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  1. 6th September is quite late wouldn’t they start the week before after the bank holiday?
  2. Grimmy and Annie both chose to leave - not a clear out. He had his clear out when he ditched Maya, Dev, Alice etc.
  3. As much as we said that we thought his time was up Grimmy has been amazing, I hope he goes onto big things. Jordan and Vick - I can’t wait to hear that!
  4. If the chat is not working, as it doesn’t appear to be at the moment, click the three bars at the top of the chat Bar and go to message archive. You can view messages there and still send messages the usual way I believe.
  5. Looks like rather late notice but Matt and Mollie are in for Greg today. Even the Sounds website hasn’t fully updated yet. (Arielle said this a few minutes ago).
  6. Wednesday 13th July Matt and Mollie in for Greg
  7. From Monday 5th July, there are going to be anthems every day from 10am to 11am.
  8. Only Rickie and Melvin for the rest of this week, including today.
  9. Will you be able to chose what you listen to on sounds? Is it going to be the actual match or just the normal show with some reactions. EDIT: Arielle will be on Radio 1 Dance.
  10. Arielle is down to do both early breakfast and drive for the rest of the week. She was also down for a day off today and I’m sure Grimmy said he was isolating until yesterday, so it may be a mistake, but we’ll see.
  11. Matt and Mollie double shifting on Friday 25th June. Doing breakfast and their usual slot. Jordan’s doing a Glastonbury special on the same day. Arielle is also joining Grimmy for all of next week. Sam and Danni are in for her on Monday, she appears to be double shifting the rest.
  12. I presume Vick and Katie are doing Matt and Mollie’s Friday show?
  13. He has the show for as long as he wants it according to bosses. That must mean he’s popular or he’d be moved out.
  14. Jordan and Arielle would be great on it.
  15. With all due respect Aled is definitely moving things forward. Presenters who don’t have slots like Rakeem, Dean, Sam & Danni and Jess have been doing lot of slots. Equally, this Friday early breakfast and Christmas thing have given a roster of new presenters who at least some of will be heavily on the station in 5-10 years. He’s also, in the last year, shown the door to Maya, Alice, MistaJam, Dev, Annie and Diplo. Yes, some of these left of their own accord, but the ones who didn’t, like Annie, chose to leave before they were pushed. If that’s not moving things forward, I simply don’t know what is.
  16. It's not as if every presenter comes that way. You've also got Arielle, Dean, Sian, Gemma and the like who have come through from working on the station doing cover slots and going into permanent ones. There wasn't really anyone else who could have done what RMC have done, same with Sarah Story, Vick Hope as well now I think about it.
  17. Do they though? The only two I can name are Mistajam and Dev, who left to go to Capital and Heart. Mistajam only presented once a week, and his role was so small that it managed to be filled without having an entirely new presenter. Dev was sacked, or ‘didn’t have his contract renewed’, and now he only presents once a week on Heart, so not really poaching as such. radio 1 appears to be the one poaching, in the last couple of years you had Rickie, Melvin and Charlie, coming in September you have Sarah Story.
  18. Grimmy just said he’s isolating for the rest of the week. Might mean some schedule changes.
  19. I’m not suggesting this would happen nor would I want it to happen, but if it did happen then who would take over? I’d say that Matt and Mollie would be the most likely candidates, maybe Jordan. In years to come I think Jack or Vick & Katie could contest for that slot.
  20. I think Adele will go before Scott and Chris. With all this new talent it’s hard to justify keeping her and Grimmy around. Mollie still sounds so good on the radio, I’d hope she’d stick around for a long time. Same with Matt, when he got paired up with Mollie his show really improved.
  21. And Jess Iszatt as well. I don’t think Clara is on today, the schedule must have meant Charlie Hedges, unless Clara is on later.
  22. Big weekend presenter schedule: saturday: 8.00am - 10.30am - Adele Roberts, Vick Hope, Rakeem Omar 10.30am - 1pm - Jordan North, Scott Mills, Chris Stark 1pm - 2pm - Jordan North, Scott Mills, Chris Stark, Mollie King, Dean McCullough 2pm - 4pm - Matt Edmonson, Mollie King, Dean McCullough 4pm - 5pm - Matt Edmonson and Katie Thistleton 5pm - 6pm - Matt Edmonson, Katie Thistleton, Charlie Hedges 6pm - 9pm - Charlie Hedges, Rene LaVice, Jeremiah Asiamah Sunday: 8am - 10.30am - Adele Roberts, Jess Iszatt (others TBC) 10.30am - 1pm - Jordan North, Clara Amfo, Melvin Odoom, Charlie Hedges 1pm - 2pm - Jordan North, Greg James, Mollie King, Charlie Hedges 2pm - 4pm - Matt Edmonson, Greg James, Mollie King 4pm - 5pm - Matt Edmonson, Vick Hope, Rickie Haywood-Williams 5pm - 6pm - Katie Thistleton, Sian Eleri, Benji B, Vick Hope 6pm - 9pm - Katie Thistleton, Sian Eleri, Benji B Monday: 8am - 10.30am - Greg James 10.30am - 1pm - Clara Amfo, Nick Grimshaw, Sian Eleri 1pm - 3pm - Scott Mills, Chris Stark, Arielle Free 3pm - 4pm - Scott Mills, Chris Stark, Arielle Free, Jordan North, Gemma Bradley 4pm - 5pm - Scott Mills, Jordan North, Gemma Bradley 5pm - 8pm - Jack Saunders, Daniel P Carter 8pm - Rickie, Melvin and Charlie (Normal Show) 10pm - Future Artists with Jess Iszatt
  23. Adele really has been filling a lot.
  24. Interesting to see Sian covering for Jack. Maybe Jess isn’t available.
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