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  1. thanks anyway.

  2. looking for the big weekend theme for dundee. do you have it?

  3. brilliant newsbeat if you have anymore please upload :)
  4. hi all, could anyone upload radio 1 jingles,v/os from last year or 2006/7. also trying to find the voiceovers that say the dj names like scott mills etc . thanks
  5. tweed

    jono do you have any jingles from last year that u could send thanks

  6. hi chippy wondering if you have any jingles from last year?

  7. tweed

    Hello New Members!

    hi there. can anyone send me radio 1 jingles from 2008/9 dry lines or wet .thanks alot
  8. hi there, do you have any other radio 1 idents

  9. tweed

    hi jono wondering if you have any radio 1 dj idents

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