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  1. I'm not sure why but I have a feeling Rage will be reappearing. What's My Age Again was very much something he did with Chris Smith (apart from the last two weeks) so I reckon that one won't return.
  2. The 8:10 slot seems to be where the weekly features go - Monday is Unpopular Opinions and Tuesday is the return of Ask the Nation! That one hasn't been on for a long time.
  3. I had a listen for a while, it was actually really good! They had a really good rapport considering they've never really broadcast together before. I might even go as far as saying they're better together than Matt and Chris were... I think personality wise they're a much better match.
  4. OohErr

    Chris's Friday Extra Podcast

    Chris: Are you aware that you've covered five Radio 1 Breakfast Shows since you started? Scott: That wasn't me. That was another person called Scott Mills cause I've not actually been there that long. LOL
  5. That stopped on the afternoon show a while back. I'm not sure why, after he made a big song and dance about bringing them back when they brought back Record of the Week.
  6. They've dropped the That's What He Said name, then. Maybe they'll use that for the new podcast with him and Chris Smith instead.
  7. An exclusive song by Chris Martin! Double Coldplay! Almost as good as double gammon. And the first little bit of "team" involvement this hour as well.
  8. How incredible - Language by Porter Robinson is on now, which not only was the bed Greg used to start the show with every day but was also on the last Ten Minute Takeover of the afternoon show!
  9. It can go too far though imo - I do like to hear a fair amount about the presenter/team's lives.
  10. I LOVE Game of Phones. What a brilliantly stupid idea!
  11. And not a Summer Mix in sight!
  12. Just confirmed: the Ten Minute Takeover returns at 9!
  13. I've noticed from the photos that they've changed the studio a little bit - there's a thing around the station logo that looks like the website background.
  14. I wonder if this concerns the Red Arrows? Or some kind of explosion.
  15. Can anyone else hear little bits of songs incorporated into the main theme? I've heard High Hopes by Panic!, Paradise by Coldplay and Shotgun by George Ezra. Or am I crazy.