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  1. |Pretty much just work, i still pop on and have a read, just havent been posting :)

  2. I'm very good, the winds of change have been blowing in my direction (ooh metaphor), what's kept you from us?

  3. Tis a long time, always seem to be so busy at the moment. How are you?

  4. Long time no see!

  5. Jamie

    Gavin and Stacey

    Gavin and Stacey is great, the best character is Rob Brydon as Bryn, everythin he ses and does is hilarious.
  6. Jamie

    Grand National 2008

    Cough, already said that.
  7. Jamie

    Grand National 2008

    Im sure you can put more than a pound a week on the lottery and theres also two draws a week, not that im being petty or anything. Put £21 quid on the national in total and took £21.50 back, i make that a good days profit of 50 whole pence.
  8. Saw Jimmy Carr on saturday, was the funniest thing I have ever seen, he is just so quick and witty to anything anyone says to him. Got the feeling tonight, should be good, they were great when i saw them last time. Also going to see Good Charlotte and Simple plan In April. Managed to get my hands on a Radio One Foo's ticket at wembley, result, cant wait for that one. Also going to REM at Twickenham and Bryan Adams and Nickelback at the O2 later in the year, so nice and busy for me
  9. Where u goin to see him, im in cambridge seein him saturday. !!!
  10. Jamie

    Girls Vs. Boys

    They gat away with it because they have to insure men, you wont get as good a deal though, same as anywhere.
  11. This is my kitty cat misty, she will sleep anywhere as you can see from this shoebox.
  12. With people getting older as well, its sometimes harder to get on with working hours and stuff, thats what I find.
  13. Funny episode, that Sketch was a psycho, next weeks episode looks good, gonna be mainly about sid by the looks of it, he aint really been in it yet.
  14. Seems that I have lost the ability to read.
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