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    Schedule Changes

    Whats the deal with Sideman, now that Charlie Sloth has disappeared in a puff of smoke? Does he have a permanent contract with R1? I just assumed he was paid freelance and would go with CS?
  2. I do wonder how it works with staffing with some producers having 1 show a week , or 2 for weekends and others having 4 for week daytime shows? Do the weekend producers have to come in in the week and work on other shows? Or do the producers at weekends produce multiple shows?
  3. Her bio also says Producer now so maybe she's just been promoted? Which is why she's left Scotts show?
  4. harrysmyth

    Schedule Changes

    Does anyone have a download of Greg's last show at all please? Many thanks, Harry
  5. Does anyone have a download of Greg's last show please? (both parts) The method I had to download shows isnt working any more! Many thanks in advance, Harry
  6. harrysmyth

    New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    It really is quite a bizarre schedule change really, adding so much but without losing anyone. It is strange to have a co-host on nearly every show. There are 9 presenters on at the weekend now (10 if you count Dr Rhada) as opposed to a core of 4 required, which seems very over crowded. In the press release they are really pushing Maya Jama as the big winner here, with making her the press photo, and giving her a co-host with Scott for 1 midweek day (...how very random!), which is again another surprise for Jordan to be slightly sidelined after being used so frequently by Radio 1. We shall wait and see. Its almost like they want to make big changes but don't have the guts to fire anyone! I'm disappointed that Alice is getting a worse show, and having to co-host, as she is such a genuinely funny presenter.
  7. harrysmyth

    50th Birthday Celebrations

    Did anyone record any of R1 Vintage? I love the initial 1 countdown before the Tony and Grimmy show - so many brilliant soundbites. Does anyone have a downloaded copy of it please? Many thanks.
  8. Hell all, I was listening to the I love TUSU podcast and when they were talking about flings with coworkers with a caller, did anyone notice Chris cheekily mention about the fling Scott had with a coworker to be quickly silenced on the matter with a promise that it would never be discussed on air. When the girl very quickly asked if we might know them he said yes probably, suggesting someone at Radio 1?! Any guesses at who it might be?
  9. harrysmyth

    Rylan Clark sitting in for Matt

    I remember that show that Moyles did - I wouldn't exactly say that "in the olden days Moyles would have covered it". It was a complete one off and remember Chris joking that he was something like 7th to be asked!
  10. harrysmyth

    2016 Power Intros

    Am I being really stupid....but what is TOH and BOH? Thanks in advance.
  11. harrysmyth

    Scott's dalliance with a Radio 1 coworker....?!

    I think the Ke$ha incident was wayyyy before Greg James started.
  12. harrysmyth

    BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat and Chart Show Jingles

    Great, thanks!
  13. harrysmyth

    Referendum Newsbeat

    Great, thanks Matthew!
  14. harrysmyth

    Favourite Features of All Time

    I think Real or No Real and the conversations that surround the facts are just brilliant, my favourite is with Greg James or Alice Levine, who are just so witty. It is a fantasticly simple but brilliant feature. And I don't know if it was because I am a similar age to Chris, but I remember smiling through the whole of each Tap End episode. I used to laugh out loud in my car on my own. It was made better by Beccy Huxtable chipping in as well, another great personality on R1. I wonder what she is up to now? Also, who remembers the Wonder Years? WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  15. harrysmyth

    My thoughts on women on Radio 1

    Just to put my two penny worth in.... Clara - I think the judgements are slightly harsh on her. We have to recognise that the 10-1 slot is very music focussed on the Live Lounge and doesn't really have any other features, I think deliberately perhaps? (Aside from the Sara Cox velcro suit game, lolllllllll) Compared to Fearne, Clara is always out at gigs each night and engaging with new music and constantly chatting about that, which is just who you need for a Radio 1 presenter in this slot. Fearne on the other hand, was exceptionally past it and had clearly disengaged with new music a long time ago. She preferred to chat about what cake she has baked last night. I distinctly remember when she came back from maternity leave after Rex and co-hosted the Breakfast Show with Grimmy and they played Daft Punk - Get Lucky, which had been played to death all through the summer (she came back in Sept). She said after the record had finished that it was the first time she had heard it and I was absolutely astounded! Alice - I think she is actually one of the funniest people on Radio 1, if not the funniest. She has the driest, most sarcastic humour and I think she is absolutely hilarious. Similar humour to Matt Edmondson so I wouldn't mind if either of them took over on a weekday slot, they are both very deserving. They both know that they are never going to be tastemakers for the next Mercury awards, but they are fantastic presenters for a youth audience. Adele - I think her move to Radio 1 was very well deserved. I only get to hear her if I work nights but always hear on the 6:45am chat with Grimmy. She always has a lovely warm chat with Grimmy and its clear that they get on very well. The times I do hear her early show I think she is really great actually, and not that it is hard, but such a vast improvement on Gemma Cairney!
  16. harrysmyth

