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  1. 10 hours ago, GeekTalk51 said:

    Tomorrow begins easily the biggest schedule change since Greg and Grimmy swapped, and considering the breadth of the change, even though breakfast stays the same, maybe an even bigger change.

    Lots to talk about and lots to listen to tomorrow, who’ll be listening, and what are we most looking forward to hearing?

    I thought it would be good to have a dedicated thread for us to give our thoughts on the new shows over the next few days/weeks and beyond!

    I’m excited for the new era, it feels massive and I think it’ll go very well.

    I’m most looking forward to drivetime with Vick and Jordan, from what I’ve heard it sounds like it will be a really fun listener-centric show, they’ll have a quiz of some form, a requests feature, and an item called “Going Home Headlines” where listeners can text in about anything they have done earlier in the day and Vick and Jordan will make a mock news bulletin about the listeners.

    RMC on mid-mornings is an interesting choice but I’m sure it’ll be a very good listen. 

    Clara hosting Future Sounds is a great fit for her, as she has a passion for new music, and the new “Hottest Records of The Week” on Monday nights sounds like a brilliant idea.

  2. Time flies.

    I first heard Grimmy when he took over the breakfast show in September 2012, which coincided with me listening to daytime Radio 1 much more than I had done previously. I was initially skeptical, as he was replacing Chris Moyles, who was the DJ that sparked my interest in radio, but over the years, my appreciation of Nick has grown as I've listened more and more and his show is a really enjoyable listen. 

    In retrospect, Grimmy's fresh sound was exactly what Radio 1 needed at the time in order to revitalise the station and put the pulse of modern music culture back into the breakfast show.

    I'll be sad to see him go, as his time on Radio 1 has soundtracked an important time in my life, but I'm also excited to hear the new era of the station.

  3. Last night’s penultimate show was a brilliant listen, with Grimmy and Annie essentially hosting a two hour nostalgia trip.

    Last show starting in a few minutes, and it really feels like the end of an era, as Annie’s show has introduced me and many many others to loads of new music over the years.

    I’m sure Clara will do a great job at championing new artists on Radio 1, and I’m excited to hear the new era of the station. 

  4. 7 minutes ago, ImMaxClaydon said:

    Well he'll definitely be out before the weekend, Friday is his last show before he goes on holiday for a couple of weeks

    The other similar events in the past took around two days to complete, but this may be longer due to travel time between relevant locations 

  5. 8 hours ago, Lily Georgia said:

    For 4 weeks from Monday 9th August there will be 2 fewer shows per day Monday-Thursday, as follows:


    10.30-14.00 Adele Roberts

    14.00-18.00 Nick Grimshaw for the first week, Scott for the rest

    18.00-21.00 Future Sounds - interim presenter TBC

    21.00-00.00 Jack Saunders


    Not sure if they will do something similar Fri-Sun, also not sure what's happening the week before from 2nd August as Annie has left by that point.  So it looks like Clara's last mid-morning show and RMC's last evening show will both be on Thursday 5th August.


    Also, Alex & Numi (August's Fri early brek presenters) are in for Arielle 9th-12th August.

    Woah, this is like the 2020 modified schedule all over again, but at least it means Scott is back on drive (if only for a few weeks), and Grimmy gets extra long shows in his final week on R1, should be very fun!

  6. 9 hours ago, Jono said:

    Presumably it'll be more of a love-in at the end seeing as they chose to leave, less awkward than when you're told to leave

    Looks like a co-host will happen before the end, going by the handover today

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