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  1. Real or No Real returns once again for a Chris Stark Stag special! With Clara, shame it wasn't Charlie Sloth or Greg. I miss their on-air interactions, they were always really funny.
  2. OohErr

    Friday is now the weekend

    I'd say it was the opposite - the weekend breakfast show feels a lot more formatted and planned than the weekday one, and this carried over to Friday. It sounded like the bulk of the show had been planned the afternoon before, whereas breakfast shows should feel slightly more spontaneous. I think anyway. Really? I love that bit, the slightly lame jokes always make me laugh. For me, Matt Edmondson's best work is his scripted stuff. I also noticed with the Greatest Hits Without the Greatest Hits that they changed up all the jingles so that it was still the Greatest Hits stuff, but without the voiceover that said it was Greatest Hits. Confusing? 11:18 right now, looks like they've gone back to the normal playlist again.
  3. OohErr

    Friday is now the weekend

    It appears that Greatest Hits has once again just become... Hits. As of about 11:20. Like yesterday. Weird.
  4. Article on BuzzFeed: www-buzzfeed-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.buzzfeed.com/amphtml/markdistefano/bbc-radio-1-has-twice-apologised-to-staff-over-the-maya?amp_js_v=a1&amp_gsa=1#amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.buzzfeed.com%2Fmarkdistefano%2Fbbc-radio-1-has-twice-apologised-to-staff-over-the-maya Doesn't look like she's a popular person up on the eighth floor... This quote was particularly interesting: I'd imagine this was for two reasons: from an appearance perspective, it's more difficult to fire someone after three months than to fire someone before they even start, and also Radio 1 have placed a bet on her star continuing to rise and them hanging on the coat tails of that - if they cut her loose now, someone else will sign her up. She's much more of a name than Logan Sama, so they can't afford to let go of her. I guess this explains why she was put on holiday for so long.
  5. OohErr

    Friday is now the weekend

    So has anyone listened much today? I heard a bit of Dev and Alice, who I do like a lot, more than Grimmy, but it just didn't sound quite right - it's a weekend breakfast show, which is obvious because that's the point of the weekend starting early, but weekday breakfast shows are a completely different beast to their weekend counterparts. Weekday breakfast shows need to feel a lot more topical and "of the day", whereas weekend breakfast shows are mostly for people travelling or finishing up on overnights. They can feel a bit more timeless, but when you have a timeless weekend breakfast show on a weekday, it doesn't quite work. That's before you get into the whole "woooo it's the weekend" thing whilst Susan, 29 from Northampton is getting ready to go to her job as a middle manager at a call centre. Or something like that. Although Dev and Alice did acknowledge that. Didn't hear Maya (nothing but respect for MY mid-mornings presenter, James. O'Brien) but I did see in the chatbox that the greatest hits stopped after 11. What stupidity. Although not too many complaints from me that they're not having too much more Greatest Hits. Should've been Jordan though, he could do with a less restrictive format. As for Matt and Molly, I didn't hear them today either but I like them and I feel like Matt's act is the one that translates best to weekdays - not to mention the fact that he's had a lot of weekday experience covering that timeslot over the years, so he knows what he's doing. But Scott on the chart is just great, I'm gonna miss having an extra day of show content but at least that awful Maya Jama arrangement is over. The trails are pretty good too, I must admit. Especially the one where Alice Levine is the Queen. Will it last? I'm not sure yet. But even if it's a dismal failure Ben Cooper would rather drive the figures into the ground before admitting he got it wrong.
  6. OohErr

    The Official Chart with Scott Mills

    YAAAAS Scott's on! It's weird hearing him back at this time of day after all these years. It made me so happy hearing how happy Scott was as he started the chart <3.
  7. Scott and Chris are both liking a lot of tweets from people hoping they're doing alternative commentary again. So either they're not happy that they haven't been allowed to, or they ARE doing some more but it hasn't been announced yet. Fingers crossed for the latter.
  8. Thought I'd make a thread specifically for this. Just heard a new number 1 sting into One Kiss - looks like we could be getting a new chart package.
  9. I notice Chris hasn't been on Greg's show this week - What's My Age Again was with Danny Howard and Shouldn't Be News was with Clara Amfo and Simon McCoy, but he's been reading the news. I hope he isn't being phased out, his involvement was already reduced once before to its current levels.
  10. OohErr

    Yet more new presenters!

    Ben Cooper's got his cheque book out again. Someone called Snoochie Shy (never heard of her) and Jack Saunders (former Radio X mid-mornings). Snoochie on 1Xtra Mondays 1-3am and Jack on Radio 1 Monday-Thursday 11pm-1am, replacing Huw and Radio 1's Residency on Thursdays. Interesting. Wonder what's happening to Huw, he's been at Radio 1 for 19 years and it looks a lot like he's leaving. Also interesting that for the first time in a while they've poached someone directly from commercial radio (without on-air pilots as well). I've heard Jack on Radio X a few times, it's pretty well deserved I think. Never heard of Snoochie though. UPDATE: Huw's been pushed back to just one show a week - BBC Introducing on Sundays 11pm-1am. Not sure where that leaves Phil Taggart - maybe 9-11pm on Sundays? UPDATE UPDATE: Should've just read the press release on the BBC website. http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2018/jack-saunders-snoochie-shy Phil Taggart to Sundays 7-9pm, Rock Show to Sundays 9-11pm, Huw to Sundays 11pm-1am, Residency to Mondays 1-3am. Monki out for the time being.
  11. Tina's had one foot out the door for a while now - I'd imagine she'll time her departure to coincide with Grimmy's, now she's moving on to bigger and better things. Alternatively, they might just swap her with Chris Smith so he does 06:30 - 12:45 and she does 14:30-17:45. That way she'd be free to do things on the telly in the morning and still read the news and be a part of Grimmy's show in the afternoon. She might be on a bit more often as well if that happens.
  12. OohErr

    Schedule Changes

    Right here, my friend. Assuming you're talking about the original incarnation of The Matt Edmondson Show. http://radio1archive.blogspot.com/p/the-matt-edmondson-show-archive.html
  13. OohErr

    Schedule Changes

    "We'll cobble something together". Not to forget Gary the Psychic Moth, Funty the Fun Time Puppet Pal, Warwick Hunt (the BBC's Head of Editorial Compliance), Peter Spendthrift (Radio 1's original Money Saving Expert) and Tim the Twitter Trending Expert. Plus Matt's Rich Uncle Alan, Doc Beige and Taio Cruz's secret diary. It was only one hour once a week for 18 months, and yet it had so many memorable moments. It would really suit the 3am comedy slot, they should bring it back.
  14. Just saw this from the other day: The fingers crossed emoji looks promising I guess.
  15. Agreed, I'd love it. But even at the time Moyles's jingles were totally out of whack with the rest of the station - you had his classical Morning Movie stuff alongside the Pure Tonic RA-DI-OH-ONE stuff and it sounded very disjointed. Now Radio 1 sounds slicker than ever, I can't see them returning to cheesy jingles. Maybe - if they can find a way to do it that doesn't sound naff and dated - they might bring back sung jingles. But I wouldn't hold my breath, like Ben, I reckon it'll basically be new versions in the same style as now. Remember when it was actual news that they were getting rid of sung jingles? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-19255742