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  1. According to Genome, his first show was Monday 12th October 1998. http://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/schedules/radio1/england/1998-10-11 He means Dan and Phil the YouTube duo who were on Radio 1 for a while and were, putting it nicely, crap.
  2. Sounds like it's just clips that have been taken from on-air - I haven't seen the originals knocking about online anywhere yet.
  3. Interesting article here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-40431793 But I think Ben Cooper is being a bit disingenuous. It's not that there isn't a pool of talent available - it's that he isn't fully tapping into it. There are tons of people on commercial radio who'd do a decent job on Radio 1, but Ben Cooper never seems to commit. Look at the way Jordan North has been deppping for the best part of 2 1/2 years without a full time show. Pete Allison as well was a missed opportunity. I also dislike the way he talks about casually plucking people off TV as an easy way of recruiting.
  4. Funny that Chris Evans is absent as well given he's still at the Beeb, completely rehabilitated. And Steve Wright. Then again, if you want to hear a retro edition of Steve Wright in the Afternoon, all you need to do is listen to yesterday's episode - you won't be able to tell the difference.
  5. The list of DJs whose archive shows they'll play: Tony Blackburn Alan Freeman Kenny Everett Emperor Rosko John Peel Noel Edmonds Johnnie Walker Ed Stewart Annie Nightingale Bob Harris Mike Read Gary Davies David Jensen Janice Long Tommy Vance Mike Smith Mark Goodier Simon Mayo Simon Bates Jackie Brambles Steve Lamacq Jo Whiley Kevin Greening Mark Radcliffe Zoe Ball Pete Tong Sara Cox Mary Anne Hobbs Fab & Groove Colin and Edith Dave Pearce Bobby & Nihal Rob Da Bank Tim Westwood Chris Moyles Fearne Cotton Trevor Nelson Zane Lowe Only 38 hours there though, so I wonder what the rest of the time will be made up of. Interesting how they mention Mark Radcliffe but not Lard - it was always listed as Mark Radcliffe back in the day I think, but this makes it look a bit like Lard didn't want to be involved.
  6. This is incredible
  7. DAB pop up "Radio 1 Vintage" station for three days from 30th September with one hour extracts from archive shows. Tony Blackburn and Nick Grimshaw to launch it with a joint show and... MOYLES IS BACK!* *although I'm not sure how big his role will be, the article suggests it'll just be a five minute introduction to his retro show segments. Very excited about this. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2017/jun/29/radio-1-at-50-golden-oldies-to-return-for-celebration?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  8. I agree with this to a point - I do think, on average, the quality of presenters and features has declined over recent years. Scott has stayed pretty good, best thing on Radio 1 by a country mile, but what he's doing now isn't quite as good as what he was doing ten years ago. But hey - if he was still doing the same thing he was doing ten years ago, he wouldn't be on air anymore. I also think Greg James peaked in 2014-15 and is audibly putting less effort into the show than he used to (I blame Ian for this, I think Pippa was fantastic and she's totally wasted on X), but do I feel like my personal connection with them has been eroded - not really. I also think weekends are the best they've been in years - back in 2011/12, it was the pretty meh line up of Edith, Vernon/Sara (I liked Sara), Huw and Reggie, and then Gemma Cairney, Vernon/Sara, Huw and Danny Howard/Jameela. I remember vividly Edith doing a feature when she would just try and say as names as possible over the Pick of the Pops music and talking about films ad nauseam. Yawn. Vernon had the bloody maths question, Huw was not suited to daytime, and we all know my thoughts on Gemma. Weekends were DIRE. Nowadays - Dev doing original (if bizzare, but very entertaining) features, Matt Edmondson with his games and viral interviews, Alice Levine who's a laugh, Danny Howard who isn't my cup of tea but I'm sure does a good show, the only weak link is Cel Spellman. Weekends have never sounded this good. Oh, and Radio 2 - I listened to Steve Wright in the Afternoon yesterday, but I got confused for a second, I thought it was the audio version of the newspaper. Genuinely, all I heard yesterday was Steve playing his jingles, reading out the email address and reading stories and "factoids" out of the papers. Give me Scott and Greg anyday.
  9. I doubt there'll be any changes, at the end of the day it's still Ben Cooper calling the shots, and he seems pretty happy running the station into the ground for the time being. On a side note, can you imagine lovely Aled firing anyone?
  10. I highly doubt Moyles would be involved. For a start, he does the breakfast show on another station (if he's still on by then) so I doubt the BBC would want to promote that, even if it might help get rid of their older listeners. Plus, Chris has mentioned how there's a bit of bad blood between him and Radio 1 - he says the only person from Radio 1 who stayed in touch with him (apart from Dom, Pippa and Aled I guess) was Westwood, who himself was binned off not long after. Plus there's the constant Scott Mills jibes (and Chris said on air a few times that he's weird) and it basically looks like he alienated a lot of people at Radio 1 - which was fine when he was doing the most successful breakfast show they've ever had, but less so now. There's also the way Radio 1 like to pretend that he never happened - I don't expect them to mention him every day, or even very often at all, but even straight after he left it was like he'd ceased to exist, and there are sometimes jokes at his expense without his name being mentioned. I think Greg genuinely admires him, but the rest seem to think he's an arse. So that's why I think a Moyles appearance at Radio 1's 50th is unlikely. Some people have suggested that because they're still futilely trying to lower the average age of the listeners, they won't acknowledge the birthday at all, or if they do, they'll do it in a very low key way.
  11. It's a hundred and twenty past eight, here's the news.
  12. Actually, I think Diane Abbott would be great on the chart - "and now a new entry at number 72, which means it's the biggest selling single in the UK this week, it's Liar Liar. I'll play you the number 23 after that, and we'll run down the top 10-36". The Official Chart with Diane Abbott - every Goosday from 4pm-76:30.
  13. 04:00-06:30 Tim Farron 06:30-10:00 The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Theresa and Arlene 10:00-12:45 Nicola Sturgeon 13:00-16:00 Caroline Lucas (Mon-Wed) / Jonathan Bartley (Thu-Sat) 16:00-19:00 Jeremy Corbyn 19:00-21:00 MistaJam Thoughts?
  14. Too bloody right it wasn't upheld. What a load of old nonsense.
  15. So far so good - I'm liking. The lack of tagline is interesting. So unexpected as well - I remember the last time there were new news jingles we were waiting for weeks! What a lovely surprise! I was just thinking after the Manchester attacks that the news bed REALLY didn't suit really sad serious news, this one is so much better. It has gravitas and a sense of severity, reminds me of the early 2000s Music4 stuff which was very good. I also think the "one" instead of a full tagline is good, it makes it a bit more fluid - there's no need to time it so perfectly cause DJs can go early and talk either side of it.