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  1. It was a really interesting documentary. Scott done very well to keep his cool in that situation having a conversation with someone who hates who you are must have been very difficult. Its only when you watch things like this you realise how easy we have it in the UK. We can be who we are without fear, those storys last night were heartbreaking. Im Proud of Scott!
  2. Sky didnt handle things very well they should have allowed Andy Gray and Richard Keys to apologize instead of forcing them to be silent. I get the feeling they were looking for an excuse to get rid of them and they found it.
  3. Im starting to seriously hate my job. Ive been looking for a new job but i really dont do well when it comes to phone interviews
  4. The Airspace has been reopened but some restrictions are still in place. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8633597.stm I hope its over, im going to Berlin on tuesday i was starting to get worried
  5. Well ive just had a week off work and its going to be followed with two weeks off college And i got some photos printed big and they look amazin!
  6. I used to watch the bill all the time but in scotland you have to watch it on itv london or something, you need to be committed to try and find that channel. It was great years ago just keep watching it on uk gold (or whatever its called now)
  7. Ive got a dentist appointment tomorrow multiple fillings scare me.
  8. The Final Celebrity Big Brother starts on the 3rd of January. Rumoured Housemates include Peter Andre, MC Hammer, Boy George & Ivana Trump. Will you watch this final series? Or do you still hate everything about it? From Channel4.com "On Sunday 3rd January the series will launch with a select group of the notable and the notorious entering Britain's most famous TV house. The In this seventh and final series the celebrity housemates may think they know what's coming but for them 2010 will begin with some of the most unpredictable and unforgettable weeks of their lives. The show is being billed as Celebrity Big Brother - 'Hell Lies in Others'."
  9. It annoys me that the xfactor winner always gets the christmas number 1 now but thats just the way it is. If there was a better more popular song than Joes then i would be happy for it to be number 1 but the RATM thing is just a stupid protest vote thats pointless. Joe will be number 1.
  10. Ive enjoyed listening to chappers over the years, he is a funny guy and i hope he does well with whatevers up next! Good Luck!
  11. NHS24 said i should phone an ambulance when i used them to check if i had swineflu lol the symptoms are so vague. Swineflu partys are probably a bad idea but parents can be foolish... points to all the kids with measles because there parents were scared about unproven rumours about mmr
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