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  1. Huw plays different ID's first and then used a overplayed "This is Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1" after the news and at the hour.
  2. Yes, didn't think of that, got to be Phil Taggart!!
  3. If you want the full version, drop me a PM and we can trade!
  4. https://soundcloud.com/newsbeatlover/big-bbc-radio-1-mix Hey Reggie, have you clipped this off of my Montage?? Sounds so alike???
  5. Does anyone know who made it and where I can access it, If someone has it we can trade!
  6. The push bed was used for weekends, I have that one in my collection, however it has a recent jingle over the top
  7. Yes, I have all of last week's intros while he was covering for Scott, they all include the start jingle and also the end (full version) jingle.
  8. Nick is definitely on the Breakfast Show on Tuesday 22nd, he has Kiesza on the show.
  9. http://www.epm.uk.net/#!details?id=6533400 Am I right? P.S - I have the Bed in my collection if anybody wants to trade?
  10. I guess this is last minute, Fearne has a sickness bug.
  11. I like them, Autumn's update never got aired, I emailed the BBC about it.
  12. It may be nice to hear Huw in the afternoon, Matt's shows sound so great though.
  13. Pure Jingles have refreshed the Radio 1 imaging once again http://www.purejingles.com/station/BBC2014 Enjoy.
  14. Hi, that's my demo, I have the Pie Tennis audio
  15. Cel Spellman sits in for Dan and Phil - tomorrow (23rd March)... Who is he???
  16. Phil sits in on the 29th March, the same day Dev starts Weekend Breakfast.
  17. Gemma is also sitting in on Monday 24th... My radio will be turned off!!
  18. Mon, Tue and Wed this week.
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