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  1. Hi all Looks like Greg is the star guest on BBC 1 Saturday Kitchen this morning at 10 Scott was on it last week wonder if they are going through the DJs or its coincidence
  2. Grimmy has actually got a good show now it's with FeFe and Tina almost the team style of Moyles Sent from my SM-G925F using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
  3. Down to 49/51 splut
  4. He was really good, wonder if they are testing the likes of Adele and him for more weekday daytime cover
  5. That he had been asked to appear on celebrity first dates, but is contemplating it because he is seeing someone !
  6. They were all talking about filming the ad yesterday, seemend to be done in the afternoon with all 4 daytime DJs Scott posted a pic of him and Greg Makes sense why Jam covering drive now to release Greg to be with the other 3 to do the filming Also did anyone hear Scotts reveal today about 35 mins into the show
  7. Maybe he will become the new weekday DJ if someone moved on? or looking to get him on R1 and someone like Jordan or Cel on 1xtra Hes been on R1 xtra for some years, maybe they are trying him for a new breakfast or drive host Maybe just that Dev is busy?
  8. I preferred the theme they used in the 2010-2015 period sounded more news like Miss Dom reading the news on breakfast - although on X of course
  9. Has Dan P carter and Phil Taggart gone? Scotts WIKI says 1998 not a month though Charlie Sloth may move to R1? he appears on RONR sometimes and helped with big weekend and how about A Dot but she seems too specialist, I can see Clara going to Annie Macs slot one day making way for a new live lounge host - Adele or Alice Cant see Grimmy going anywhere at the moment, he seems to have settled from the days when he wouldn't appear for work and big nights out I think Greg is in the zone Scott was about 8 years ago, next logical choice for breakfast but the resident host in place not showing any sign of going and by the time they do too late Would they give Scott one last swansong as permanent Breakfast host if Grimmy was moved off do we think? maybe for a couple years? Here is a thought of what may happen in say 5 years; If Scott eventually gave his show up and started the transition to R2 (I think if Ken Bruce or Steve Wright were to semi retire to weekends or something the gap would appear then) assuming they would need a cover DJ if Sara Cox got a permanent show (assuming she would replace KB or SW) maybe Scott would do what she does, sounds of the 80s/90s and cover the main R2 shows (probably half a years work through the year) apart from Vine's show although he could make a blinding job of that as well as he does have a serious side, and also cover shows on R1 still being the primary breakfast cover for Grimy and maybe cover his "old" show and maybe some other bits and then fill a permanent slot on R2 (drive time or Breakfast or the big show) I am sure Cox did a few years covering shows on R1 and 2 ? If this were to happen would she still be the primary holiday cover for Chris Evans and Scott cover her show (as what happens now on R1 where Scott covers Grimmy and someone else covers Scott)
  10. Indeed very true. Think its pretty established. What he doesn't say of course, is that if a DJ chooses to leave, which could happen, if they feel they want to move on/better bigger job comes along (not saying we want this but always possible). I would love to see Mills at R1 for 20 years, specially in the lead entertainment show on the station - he never fails to impress with new content absolute star, IMO he and Chris should defo be on breakfast full time. On that note - I actually think Grimmy will WILL beat Moyles's record, he's over half way there now.
  11. So looks like this is a thing Mistajam is covering Breakfast So we know Scott is on his own hols, and Grimmy is off until Wednesday, do we know the possible reasons that Dev or Alice would not have been used? is Jam transitioning to R1 (I know he covered Annie, but is this part of finding a new cover presenter in readiness for Scott to leave) Is it just they cannot get any of the other R1 guys on Would have thought they would have used Dev after Scott then maybe looked at Greg moving slots and someone else covering drive Any thoughts
  12. Do you think he will shake things up How will this likely affect the Mills show
  13. I always thought Moyles and Mills were good mates
  14. I suspect Moyles would maybe take part as he is the longest breakfast presenter, although cant see him co presenting the breakfast show with the guy who replaced him, who is rapidly (for all the criticism he gets) catching up with the great saviour. Coxy, Wrighty, Mayo would defo get involved without a doubt as would Jo Whiley maybe.
  15. do we know where Gemma is going