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  1. Reason why The Crystal Maze went off the air because it wasn't successful when Ed Tudor replace O'B. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_O%27Brien#Later_career Ever since Les Dennis left Family Fortunes, the show went into decline.
  2. What about those who don't do online social networking but like to surf the web?
  3. Snowed a few hours ago where I live. Before the roads were gritted and clear, within 1hr of snowing the roads were blanketed. Because it's so cold, the snow quickly settles and turns into ice, therefore gritters are fighting a losing battle.
  4. The flakes aren't big enough, they look like hail stones
  5. Unfair to say that the whole of the UK can't handle an inch of snow and a cold snap. Most of the time it's the south who ends up in a gridlock.
  6. The evening drives will never be the same without you on the airwaves. All the best for the future Chappers
  7. If Joes first single was a new song and not a cover, it wouldn't be so bad. Granted that singers/bands/groups do cover songs at first to get themselves started but releasing a cover song to start a music career feels like plagarism. I wonder how Miley Cyrus feels her version of the song reached no11 in the UK charts where Joe will acheive at least no2. Think Joe will win the battle on the basis that he has a wider target audience than RATM.
  8. The evening drives will never be the same, so devastating.
  9. The song has managed to get me into the christmas spirit. It might not be a properly sung or have the lyrics but the novelty value is there.
  10. Removing Chappers from Radio 1 is like driving a car without tyres.
  11. Will Scotts games such as Whats Occuring, Dear Scott and mis-connections be on the morning show?
  12. "You're going the wrong way. Confused smiley"
  13. There was an increase in bust size, if memory serves me right Chappers did the measuring.
  14. It says on her website that she's on a certain brand of sat nav. Does anyone who which brand it is?
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