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  1. With autumn BBC Rock Introducing launches and Radio 1’s Rock Show moves to a Monday evening. I wonder if autumn this year that they like Radio 1 Happy or Radio 1 Relax do a day to promote the new shows and schedule changes and plug the Amplified Back to Back stream
  2. Wish to note that Nels Hylton launches his ‘Future Alternative Show’ from this coming morning at 03:00 AM BST same week that 6M Launches Emo Forever playlist
  3. I think over all the News at 10 wouldn’t be using talent right as Maitlis done big exclusive interviews and on location reporting. Seems hotly tipped name. As said back to 1 think by then Jordan North and Vick Hope will have every reason to continue presenting together. Suggestions Sam and Danni contentions for a weekend slot so think by then if it’s two to three duos. That would be enough for my opinion
  4. Wonder if like Dev Griffin, Gemma Cairney, Adele Roberts and Clara Amfo if by that time we could have a 1Xtra presenter taking over early or weekend slot even though think the new future opportunities will fill the gaps
  5. I think some new specialist presenters and new specialist shows titles stuff like Future Fusion (if Radio 1 ever did fancy having a less westernised new music show. Mix of stuff like AfroBeat or when had Asian Beats show), Future Beats could succeed Benji B’s show, Radio 1’s Chilled Dance playing chilled out dance tracks. I fancy them maybe doing something bit like 6M then and having Radio 1’s Artists In Residence suggested something like it before artists like Griff, Holly Humberstone or who ever artist radio 1 plays creating playlists. Dance Anthems will be still there but hope would move to have less classics and more todays and future stuff used to like it when they had a guest mix from dance family or a DJ. Cant see Jack Saunders on drive not Matt & Mollie on daytimes I can’t see them lasting beyond the end of 2024 without suggesting Matt would leave the station. Clara I think could be then on way out of station.
  6. I see Victoria Derbyshire maybe getting the Radio 2 slot when next vacant can’t imagine Jeremy Vine staying too longer at 2. But feel Newsnight likely Clive Myrie, Faisal Islam, Ros Atkins (unlikely would be popular contender I’d imagine)
  7. I only see OJ on daytime radio 2 if was early breakfast or for few weeks interim before a new daytime show was to launch like how Chris Hawkins did before Craig Charles launched his show. Wouldn’t be surprised if several years down the line OJ ended up on commercial
  8. I wouldn’t pair Katie & Dean up permanently think we reached the peak of duo presenters and think few ok and don’t need new duos for sometime to come. Think when here Katie if hopefully she gets a slot that’s more than a weekly show think she could hold it down permanently. Interms of Katie Thistleton’s credentials as ambassador for mental health charities and trained councillor just hope station give her a podcast or some means of doing digital content and special radio 1 programmes on supporting listeners with mental health. I could see Katie being one of the broadcasters with career at Radio 1 will lead to her doing various continued radio shows, podcasts, books, columns and television shows. If she was to present with Dean it would be ok Radio but radio duo that may last shorter than Dev and Alice. I see both careers would quickly travel in different directions
  9. Sarah Storey I feel would fit in excellently with doing Dance Anthems cover and hope would be able to put her spin on it would assume it will be the RM show while Charlie’s taking her leave maybe the odd day when need a cover presenter
  10. He may be stronger than Dean McCullough but that would weaken his credibility and his talent existing in music specialist broadcasting think if he did end up on daytime or would have to be like Huw Stephens retaining two type of shows a weekend daytime and a specialist show. Jamz Supernova did that on 1Xtra for short bit but his time on daytime may be short two years if he did. Think where is career will go may be more comparable with where Simon Mayo where did time 5Live then Radio to then stations like Scala, Greatest Hits … his career post radio 1 will be filled and varied and like Mayo may end up being an author of fiction as wrote childrens’ novels
  11. Anybody can but that doesn’t mean all Wikipedia entries stay up theres many times when certain Wikipedia entries get removed and need citation for entries so dont think its as straight forward
  12. considering the recently created thread of Radio 1 in 2025 (at next major schedule shuffle). Are there any names to watch who could do programming across the station. A ones to watch a commercial interest, someone from Christmas takeovers gone by or any wildcards
  13. James Cusack by his Wikipedia (kind of surprised he has a Wikipedia as don’t think Jordan, Arrielle or Dean had one before their first permanent slot) think what ever slot opens up maybe weekend breakfast. Think so far the next daytime entertainment music one’s to watch at the station - James Cusack - Sam & Danni - Vicki Hawksworth I don’t know who’d yet be the successor to Scott’s afternoon slot. If they don’t by time he leaves have some one to go straight in and interim period to decide the afternoon slot.
