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  1. Marcus17

    Big weekend 2019?

    I'm guessing Liverpool. Maybe the Hide & Seek game last year was a big early clue
  2. Marcus17

    Schedule Changes

    The press release only said they were starting in 2019 so I suppose it could be any time really, but given that Dev has worked every single day since the 19th October, I'm guessing they'll be switching sooner rather than later.
  3. Marcus17

    Christmas and New Year on Radio 1

    The Christmas jingles and beds are sounding amazing on the Chart today- they should've been using the beds and Santa jingles since the start of December imo
  4. Thought I'd make a topic just for this so we can share thoughts now and as the shows happen over the festive period. Here's how Christmas & New Year 2018/19 looks on Radio 1 Christmas Eve: Adele Roberts from 4am, 10 Hour Takeover (8am - 6pm) with Scott & Chris from 6.30am, Clara Amfo from 10am, Arielle Free from 1pm, and Jordan North from 4pm Christmas Day: Adele Roberts from 4am, Scott Mills from 6.30am, Superstar Takeover from 10am with Little Mix, HRVY, BTS & Adele Roberts, Charli XCX, The 1975, Ali Plumb's Movie All Stars, then Jordan North from 4pm Boxing Day: Best of the Live Lounge day with Adele Roberts from 4am, Scott & Chris from 6.30am, Clara Amfo from 10am, Arielle Free from 1pm, and Jordan North from 4pm Thursday 27th: Greatest Hits day with Adele Roberts from 4am, Scott & Chris from 6.30am, Clara Amfo from 10am, Arielle Free from 1pm and Jordan North from 4pm Friday 28th: Adele Roberts from 4am, Jordan North from 6am, Maya Jama from 10am, then the Chart of the Year with Dev from 1pm and Scott Mills from 4pm Saturday 29th: Jordan North from 6am, Maya Jama from 10am, Dev from 1pm and Dance Anthems with MistaJam from 4pm Sunday 30th: Jordan North from 6am, Arielle Free from 10am, Dev from 1pm and Katie & Cel from 4pm New Year's Eve Dance Anthems day with Nikki Osborne from 4am, Matt & Mollie from 6.30am, Adele Roberts from 10am, Katie Thistleton from 1pm, Arielle Free from 5pm and Radio 1's Countdown to 2019 with Jordan North from 9pm New Year's Day New Year's Day Mixes with Adam English from 4am, Matt & Mollie from 6.30am, Adele Roberts from 10am, Katie Thistleton from 1pm and Jordan North from 4pm
  5. Marcus17

    Schedule Changes

    We're up to Sat 22nd on the schedules at the moment- they usually get well ahead early for Chrirstmas and New Year so I'd say this time next week we'll have the full schedule taking us into January
  6. Marcus17

    Radio 1 off air?

    It happens all the time, it's some sort of technical error when the schedules are released, it'll be corrected as soon as the schedule people notice.
  7. Marcus17

    New Newsbeat Imaging - 2017

    When it actually started, it was literally Nesta saying "so, who's your money on this lunchtime?" four consecutive times. Arguably the funniest thing I've ever heard on Newsbeat
  8. Marcus17

    Radio 1 Playlist

    There's an interesting article I was reading not too long ago about playlists (A/B/C list, BBC Introducing etc) and also how they playlist older songs into "Recurrent", "Silver" and "Gold" lists. Worth a read (if you haven't already seen it) for anyone interested.
  9. I was literally just thinking that. No imaging at all now, just 47 seconds of Greg talking
  10. Marcus17

    Radio 1 Playlist

    I get what you mean. I listen to The Official Chart show every Friday religiously and over the last year especially it has become dominated by music you'd hear on 1Xtra. I'm 19 and I'm not a big fan of rap as a genre on the whole so it's nothing to do with age, people just have different tastes in music. The chart is definitely not fixed, but now they include streaming and video plays in the charts I think it's safe to say that rap's not going anywhere for the time being. As long as young people are listening to it, it'll be in the R1 playlist.
  11. Marcus17

    Greg James Breakfast Show Bingo

    Immediately mentions the time after an awkward silence
  12. True, but they'll probably want all the attention to be on Greg's new show. If he started on 3rd September he'd have to share the limelight with Nick Grimshaw and Jack Saunders
  13. Marcus17

    How Long Have You Been Listening?

    I first started listening around the start of 2011. I came across the weekend schedule first actually which at the time consisted of Edith, Vernon/Sara, Huw and Reggie. I loved it, I'm getting nostalgia thinking back to it now. I just got completely obsessed with everything about the station; the jingles, the features, the music etc. I too am 19 and will probably be giving student radio a try when I go back to university in September (been arsing about making my own podcasts for a few years) so think it's time to take my radio geekery to the next level
  14. Marcus17

    Dev and Alice: interim drivetime

    They've made a mistake not continuing the Ten Minute Takeover. Everyone seemed to love that and Greg himself said Nick was welcome to it, so surely Dev and Alice would have been too. I do agree they should have made some regular features to do on different days, especially as they're there for six weeks. What we have at the moment is a very generic show with no real excitement. Shame really, Dev and Alice are great presenters (especially Alice).
  15. Marcus17

    Schedule Changes

    Scott is doing breakfast week commencing 13th August. Think that must mean he’s doing it all three weeks? Also, Arielle Free covering Dance Anthems On 11th August, and Arielle Free and Will Best sitting in for Dev & Alice on 12th August