    Chris Sawyer is Matt Edmondson's New Producer

    Is it just a secondment? He says a promotion "for a bit". Also, whats happened to Ahmed? Is he still the AP? Can't stand the guy, I think he wishes to be the other side of the mike.
  17. harrysmyth

    Other Stuff You're Listening to At the Moment

    I agree with radioanorak....how is that in any way funny? Its just crass humour.
  18. Surely you are talking about Porter Robinson - Language? Absolute tune. (listen from 58s)He used this consistently for a number of years in his first link, (generally talking about what had happened that day before his show). I thought it was a bit of a shame that he changed it!
  19. harrysmyth

    Rhianna off of films leaving Radio 1

    Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2015/new-r1-film-critic I feel a bit sorry for Rhianna now, looks like she was binned. But for a first job straight from uni, (or actually I think she still was at Reading when starting at Radio 1...) she's done pretty well! Whenever they make these press statements I love it how Rhys Hughes never changes what he says whenever people get let go: "I would also like to thank [insert name here] for his/her fantastic contribution over the last few years and wish him/her all the best for the future.” It was today announced that Ali Plumb will become the new film critic for BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. Ali, who is currently the Movies Editor at Digital Spy, and was previously a writer at Empire, will be joining the stations in January, taking over from Rhianna Dhillon. From 2016, listeners will hear Ali reviewing films across Radio 1 and 1Xtra, as well as doing the weekly movie round up in ‘The Number One Show with Cel Spellman’ on Sunday nights (Radio 1, 4-7pm). Rhianna, who joined Radio 1 and 1Xtra in 2011, will be leaving the stations this month, with her last show being 30 December. Ali said: “I’m over the moon to be joining Radio 1 and 1Xtra. Film is my passion, and I can’t wait to bring my reviewing and interviewing experience to the airwaves.” Rhys Hughes, Head of Programmes for Radio 1 and 1Xtra, says: “I’m delighted that Ali is joining Radio 1 and 1Xtra, bringing his massive passion of films to a young audience. I would also like to thank Rhianna for her fantastic contribution over the last few years and wish her all the best for the future.” Rhianna says: “I’ve had a wonderful time reviewing movies on Radio 1 and 1Xtra with Greg and Trevor and have loved interviewing some of my on-screen heroes. I am looking forward to the next exciting phase of my career.”
  20. harrysmyth

    Rhianna off of films leaving Radio 1

    Yeah its not like she has mentioned on her twitter about starting somewhere else. I guess, like any of the presenters she isn't exactly immune from a reshuffle and maybe after 5 years they just wanted a fresh face for films. I'm surprised she's being replaced though, with all the cutbacks at Radio 1, that is small hanging fruit to cut! I thought they might make Dev do it or something. I'm still undecided about whether I enjoy listening to her or not. I think her reviews are very well thought out and good but I actually fast forward on the podcast if she was playing Innuendo Bingo - almost Cairney levels of irritant!
  21. harrysmyth

    Is anyone else listening to Chris Moyles on xfm?

    I actually think the show works so much better without having to shoehorn in features at fixed times....in fact are there any even left?! Even Call or Delete, which is probably the flagship feature is pretty dead and buried now. Getting rid of the caller at 6:55 and 9:55 was the best things they did, so much better just having a natural chat with Adele (who is so much more bearable and genuinely great conversation at 6:45 than Gemma was), as is Clara, who I think has great chemistry with Nick at the end of the show. Having Tina Daheley in the studios in between the news and Showbiz news were good additions. An often overlooked best part of the programme is just how effortlessly good Nick is with interviewing guests - that Sia interview was brilliant!
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    Does anyone happen to have the podcast from 25th September please? Many thanks, Harry
  24. harrysmyth

    Radio 1 Summer Mix

    Oh my. I think Nick's humour clearly goes over your head! He often makes jokes about his producers. For example when he used to say Matt Fincham was looking nice in a backless gown in the studio, its a joke! Next time you might be telling me Greg James is live mixing the Dance Anthems....(he doesn't)
  25. harrysmyth

    Why I wish I'd not bought a HP Spectre X360

    The answer is always, get a mac. They are more expensive but the longevity of them far outweighs the initial cost. Also you don't lose years off your life in frustration with a windows computer!