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  1. Sunday: Jess Iszatt joins Adele Roberts from 8-10.30.
  2. Monday 31st May: Yasmin Evans sits in for Rickie and Melvin. Charlie on as normal.
  3. Clara saved up all her free time!
  4. The Big Weekend Schedule has also been put up - only Adele on as normal. The anthems will all be Festival Anthems. The Monday schedule is a bit more interesting. They appear to have Early Breakfast and Radio 1 Dance mixes airing at the same time. Then, there’s an hour of Greg James before two hours of Big Weekend. That’s followed by the live lounge from 31st May 2093 (that’s what the website says), followed by some anthems and more Big Weekend.
  5. She obviously saved up her time off for when she could actually do stuff with it. on that note, I would like to see Arielle covering for those slots. Adele is a great broadcast, but, at this point, she isn’t likely to move to daytime. Arielle obviously has a future and it would be nice for her to be given some more exposure.
  6. Interesting that Bank Holiday Monday has the usual schedule.
  7. Let’s not forget, they have all these cover presenters from Christmas and Friday early breakfast, so if Matt & Mollie and Jordan were to move to weekdays temporarily, then one of them could take their slot for a period of time.
  8. What changes do you want them to make though?
  9. I’m glad that there’s more cover - hope when Grimmy inevitably has some time off it goes to Jordan.
  10. Surprised they didn’t give it to one of the Friday presenters, isn’t Katie higher in the pecking order than early breakfast cover?
  11. Vick Hope and Katie Thistleton in for Jordan North from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd. Dean McCullough sits in for Matt Edmondson. from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd. Mollie King presenting as usual. Sam MacGregor and Danni Diston in for Vick and Katie on Life Hacks and The Official Chart: First Look on Sunday 23rd. Vick Hope in for Annie Mac on 25th May.
  12. Arielle covered for Jordan a couple of months ago so she could have easily done it. Jess probably wouldn't as she does her show on BBC London the night before. Splitting up Matt and Mollie would be a strange move in my opinion.
  13. I don’t think Chris can drive the desk so it would be hard for him. Don’t forget, the schedules aren’t out for Sunday 23rd yet so it’s possible that Vick and Katie are in fact not on Sunday 23rd - we’ll have to wait for that.
  14. Is Scott still gonna be on the chart on 21st May?
  15. Maybe they could’ve given Vick and Katie the breakfast show on 17th (M&M are hosting that), with Matt and Mollie doing Scott’s show, with Vick and Katie doing Jordan’s show on Friday and Saturday, with maybe RMC on Sunday.
  16. Sarah and Sian must hope to move to daytime eventually. Jack covered Grimmy a couple of weeks back so they must be preparing him to become a cover presenter.
  17. Here is a basic idea for a cover schedule that I made.
  18. this is the post that I found it on - if you make a copy of the spreadsheet then edit it as you please. on the note of the schedule: 1. the idea of a show like Life Hacks (or the Surgery as it was previously known) has been around for years now - it was there before Katie started it and it will no doubt continue without her. 2. Took Scott from the chart because one of my drafts had him on Friday afternoon during his weekend show. Realised that this maybe wouldn’t be fair on Matt and Mollie as it would be seen as a big demotion to go to two days a week. Maybe in a future version I’ll give Scott that Friday and give M&M the chart. 3. On Thursday 8pm I meant to write The Indie Show, not just a generic Jack Saunders entertainment show.
  19. Updated version following the changes to the schedule:
  20. I don’t really understand the idea that Matt and Mollie were demoted in January. Their previous position was closed and replaced with one which just covered Saturday and Sundays. By moving to 1pm they can stay on for three days a week.
  21. Don’t see Scott going until January 2023 at least, but yes probably Vick and Katie will take their slot. They will probably get Jordan’s slot in January 2022 when he takes drive in order to prep.
  22. In the last 12 months there was the September schedule change and the January schedule change. The September one mainly impacted weekdays, whilst the January one impacted weekends more. I would expect another schedule change next January, but it’ll probably be smaller than this, maybe just one change (you can probably guess which one I’m thinking of).
  23. I agree that Jack moving to 8pm is a good change, but it’d be better if it was a more mainstream entertainment show (like RMC’s), and then have maybe Jess Iszatt do his current 10pm show.
  24. So it does sadly look like Jordan won't be getting a new slot.I've looked at the schedule and I can't help but feel that they've gone about it wrong - either they've had another budget cut or they're trying something different.Clara replacing Annie did seem logical - however, in no way did it need to end in this whole shuffle. Furthermore, nobody has really gotten a promotion from this, which is a shame (the last time someone was given a live daytime slot would've been Jack Saunders). It would've been more logical to have Vick Hope take the slot, as Katie could easily hold Life Hacks on her own.The new schedule does also present some problems. They've lost the evening entertainment show, which, in my eyes, was an important show for them. Jack Saunders could've done this evening entertainment show, and Jess Iszatt could've done Future Artists in place of Jack. The Power Down Playlist's new slot makes no sense, going from a relatively upbeat show (Jack Saunders) to Power Down to specialist shows makes no sense either. Also, I don't understand why these shows have been shortened to an hour.They've gone from having three hours of pre-recorded content to five hours and now to seven. What goes next?And, finally, how is it not a no-brainer to have Jordan take on a daytime slot? He's got a massive following of the back of I'm a Celeb, and if there's a time to put an as-competent presenter as him in a prominent slot, it's definitely now. The longer they wait, the more his profile might fall, and the more commercial offers that may come in.All of these changes feel a bit misguided IMO.
  25. Good idea, but Scott and Chris are never gonna go to 10pm-1am, they’re far too high profile.
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