  14. Yes think the presser came out today. It’s bit confusing message around it as they’ have been available for a while giving it names like Radio 1 Happy and Radio 2 90s made me think too much of established Radio 1 Dance and Radio 1 Relax. I don’t exactly see the point and some people may just see this as competition with jukebox radio stations. Wasn’t entirely clear. Think with most songs on such playlists have radio play on BBC and are on peoples playlist and on commercial jukebox stations don’t see the point of creating such collections of shows
  15. Read on Radio today that over coming weeks about ten new streams will launch on BBC Sounds much like Radio 1 Dance and Radio 1 Relax. First announced that will be launched is Radio 1 Happy and Radio 2 90s. Hence why Radio 2 is having 90s day (Puts then with Absolute and Heart with an 90s channel) and why likely Easter Saturday is ‘Happy Day’ you could call it that. Could there be Radio 1 Future Sounds stream? Time will tell
  16. Wonder if theres room for more specials in the programming schedule it could be linked with the new artist icon series on BBC SoundS ‘Artist Icon’ series.
  17. Think its good to aspire to find new favourites but looking at the playlist some replenishing track selections more frequently and maybe trying to featuring more artists. Think it should be maybe a few first time plays and maybe getting bit more niche at times. It’s like recently notice the track selections on future sounds are sometimes tracks that are established on the playlist on daytime. Think there maybe a broader range of genres covered in specialist shows and maybe some of BBC Introducing stuff in there.
  18. Can’t see him just keeping the official charts
  19. Quite some long term forecasting going on here. I think RMC are ok, not my kind of thing on Radio better fit somehow in the nighttime slot. Potentially Rickie & Melvin going back to commercial on heart radio Charlie Hedges maybe splintering on the same network Heart Dance or Capital Dance the don’t exactly fit. I think 2024 will be Greg James last surprised its now up to 4 years even now thats a long run for him. Maybe if he doesn’t get many commercial offers I mean he’s a popular lad and will leave quite young he’ll likely end up doing another big time breakfast or drive show but think he when he finishes at Radio 1 may have some more cover opportunities doing stuff like Radio 2 even maybe 5Live like Simon Mayo did after time on Radio 1 or some stuff like One Show or a television entertainment show game or quiz show. Think it would be time when he may start a family could focus time doing podcasts and book projects. Before starting the next big thing. I do see it will be interesting what Radio 1’s target audience is listening to then and what radio is like then. I have a feeling maybe 2024 may have Annie Macmanus starting at 6Music but be interesting to see if there’d be a station for the likes of Toddla T, Rob Da Bank and likely Benji B after Radio 1 to have some of the fringe of specialist radio on radio return to national some how in a new private independent outlet. I think Matt Edmondson, Mollie King will leave by then RMC. Think Clara’s time on Future Sounds should be short. Danny Howard would probably leave then if not back in later time slot. Think Katie Thistleton, Vick, Jordan, Arrielle Free should still be on Radio 1 (sure Arrielle has a dance track out at the minute so interesting to see if with that she still does daytime. Dean likely to be there. Maybe someone like James Cusack stepping in if becomes listeners favourite. Think there’d be some new shows and maybe some time changes again. Think there’ll be new specialist shows and presenters and specialist its something to keep fresh now and then. What do people see the future of stuff like Radio 1 Relax and Dance and other stations of where presenters could move to any names to watch in industry? Though think figures in Newsbeat may chop and change abit
  20. Is he doing the early morning shift for that month?
  21. Apart from stuff like live events and listener interaction events. The whole in a different studio thing is pretty much irrelevant to most listeners. It would be odd without reason.
  22. Do you mean from the location of university of Nottingham or is this a college radio takeover situation.
  23. BBCAaron

    Comedy Dave

    May be the case that they may not hear from eachother these days and living different lives assuming as ‘Comedy’ Dave Vitty was a team member not a secondary presenter that Chris Stark is think they have different friendships. Think Moyles’ team was relatively large where as with Scott and Chris for the duration of the afternoon era of Scott Mills’ Radio 1 Show history are only constants on the show. Think Moyles seems to do stuff on social media and in any media relatively exclusive for Radio X got his own team over there. His foot into podcasting is only radio highlights and wrap up of his radio x show and James O’Brien podcast one of for a LBC Global Podcast and few tv appearances. Find only time if ever he’d do something of reunion is for a reunion thing if there was money involved. As Moyles only really does things for money I think these days (opinion, could be wrong). Do feel that maybe when 3 years-ish after Radio 1 when the Radio X Breakfast show came around Dave Vitty didnt quite get the look in think he did a short stint on Hits Radio with Dom of sports news and think maybe one ex producer joining him on Breakfast maybe he didnt get a look in and work dried up. Thin maybe the relationship after Radio 1 wasnt the same as maybe Chris Moyles didn’t see Dave as close as some other staff.
  24. Sometimes it feels bit pointless listing cover for a programme on public schedule listings when the details lacks confirmation. Think that’s issue maybe with doing listings to ahead of time
  25. Wonder if he’ll pop up on Breakfast plugging it. Look forward to listening to his new single.
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