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  1. Lee E

    Alts to R1

    I am bias here; listen to my show on community radio, i do drivetime weekdays 3pm start www.burgesshillradio.co.uk lol My alt to R1 is R2 now, enjoying Zoe on breakfast and Sara on drive
  2. Lee E

    Is Scott’s show winding down??

    It is comic relief again this year, and Greg does his bit for sport relief, so could be another lolathon or a marathon show, I hope Greg is involved as well
  3. Lee E

    Is Scott’s show winding down??

    I can see Scott being snapped straight up by a commercial rival as soon as he gets dropped from daytime on R1 The heart thing must be true While we are on this - can we discuss Mills and Moyles; I thought they were good friends? seems not
  4. Lee E

    2019 predictions...

    I'd say of Grimmy left he'd be more at home on 6 music or 1xtra, he seems to be more the type to say yes to a night time slot where as Mills would not
  5. Lee E

    2019 predictions...

    Yeah I think thats how it will become maybe
  6. Lee E

    2019 predictions...

    I always feel that Greg was always going to get Breakfast, although what was interesting in a youtube interview for Next Radio with Scott in 2012 just after Grimmy had taken over breakfast I am sure he is asked if he was dissapointed, and he talks about he knew it wasn't him also saying that him taking over from CM would be like for like, as they are the same age, he also hints about "the previous host not moving on" it's a good watch, if there are any others like this could anyone share? I would love to see the one he did last year with Chris at a convention or awards Anyway I digress, I say Scott should have been the transitional man after CM but before Greg but history has been made now I feel your right, 2019 will be the last year of the current line up, let's face it Greg and Scott have been part of daytime for the last 10 years and Scott 20, and Grimmy nearly 7 now, and Clara and Adele about 4/5 years each ? another key indicator is that Scott is the longest in his slow on Daytime now - although hasn't Annie Mac been in hers just as long? Another one who gets short changed is Dev I feel, although on the other hand MistaJam has been around yonks and only recently taken over 1X drive, I wonder if the new Kiss lot coming onto nights is to get them in as a transition and they then take drive off Grimmy or even 1Xtra breakfast off Dotty, where they would be more at home I can't see any more shuffles this year though, although we may see Scott start to cover R2 a bit as Sara is not going to be Zoe's cover, so I wonder who is? will it be Scott I wonder or will they use Mark Goodier or Trevor Nelson maybe - the right slot for Scott would be either Ken Bruces show or Steve Wright and again with R2 having made major changes recently are they going to again with their daytime middle of the day anchors - i doubt it and Steve and Ken have a massive following Will Vine leave? maybe but that's not a music show I can see Scott keeping the chart though for a few years
  7. Lee E

    Is Scott’s show winding down??

    He's the breakfast show presenter that never was in a way; someone mentioned that Greg is "transitional" between Grimmy and a new show in a year or two, IMO Scott should have been the "one" between CM and Greg, people always knew Greg was going to get it one day, I reckon Scott should have got it in about 2011 to 2015/6 then Greg took it over
  8. Lee E

    Is Scott’s show winding down??

    I think your right, although I wasn't overly impressed with Bingo, preferred it in the studio being more raw than as staged as it was I can see him being used for Radio 2 cover, seeing as Sara is not going to be the breakfast cover anymore
  9. Lee E

    Scott Mills to Heart Breakfast?

    I am sure they've just put someone else on drive with JK? Stranger things have happened, Jamie has been on Heart breakfast for some time, although as you say Bingo could be a sign Scott is about for a while although I am convinced him and Clara are next to be chopped and changed, maybe Adele as well
  10. Lee E

    Scott Mills to Heart Breakfast?

    On Radio Today podcast, which was released last Wednesday, it was said Heart will announce within 7 days new "Emma Bunton" replacement at breakfast, then a hmmmm from both the presenters, plus Scott has just announced on R1 that Innuendo Bingo is backJust a thought, is he doing this as a last swansong, I mean say he announces this week he takes over Heart Breakfast in 4 months, they could have some massive guests on bingo before he leaves? also it was mentioned on R1 that bingo now has a set as well so sounds like it will be live online again
  11. If the rumor mill is believed to be true could be the heart breakfast announcement we heard before Christmas, but would the BBC big that up? they didn't with Evans or Moyles for example they just came out with it on air I reckon this is Bingo, or Big weekend coming back Maybe Bingo is back and Zoe is the first guest
  12. Lee E

    Big weekend 2019?

    I am taking a punt at Kent this time with Dua or Rita being the headline act
  13. Lee E

    Schedule Changes

    Yeah I thought so as well - Dev has been working loads since July Six weeks of drive and then regular weekend shows followed by the 8th
  14. Decided to start a thread - loads of chatter on DS about this started overnight by the Sun They got it right about Zoe Ball - just saying https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/8031036/radio-1-scott-mills-quit-bbc-heart-fm/
  15. Lee E

    Radio 1 Now vs Then

    I really miss the CM days specially the way they did stuff like the longest show, and the Scott Mills cam in his house Also really miss the sung jingles and all