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  1. Oh it's so wonderful to read something from Mr. D! Right, here you go, an old raver posting something that has nothing to do with this weeks show...that is very Scott I feel x x
  2. Hello! can we get this started again!!!!!!
  3. Hi guys, was there a Dear Scott tonight with Moyles? ? Love Andy Mac x x x
  4. Sara is wonderful x x Love Beccy & Sara, I know Mr.D may not be happy with me but I love her x x
  5. You can always rely on Mr.D to write sense. It also sounds so much like that awful old Paul Young record. Noah & The Spaztics (I know that is lazy but I can't be bothered to think of anything clever... Noah & The Wail? (Told you can't think of anything clever)
  6. I know man. What is happening? I think Scott needs to show some support for UM again. It's all bloody Facebook nowadays x x x
  7. Yea you're right there. To paraphrase Lil' Kim "I used to be scared of the dick..." However I do enjoy Pudenda...does that make me greedy or just one of R Kelly's mates. On another note why do Pendulum exist? Can anyone remeber Apollo 440? They sound the same and are just as shameful. I hate the band so much. Now Neon Trees, that is a band !
  8. You know what...I actually believe Chris is a bit of a mong after all...
  9. He is Viv... he was talking about you...it was filthy x
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