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  1. Schedule Changes

    In my opinion, Jordan (or should I say Gordan!) sounded great today. Loved the chat with Grimmy before his show. He also handled the live lounge well, like he's done it a million times before!!
  2. Schedule Changes

    It has happened a few months ago and to be honest, actually sounded pretty good! Made me laugh some of the time
  3. Friday is now the weekend

    Plus, Scott usually plays around 45 songs on his usual 1-4 show anyway? There would be no reason that he wouldn't be able to keep some show features.
  4. Friday is now the weekend

    To be honest, this is probably going to be good for Matt as they both worked really well together when she was on. I'm looking forward to hearing more of this! Maybe that toilet gag persuaded the bosses of R1 to add her to the schedule!
  5. Friday is now the weekend

    Never mind, read this.....
  6. Friday is now the weekend

    Fingers crossed now that Jordan will get Saturday and Sunday 10-1
  7. Any one got a clue what the bed is on the first bit of the podcast? (About the Aussie news lady in the lift) Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  8. Does anyone know what is bed is?

    Does anyone know the bed used in the second half of Jordan in for Greg today? At around 50:25 into the show on iPlayer.
  9. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Also I am loving the handover between Matt and Mollie and Mistajam on a Saturday, doesnt sound forced and actually makes me chuckle Sent from my [device_name] using http://the mobile app
  10. Yes I know it's on a break but surely it should be brought back sometime soon? C'mon it's one of the most popular things that Scott has ever brought to R1! Sent from my [device_name] using http://the mobile app
  11. Does anyone have a clue what the bed is in the background of the majority of the Brekkie podcast? Thank you in advance!!