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  1. Wow, and I get accused of negativity... note that those are TWO names AMONG many guests set... not that guests have ever truly made a show, not even in Moyles' time. I can already see from your posts that a: You're not willing to give Nick a proper chance and/or b: You're going to instantly compare him to Moyles at his prime right off the bat rather than give ANY time to bed in and find his feet. These are facts.
  2. Have to disagree about Radio2 here, it's SUPPOSED to be for an older audience with a wide scope across time for the music they play. Just because the BBC don't set the same age range for it as certain people here doesn't mean what they're doing is wrong. Also, 6Music is SO MUCH BETTER for audiences who want new music, more of an audience are going to that than it is given credit for.
  3. So basically just like Sean Krap- sorry, KINGston.
  4. More crap pointless insults, Vyvyan? Heh, browser on nexus 7 autocorrected that for me... anyway, worst new song I've heard lately was that Sam and The Womp one, reminded me of a car alarm
  5. is this the part where I remind Viv about how she hates petty bickering like wht shes instigated here? Thought so
  6. Wasn't this announced ages ago, part of the cuts to R1 news services that only certain R1 shows would have their own dedicated News... one of those was Moyles and seeing as he's off Brekkie soon...
  7. Will remind you of that when you come up with another crap innuendo pun worthy of a Sun headline...
  8. and they're not exactly high profile... I mean has Scott ever talked about that much on-air?
  9. By same token, I can't see the point of posting them, not a problem with them as such.
  10. the white dog kind people supposedly remember seeing a lot in the 80s 'but you don't see it anymore'?
  11. Age difference didn't stop Caroline Flack... Just saying
  12. Yes, it's a wonder you haven't started in place of Carol Vorderman on there yet.
  13. How do you think they get images for food packaging? Also Viv, you'd love instagram, that's full of people who think we want to look at their food...
  14. I'd still contend that there's the social aspect here... which just gets extended to Twitter etc. Also amusing for Viv to be lamenting the bickering... irony!
  15. Yeah, that show will grill him so bad he'll want to be on Newsnight being interrogated by Paxman...
  16. When you call her... (it) Vivienne, I almost read it in the voice of Rik from the Young Ones saying "Oh Shut Up Vyvyan!"...
  17. Your world must be something like the reverse of this Also, thought you weren't listening to the MET Office, seeing as they, in your own words, 'always f***ing get it wrong'... Also you got confused in threads again, surely your ranting should go in the Sucks thread?
  18. Is that why so much of BBC Operations is moving to Manchester, they couldn't get to the handover button? Fascinating.
  19. This almost sounds like a Darkness song...
  20. I trust your source over Viv's. My source says he'll soon be appearing singing Electric Avenue in Brixton.
  21. I actually cracked at the end of the last Mark And Lard show on Radio 1 "Shall we have a quick half a catchphrase, Our Kid?" "Yeah, go on then.... STOP"....
  22. I know of Sheldon (although he's probably better known for TV and film than his novels in many eyes), but prefer the likes of Clancy or Forsythe. and my point was why did it need going in the other thread?
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