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  1. Hmmm - overall I feel positive about the changes... This is great for Alice, she's such a natural on the radio and I hope with a solid production team she can create a great show for a weekend afternoon! Huw moving to weekday evenings is cool - I've always enjoyed him doing new music shows. I feel a bit sorry for Phil, hoping there's a plan in place for him as he'd be a wasted talent. I'm slightly disappointed that the review show is going, and also not 100% sure of the rock show being on a Sunday evening.
  2. I've not heard much of Adele - mainly the odd cover but I've always found her to be good, when she did weekend breakfast back last year it felt like a voice of reason before work on a Sunday. From listening I'd never put her at 35, but then as long as I enjoy the show and the music that shouldn't matter!
  3. I love how positive and genuine Alice always comes across whenever she's on the air. I'm glad she's getting a lot more daytime cover, hopefully there will be some features / callers used during the cover week. I feel the 10 - 12:45 slot is lacking any real content other than the live lounge at the moment, and it's all on the presenter to fill links with their personality.
  4. 4752 on first attempt. Got as far as Fearne, take it Greg & Grimmy were yet to come!
  5. Scott & Chris are on top form. The show is upbeat and sounding great!
  6. It seems to me R1 don't believe radio is a passion / skill / art anymore... There's a difference between great radio, and well, radio... Not to say that some of the current line up are not skilled = there are a few in my opinion.
  7. A part of me thinks that with proper and consistent production Gemma could be quite good. I did enjoy parts of her filling in for Fearne - and I really do like Alice, great sense of humour & knowledge of music. I've been listening to Fearne quite a lot the last week or so and, I have to say she's been sounding a bit down. I hope she get's back in to the swing of it soon!
  8. I felt the show Friday was streets ahead of last time they worked together.
  9. I had an email explaining that I was on the short-list and should hopefully hear by Wednesday, also had a call from Aled to discuss my idea which was cool, not sure I made any sense though.
  10. I'd say Midlands area, maybe back to Swindon!
  11. Oh - That wasn't what I wanted to hear... Gemma...
  12. Does anybody else feel that Radio 1 have started to play a lot more Christmas music, much earlier than they have done for the last year or so? It's like being back in 2008! I was really disappointed last year as the station never got into the full swing of things - apart from Scott and Co. It could just be me but I'd be interested if anybody else has noticed this.
  13. I can see how this week could be difficult for Fearne, and that a week in private with her family could be for the best. As for Gemma... Well, she's very awake if nothing else!
  14. A part of me thinks that this will be Scott's next role on the station, he always does it brillaintly and could represent the chart really well on other shows. I can't think of anybody else on the station who could make a go of it based on the essential interest in music and visualisation element. It feels like it needs a spark / new lease of life fairly soon. Unless they use another daytime DJ like Greg, but I can't see them doing that as DJs haven't done regular 6 shifts a week for ages. In my opinion the whole of the weekends are starting to feel disjointed and confused. Some of the newer shows especially seem to be fitting a really set format.
  15. I'd be hoping... 04:00-06:30 Dev (I'd really miss him so just being selfish) 06:30-10:00 Greg James (I agree a team... Greg, Headmistress Laura, and Chris Smith, I love Greg and Chris together - Greg is at his best with somebody to bounce off) 10:00-13:00 Alice Levine (The biggest surprise of the new signings, likes her music, has a personality and seems so natural) 13:00-16:00 Grimmy (I loved him at night, think he's had a really hard job on Breakfast, feel he's right for here in a chilled lunchtime way) 16:00-19:00 Matt Edmondson (I think he's got something, hope it's a good thing in the yes of others & R1) 19:00-21:00 Huw Stephens (As much as I like Zane, and think he's a great interviewer, I feel the time will feel right for him to move on and it will just sort of happen but in a 'well that feels right' sense') 22:00-00:00 Phil Taggart (I really like Phil, from his daytime cover I feel he needs somebody else there, but this is definitely a good time-slot for him)
  16. I have to say, on TV I liked her. At the moment she doesn't ever sound like she knows whats going on. The competition over the last month or so was a really good concept... but never has a presenter talked to any caller less, or sounded less pleased, it was all 'I'm so relieved this has worked - here's a song'. There was even one caller where I didn't catch the name or who they wanted to see, it was over in a flash! I think if anything it highlights that to work on radio, you have to be good at RADIO. If you're good at TV, that's great - it also works the other way... At times it feels like Radio 1 are completely underestimating the power of a good radio broadcaster and the brilliant positive influence they can have, in order to look trendy. It's radio, I want to like the presenter & music, get to know them a bit, have a laugh... Not look like them and admire their make-up choices... Sort of on / off topic rant over!
  17. I think Scott still sounds a lot younger than Sara and Moyles & Co. I suppose a big part of that is the fact he isn't talking about children / family etc. and his personal life isn't a big part of his show, there's no narrative. I also feel that the addition of Chris has made the show sound younger. If Scott was flying solo I think it could be a different story.
  18. A while ago I'd be skipping between Mills & Moyles for the top spot, but now... 1 - Matt Edmondson 2 - Scott Mills 3 - Phil & Alice 4 - Grimmy 5 - Zane Lowe
  19. Hey - I think you could mean Frisky and Mannish, they sing lyrics over different tunes / in different styles. http://www.youtube.com/user/LadyFitzFrisky?ob=0&feature=results_main The only others I can think of are Axis of Awesome they sing loads of songs and mess about with them.Or at a real push - The Baseballs who sing songs in a weird 1950s style Hope that helps!
  20. Great song! Heard it on Tom Deacon a few weeks ago. Am I the only person who thinks 'fun.' is a really odd name for a band?
  21. They sound really good together. It's early doors but I think he'll be good for Grimshaw!
  22. I couldn't catch the show today. Cheers for the info. In an odd way that sounded like a thank you Scott style!
  23. Yea I suppose so. Just thinking it will be interesting to see what they do with the Festival overall. Personally I think it's a good opportunity to use Matt Edmondson a bit more as its right up his street. Hey Ho!
  24. Yeah - I don't think Greg would take his place at Edinburgh.
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