mention recently hes just signed up gain anyway? Think your right (I think you are a R1 DJ hiding behind an alias.... and if you are WOW love it that I am talking to you on a forum...) Love his show and it appeals to me so much because it hits my age range (I am 37) as well as a good time as I am a shift worker so can usually catch him Like Greg as well and Grimmy For me (as I kept tweeting at the 50th) Scott and Greg are the Mike Read and Mayo of my generation Would love to see Scott cover another stint on breakfast I think Grimmy isn't going anywhere yet either
  8. Mills to Present Radio 2 Show 10pm-2am

    I think he will go the same way Coxy did I think Coxy will get the next permanent slot on 2, at which point he will come off of his slot to be replaced with someone like Grimmy coming off breakfast to make way for a newbie then Just covering loads of shows, so still full time on both stations, covering R1 breakfast and other slots still as well as R2 Breakfast, Drive and Ken Bruce's slot and maybe taking over Sounds of the xx's
  9. I think Grimmy will go for the 9 years on breakfast As for Mills, I reckon he will stay as is - relevant for another 2 to 4 years then maybe start to transition to R2 maybe the same way Coxy did by still covering work for R1 but covering R2 as well
  10. Saturdy kitchen 29th July

    Hi all Looks like Greg is the star guest on BBC 1 Saturday Kitchen this morning at 10 Scott was on it last week wonder if they are going through the DJs or its coincidence
  11. Grimmy has actually got a good show now it's with FeFe and Tina almost the team style of Moyles Sent from my SM-G925F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
  12. Vote for Scott Mills

    Down to 49/51 splut
  13. MistaJam covering for Greg

    He was really good, wonder if they are testing the likes of Adele and him for more weekday daytime cover
  14. BBC R1 Summer Mix 2017

    That he had been asked to appear on celebrity first dates, but is contemplating it because he is seeing someone !
  15. BBC R1 Summer Mix 2017

    They were all talking about filming the ad yesterday, seemend to be done in the afternoon with all 4 daytime DJs Scott posted a pic of him and Greg Makes sense why Jam covering drive now to release Greg to be with the other 3 to do the filming Also did anyone hear Scotts reveal today about 35 mins into the show