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  1. Oh OK. But Matt is young he's 24/25 so that's young!
  2. Sorry, if this seems really dumb? But I'm only young, what does dispell? mean? Does that mean that it contradicts? Because, if it does then I don't get what your asking! LOL.
  3. I've asked him on twitter and he says he'll cover for other DJs and stay on Fearne's show on Fridays!!
  4. i <3 matt edmondson, no jono ur not on ur on, matt is amehzin!!! @travis hu du u fink iz gud then??
  5. If it was up to me I'd have Scott as drive-time, Matt Edmondson on breakfast and Nick Grimshaw doing Fearne's show (maybe with Annie) oh and Greg doing his normal slot as usual!!!
  6. ha poor u try viewing in html on ur fne
  7. gd point lolz but it's not the same if it aint live lol XXD (:
  8. they always do that, so it creates suspense that there is a new track, but what is it? if y'know what I mean??!
  9. I got more than 10 but i can only remember 10 of them lol i create new names in da email such as xleann4scottmillsx and xleann4gregjamesx etc hu eva i fancy more lolz geddit now??! XXD
  10. haha lol i like it!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I hope Moyles don't leave!!!! I won't be able to wake up properly without Moyles on the airwaves lolz XXD
  12. I love Matt Edmondson, yay! Looks like I'm getting up early next week!!!! Earlier sucks but oh well. I'll just get more tired in school lol its fine!!!!!!!!
  13. Happy birthdayy Grace (: have a good one (treacle) had to put that one or indeed babez XXD lolz
  14. Done It (: i've got 10 different email accounts so I've voted 10 times go me!!! (: what do u win?
  15. Who's covering for Dev??? Is it Matt Edmondson??!



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