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  1. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    Jordan live from 4-7 on Christmas day! The poor lad. He'll have been depping on R1 for three years come Christmas, and yet all he has to show for it is a live show slap bang in the middle of Christmas afternoon, meaning that he'll probably be down in London instead of with his family in Preston. That sucks. Although Adele will have been on earlies for three years come April/May (I'm never sure exactly when, because towards the end of her Early Breakfast stint, Gemma just stopped showing up meaning Adele was on most of the time anyway!), so maybe a reshuffle is imminent.
  2. Schedule Changes

    Ah, he's made offensive comments and got roasted by Twin B on Twitter. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/articles/41915241
  3. Schedule Changes

    This is weird - on 30th October, Logan Sama of the Radio 1 Residency was announced as the new Friday night host on 1Xtra. Now today, the Radio 1 press office have announced he's no longer a part of either. I wonder what he did to get fired after a week?
  4. The 8th with Charlie Sloth

    So what are we all making of it so far? There's a load of voices we haven't been introduced to, the music is very much more 1Xtra than Radio 1 (it's Charlie Sloth, I don't know what I was expecting - Taylor Swift?). So far it seems a bit naff and contrived. EDIT 21:42: a lot naff and contrived. And all the music sounds the same.
  5. Schedule Changes

    Does anyone else find it a tad odd that Radio 1 have made the name of Charlie Sloth's new show a fairly explicit drug reference? I thought that when I first heard it, and a quick Urban Dictionary search confirms I was right. They've also just released an advert on Instagram to that effect. It doesn't particularly bother me, it just doesn't seem very BBC to openly reference illegal drugs. I can see the Mail picking up on this before long.
  6. Blimey. Early breakfast on Capital, which isn't even national, and finishes at 6 gets more listeners than Adele Roberts on national FM and DAB, who finishes half an hour later. Always thought she was a funny choice, time Jordan gets that slot.
  7. That's from the 6 Music service licence - its remit is focussed on its output, not its audience it seems.
  8. That would never be allowed - 30-45 is purposely neglected by the BBC so that commercial radio can get a look in. If Radio 1 skewed its remit to be older, the Radiocentre would have a fit. Bear in mind that the whole emphasis on getting Radio 1's average listener age down in the first place was started by Radiocentre, they'd never allow them to make the target demographic wider. I guess when I hit 30 (it's a long way off yet) I'll just toddle along to Heart and enjoy turning up the feel good to Olly Murs, Take That and Corona all day.
  9. Bangers Mix

    Yup - looks like the mix is a daily thing. Not a fan at all.
  10. Bangers Mix

    I'm never a fan of "here's 15 minutes/half an hour/an hour of massive tunes" features - it's just a lazy way of filling time without being creative. Okay if it's just once a week, with genuinely good songs, but they're overdone on Radio 1 at the moment imo. What Scott's show needs for the 3:30 half hour is a new quiz, in the tradition of Oh! What's Occurring and Real or No Real occupying that time since he started on the 1-4 show. I echo this - it's clear that Radio 1 made a spontaneous decision without really thinking it through, when they saw how popular the Greatest Hits shows were. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed them - but six hours a week of them in place of Matt's regular show? Nah. Just make it the last hour of Saturday or Sunday's show and let Matt have his show back. I can't see it lasting too long as it is. Perhaps to the end of the year at the most, but I'm fairly sure that come January it'll be back to normal. Besides, the novelty of songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s has already gone because the recent shows have skewed towards newer songs anyway. Oh, and one more thing - I HATE the Parents vs Kids Quiz. Such a naff feature, and very out of target.
  11. BBC Radio 1 OFCOM Changes

    I quite liked the days when presenters could be late for the news - it added to the feeling of spontaneity, and that there was something happening that was so good that it would be wrong to cut it short for the news. I think that's one thing Radio 1's lacking a bit at the moment - its become so focussed on creating "Content" that every link is determined in advance. Greg's still quite good at it but sadly Scott plays so much music and has so many features that there's not really much time for the same sort of spontaneous banter you used to get between Scott and Chappers.
  12. Schedule Changes

    Friction is leaving Radio 1, to be replaced on the drum n bass show by René LaVice from 7th November.
  13. Schedule Changes

    Or maybe just dropped altogether - it's odd it survived in the first place when they cut news during early breakfast, and I think once upon a time, there was a midnight bulletin as well.
  14. Schedule Changes

    And the Sunday morning specialist show is 1-3am, the breakfast show starts at 6:30 and Dev starts at 6.
  15. Schedule Changes

    The only way out of the current impasse the schedule has reached is for Grimmy or Scott to go - and I know who I'd rather.