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    Schedule Changes

    Ah, the old Wednesday night Matt Edmondson Show. I miss it too, it was the first radio show that I made sure that I didn't miss each week. Still one of the best things I've ever heard. Dev has been sounding good covering the 8th recently – still entertaining without the I-want-the-whole-universe-to-hear-me shouting. He makes the show much more listenable.
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    Scott's Chart Show - Updated Imaging

    I prefer the imaging Greg had - this update seems like a watered down version of the same package. I doubt Delicious Digital had any involvement in this refresh, I'd say the in-house R1 production team just updated what they got first time around.
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    Friday is now the weekend

    Didn't hear much of Dev and Alice but even they acknowledged how strange it is calling it "Weekend Breakfast" on a Friday when most normal people are going to work/school/college like any other weekday. For people who listened, was the format as loose as the weekend show or did it feel like a weekday breakfast show? Matt and Mollie - they do seem to genuinely get on but from the bit I heard, I wasn't that impressed. Their content seems so forced, they did a link of what music is coming up and did things like "Len Goodman's favourite song" for Seven by Catfish and the Bottlemen - I cringed. When you're so used to listening to Scott and Chris at that time on a Friday, they just seem like such a downgrade. Still listenable. Scott - not much to say, he's brilliant on the chart and sounds so at home. You could tell how much he was enjoying it. Usually don't listen to the chart and tune in for Dance Anthems but had to listen for Scott's first - he sounded great on DA too. Maya - this might be an unpopular opinion on here but I think she's brilliant. Ok technically there's still room for improvement but she has great personality and her content links were pretty good I think, much more entertaining than Clara whose show seems to revolve around "that was, this is" type of links apart from the Live Lounge. Maya's top of hour bits are good and I think there's huge potential with her, I see why Ben Cooper is pushing her into more prominent slots. Wouldn't surprise me at all to see her eventually take the 10-1 slot permanently. I was a bit confused to hear the Greatest Hits stop just after 11 - I think 3 hours is too much anyway but might make more sense to have the Greatest Hits dispersed more evenly throughout the show instead of going full-on between 10 and 11 and then basically just going back to the normal playlist for the rest of the show.
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    Schedule Changes

    Oh yes*, I love all of these, but couldn't name them all even if I tried. I can add one though: the fake BBC Three promos which always sounded real for a few moments, and these "shows" were always hosted by the same "former Atomic Kitten member", that was where I always lost it. Saved a few episodes back then, I might give them a listen when I can. *YAAAAAAASS!
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    Friday is now the weekend

    So has anyone listened much today? I heard a bit of Dev and Alice, who I do like a lot, more than Grimmy, but it just didn't sound quite right - it's a weekend breakfast show, which is obvious because that's the point of the weekend starting early, but weekday breakfast shows are a completely different beast to their weekend counterparts. Weekday breakfast shows need to feel a lot more topical and "of the day", whereas weekend breakfast shows are mostly for people travelling or finishing up on overnights. They can feel a bit more timeless, but when you have a timeless weekend breakfast show on a weekday, it doesn't quite work. That's before you get into the whole "woooo it's the weekend" thing whilst Susan, 29 from Northampton is getting ready to go to her job as a middle manager at a call centre. Or something like that. Although Dev and Alice did acknowledge that. Didn't hear Maya (nothing but respect for MY mid-mornings presenter, James. O'Brien) but I did see in the chatbox that the greatest hits stopped after 11. What stupidity. Although not too many complaints from me that they're not having too much more Greatest Hits. Should've been Jordan though, he could do with a less restrictive format. As for Matt and Molly, I didn't hear them today either but I like them and I feel like Matt's act is the one that translates best to weekdays - not to mention the fact that he's had a lot of weekday experience covering that timeslot over the years, so he knows what he's doing. But Scott on the chart is just great, I'm gonna miss having an extra day of show content but at least that awful Maya Jama arrangement is over. The trails are pretty good too, I must admit. Especially the one where Alice Levine is the Queen. Will it last? I'm not sure yet. But even if it's a dismal failure Ben Cooper would rather drive the figures into the ground before admitting he got it wrong.
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