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  1. I can't see how Radio 1 are going to keep 7 and 8 year olds listening for this long. It's harder to keep their attention via radio than TV, which is short.
  2. Ah yes Scott drunk after the Brits, timeless!
  3. DC

    Lil' Chris Dead

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-32038895 Not sure what's gone on here. I remember a massive fuss being made over his tracks in 2006, Scott played quite a lot of him on some old shows I have about.
  4. CBBC? Really Radio 1? I don't think 10 year olds will be interested in Radio 1 for yet another 4 or 5 years. There'll be the iggle piggle power hour next before the essential mix.
  5. DC


    This is when I used to listen to Radio 1. I never rated Colin & Edith as a pair, but when Murray did his own evening show that actually turned out OK. He only held that post for 2 years or so though before he left completley.
  6. DC

    Songs for a Sunday

    Quite a lot of radio stations schedule different "moods" of songs for different times of day, or particular days. Most stations go for keeping it mostly upbeat during the day. A radio station I programme music for usually sticks all of the slower songs on overnights, old and new. Unless it's a big exception such as Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran for instance. Radio 1 can get away with more slower tracks in the day, but I'd say the majority of stuff would be upbeat. Radio 1 could always have a Radio 2 takeover on Sundays. Steve Wright's love songs! Just look at the tosh!
  7. I love it when swearing goes out on the air:- http://ohluckyyou.namwollem.co.uk/audio/gubbins/sweeney.mp3 I also remember Jo Wiley saying "West C#nt" one morning a few years back, she also played an unedited 50 Cent track once as well all the way through.
  8. DC


    I remember them saying the same about Colin and Edith 11 years ago when they took over from Mark & Lard, Edith went on her own on afternoons when Colin went to his evening show in 2007 I think. But you need 2 people or 3 at that time of day. She struggled on her own, not really fair on her to leave her with 3 hours to fill after being used to having a partner on air. JK and Joel were another pair. Didn't mind them, they never made me want to dive at the radio to turn on their show. But I could listen to them, and they had a decent back and fourth. Haven't heard from them for years now.
  9. DC

    Zane's Final Show

    I wonder if there's a copy of his first show around? I think he joined back in 2003, I remember a load of promo's for him when he first started back then. About the time The White Stripes released 7 Nation Army. I think he took over from Steve Lamacq who used to do a similarish type of show from 8pm back then.
  10. DC


    She's never really lived up to what Jo Whiley set in that timeslot in my opinion. Apart from Scott, and Greg James at times all the Radio 1 presenters sound the same to me. There needs to be someone different on the air, there's a chance with the changes to pick someone up over the next couple of years. The station needs a breakaway from the norm, a new Mark & Lard or Chris Moyles type for a new generation. It would at least be a different style to all the other shows.
  11. That came out in early 2006, 9 years ago! Must of hit the Radio 1 playlist about Feb or March that year I think. So it may of happened over Christmas 2006.
  12. I do kinda miss this site and how it was in it's prime. It's all about bacefook these days, problem is you already know everyone on there more or less from real life. The forum thing back then was all about talking to new people. Xx

  13. There's GB's of stuff, and the problem is my upload speed isn't exactly the best if I'm honest. I used to try and record every day for a good few years, and each show is around 120mb. I'll try and find the time to dig out my old external stone age hard drive, and list what I have. Maybe see where to go from there.
  14. I'm not bad! :) I hardly come on here anymore though, I've sort of lost interest in Radio 1 alltogether. Although I still sometimes listen to Scott in the car on any travels.

  15. DC


    It keeps asking me to use it for here. But i like to make things difficult for myself and browse the site in it's original format.
  16. My new car, finally getting a Honda s2000 after years of wanting one and hard saving. Roll on our 4 hours of summer!
  17. Hidownload works for grabbing content from the iplayer. I have loads of old Scott Mills shows from 2005 - 2007 when Laura and Chappers were there, stashed on an old harddrive from when I used to record and clip for this site. I recorded most of them from FM then DAB at the time, haven't got the time to edit them all though.
  18. I think he's been pushed out to be honest. I could be wrong but it's happened before at Radio 1, they seem to have issues with presenters over 35. Nobody cares about age as long as they are doing a good job.
  19. DC

    Pop Classics

    Voted for Basement Jaxx, although I'd class that more of a dance classic.
  20. Proper send off, I'm sure he'd of loved to have known about the exhaust falling off! That would of made his day.
  21. DC


  22. I'm starting this thread for anyone who's not connected up on facebook or has no other means of knowing. Unfortunatley long term member of this forum John Smith (or just simply down as 'John' on here) passed away yesterday, the reasons why are still unknown to me but there was a suggestion by one of his friends that John was epileptic. Although it wouldn't be fair to jump to any conclusions right now. Really shocked to hear the news, John was a valued member of this site and a huge part of the site's boom and popularity in the mid 2000's. Thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP.
  23. Seems amazing that it's so long ago when he left, the show was always at it's very best for me with Scott/Chappers/Laura.
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