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  1. yeah Caroline Sullivan is right in the R1 target audience ! she looks a right miserable cow, time to tune into SAGA radio isn't it, what she knows about music i have forgotten. the Guardian used to be a decent paper up until about twelve months ago & then it got sucked in with the rest of the main stream media, i don't read any newspapers anymore & only watch bbc, russia today (RT) & Al-Jazeera news channels the bbc is a bit left wing i agree, but at least they don't peddle like the rest of the MSM. anyway if Jo cared SO much & didn't like the play list, why didn't she move slo
  2. happy birthday John, hope you have a good one
  3. it's a fair comment though, the show is rubbish anyway as the people don't stay in due to their dancing ability anyway, it's just yet another popularity contest, i dunno why the bbc lower themselves to this level.
  4. what Andy Grey said was sexiest & is no different to making racist or homophobic comments, if he was at the pub with his mates then thats his own personal opinion (even though it's wrong) but he was in a working environment, so regardless if you think recording him when he wasn't on air is wrong, he was at his actual work & as for the video above, well what can you say ? i have never liked him really with his arrogant views & it seems he wasn't well liked at Sky either from what people who have worked with him have said, the video above makes you wonder what else he did as he was i
  5. shame the BBC bosses want people to go to untrusted, biased & sites that have nobody to answer to, like the ones run by Rupert Murdoch for example. Sky News Tells Lies.
  6. if its a boy it could be called Scott
  7. Awwwwww congratulations to Kirsty & Mark will this be UM's first baby ?
  8. who cares what the Nazi supporting Rothschild press says & more importantly who cares what the Sarah Palin supporting readers think either.
  9. the screen is a decent size for a hand-held & it's for games not movies' date=' it will take 3D photo's though, i do agree that IMAX is the best way to watch movies in 3D & 2D, i have also used 3D TV's at Gadget Show Live & one of the best was a £2300 Samsung 50" & it worked really well but you had to use the glasses, but LED back-lit TV's are on the way with screens like the ones used in the 3DS so you won't need the glasses, the 3DS is just the first step. i have a Wii & it's great, but i don't use it as much now as i have a Xbox Kinect i slightly agree, also 3D for 3D
  10. welcome back Nic got a Nintendo 3DS on order for £194.99 (RRP £230) got a 1/18 Porsche 959 - 1986 Paris-Dakar Rally Car on order (one of my fave racing cars, ever)
  11. don't you find it strange that for 25 odd years both towers were near enough empty & only two years before 2001 tenants started moving in, also none of the leases run into 2012. DC, who said anything about a conspiracy, this document is factual evidence. who said Bush knew about it ? Bush had the same amount of control as Obama does now which is very little, the IRA was supported or tolerated by the United States government, evidence for this includes allowing fundraising even though UK government had asked them to ban it, not extraditing IRA members from the United States to the UK, i d
  12. World Trade Center Occupancy FOIA * 1972-2001 by; Dave Cole, Larry McWilliams & Phil Jayhan via LINK >http://letsrollforums.com/press-release-world-trade-t24256.html? NEW FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST PRESS RELEASE! *** With no budget for advertising, we are asking all of you to spread this link with as many people as possible! Please put this story up on your websites and blogs! Please make this go viral ASAP! We are already 9 years behind the 8 ball here. The following link is to a spreadsheet that the Lets Roll Forums obtained through a FOIA request made by Dave Cole. What we reques
  13. i use FireFox & it's rubbish now i use Chrome but i don't like the way it steals all your info & everything you type into it so it can bombard you with relative adverts, i only use it for facebook though, i also have IE9 BETA & that seems pretty good, i may switch to Opera though as Firefox is crap.
  14. i will hold anything Britney wants against her :drool: sorry for lowering the tone :oops: thats not to bad, but i prefer Gimme More.
  15. i have completely uninstalled iplayer & deleted the registry entries, restarted, then reinstalled it, no good. i also uninstalled Adobe Air & iplayer & reg entries, restarted & had nothing running, then used IE9 to download Adobe Air & iplayer, opened iplayer closed IE9, then opens IE9 & tried to download a show & the same thing, the download icon just changes to a circle then nothing, then i clicked on 'download programs' in the iplayer desktop which opened FireFox & exactly the same thing happened. i used ccleaner to so that clears the browser cache, there i
  16. it doesn't work, it's as simple as that
  17. i click on the little download icon & it starts to spin around & thats it, nothing downloads at all, i can click to download in in Windows Media, but i don't want that as it's a bigger file, i used to use it a long time ago & it worked, but i updated yesterday as i wanted to watch something & now nothing.
  18. does anyone know how to get it to work, so that i can download programs ? i am using Windows 7, i have the latest Java platform & the latest Adobe AIR. it also doesn't work on my Mac Book.



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