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  1. OohErr

    2016 Power Intros

    On one of Chris's extra Friday podcasts he named a few of the beds as well, we could try and get a list together.
  2. That's weird - I guess he never specifically said he was becoming an editor at Newsbeat, so maybe he's freelance now?
  3. Wonder whether Greg James and Chris Smith's new podcast is still happening? Chris is back off his leave now, and we're well into October but there are no signs of anything in the pipeline.
  4. OohErr

    20 years of Mills

    I'm guessing Scott didn't mention it on air? Certainly didn't on his socials, nor did any other Radio 1 staff that I saw. Was it mentioned on Chris's Friday podcast?
  5. OohErr

    20 years of Mills

    The Unofficial Mills Twitter account has reminded me that today's the day! 20 years of Scott on Radio 1. I'm so happy he's lasted this long, and hope he doesn't plan to go anywhere anytime soon. The absolute best in the business. A radio legend. Happy 20th Scott!
  6. OohErr

    What radio do you listen to?

    Ooh I'd forgotten about this thread! My answer has changed since two years ago. I'm now a student and therefore never awake during early breakfast hours. Greg at breakfast usually, but I alternate between him and Adam and JoJo on Capital Yorkshire. Mids are either Clara or James O'Brien on LBC. Obviously Scott in the afternoons. Pete Allison on Capital Yorks at drive is also decent, I alternate between him and Grimmy. Then during evenings it's podcasts - the Scott Mills Daily, Help I Sexted My Boss and Friends With Friends.
  7. OohErr

    Nick Grimshaw's new show

    Grimmy is currently doing a feature that sounds quite similar to Oh! What's Occurring/Stupid Street with Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick.
  8. OohErr

    Schedule Changes

    It's probably to give Adele a bit of respite as well - getting up at 2:30 every weekday for 46 or so weeks of the year is still a lot. This way she gets a few more weeks of lie-ins filling for Clara too.
  9. OohErr

    Fantasy Christmas Schedule 2018

    Hopefully we'll see the return of Greg's Christmas Day breakfast show - that was always something I looked forward to. I reckon we'll be hearing a lot of Jordan North again, Scott on breakfast for at least some of the time and maybe a bit of Dev and Jack Saunders. I doubt Alice would agree to work over the Christmas period though. Or Maya Jama. Maybe Molly King would though - that would be interesting. Arielle Free will probably pop up a fair amount, and maybe Will Best as well. I'd like to see someone from commercial radio get a shot at doing some early breakfast cover over the festivities - I'm a big fan of James Hall and I think Radio 1 would be fools not to sign him up. But that's a long shot.
  10. A feeling I've rediscovered since Greg started breakfast: the 10am sadness that the breakfast show is over and an excitement for its return the next day.
  11. OohErr

    How R1 Shows are titled

    It's not entirely the same thing but it really annoys me how the breakfast show starts on the iPlayer at 6:33 and not 6:30. It means the beginning is cut off if the news runs short, and whenever you skip forward or back you have to do the +/-3mins calculation every time.
  12. A trail for Grimmy airing now, with the tagline "the one for going home". Very interested to see what this new show is like - he'll either have a new lease of life with fresh ideas and more freedom than he had on the breakfast show, or it'll be a continuation of his last few years on breakfast with entertainment news, Celebrity Gamble and very little else. I for one hope it's the former, I used to like him filling in for Scott and Greg in that slot.
  13. OohErr

    20 years of Mills

    I don't think they - or Scott - would particularly like to draw attention to the fact that he's been there 20 years. Because that would make him ANCIENT (in relative terms). Which he is (in relative terms).
  14. OohErr

    New Newsbeat Imaging - 2017

    I'm not saying this is the 2017 news in with the headlines bed, but there might be something interesting on the other end of this link... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fVELPtWBxTD4-s2JF9qknOzW9P8Akx0m/view?usp=sharing
  15. OohErr

    New Newsbeat Imaging - 2017

    ATTENTION: It's not much but right at the end of the first 45 minutes of Greg and Clara's show today, they went to Newsbeat when they weren't supposed to, which means the clean headline bed is there for the taking. Newsbeat was a total disaster today actually - it was abandoned and started again at 1pm.