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  1. Right now after the first listening, it sounds nothing special. Wait and see after many others listenings !
  2. 1)The killers Human 2)Camila Colleccionista de canciones 3)The fratellis Chelsea Diggers 4)Beyonce and shakira beautiful lies 5)MGMT Electric feel 6)Empire Kasabian 7)Kings of leon sex on fire 8)Adele Hometown glory 9)One republic All we are 10)Stereophonic Maybe tomorrow
  3. Hi Viv. Thanks for your welcome !!

  4. Bienvenue a Unofficialmills - c'est bon ici parmi nous

  5. Love it <3 I can't get this song out of my head!
  6. Hi everyone ! How is it going ?
  7. Thx for the friend accept! Hope u enjoy the site!

  8. Hello and welcome to the madhouse that is Unofficial Mills!! - great to know you are listening in France and enjoying Scott's show!! :-)

  9. Not bad but won't be a huge hit
  10. The video is so funny ! The outfit is ridiculously cute and I like his entrance's moves. Well, Greg is not known for his dance skills but at least he tried.
  11. Hello everyone ! I've been visiting this website for few months now and I have decided to become a member ! Love the website ! I listen to the show mainly via the i player and podcats. Have a lovely evening
  12. Hi everyone ! I'm Agathe and I listen to the show from Paris ! I have been listening to BBC radio 1 for 2 years now. I love Scott's show, which is way better than french ones. Podcats entertains me a lot when I'm commuting ! Have a nice evening !



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