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  1. Sad that they are not going to play really old Scott Mills like o what's occurring and Timmy trendy!
  2. They have never been to West Yorkshire. I live in Leeds and emailed a while back cheekily asking why they never come and they said it's because Leeds has Leeds fest. I just wish I could afford to pay the tickets for Leeds festival!
  3. Listen, watch, share whoooooooooooooooooo!
  4. Scott Mills talking in the Guardian about us running out of music! https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/apr/13/has-pop-finally-run-out-of-tunes-ed-sheeran-plagiarism?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  5. Love that we are going to get a bangers day again!
  6. I like the fact more documentaries need to be made, they are always really interesting and make radio 1 distinctive. However, Ines such as little mix in numbers are a bit boring!
  7. Loved watching innunendo bingo on BBC one on comic relief! yaaaaaaaaaaaas!
  8. Thank you so much!
  9. Flappy bird whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  10. I know the amount of music on radio 1 is becoming annoying. I know it's a music station but if I just wanted to listen to music with no funniness I could just listen to the radio 1 playlist on Spotify!
  11. I know streaming has caused the chart to have songs hanging around for such a long time and radio 1 needs to reflect the songs in the chart but I am so sick that songs seem to stay on the playlist for ages! I really like rag and bone man but if I hear human again I will scream!
  12. Timmy Trendy! WhooooooOooooOooooooooooooooOooooooooooooo
  13. Well I think Little Mix are probably one of the biggest acts in the U.K right now! I'm hoping I may get tickets as its come to Yorkshire yay!
  14. Loving the trolls... loving the trolls.... loving the trollls! WhooooooOooooOooooooooooooooOooooooooooooo
  15. I think it should be somewhere up north, Hull seems a good candidate! I'd love it to be in Middlesbrough as we never get any music around here! However, it's not been in Wales since Bangor. In terms of performers I would love Ed Sheeran to perform as well as blossoms, Christine and the queens, Bastille, Jamie T, The weeknd, Bruno mars and Sia!