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  1. That's interesting, I'd never heard anything of the sort so would be surprised if he was. Then again, I distinctly remember hearing Adele Roberts and Grimmy discussing the marathon and who else at Radio 1 is doing it and being very surprised at one of the names, but I was half asleep and can't remember who it was. Could've been Mills I guess. EDIT: I was able to work out what date it was and found it on the iPlayer. So according to Adele Roberts, Scott Mills, Danny Howard and Dev are doing it. I guess that explains why Scott's been mentioning being healthy recently. He's quite active in fundraising for MS charities as well, after his mum and Beccy got it. 11th April at about 6:23 if you wanna hear the link.
  2. Couple of points about the show last week: Laughed hysterically at the "WAZZZUUUUUP" calls, they were absolutely brilliant. Possibly my favourite thing they've done for a while, so so funny. Banged my head against a wall repeatedly at Maya Jama totally not getting Scott's "ice cream" story. Which in itself was quite funny. FACEPALM.
  3. New Newsbeat Imaging - 2017

    Sadly not, but I'd LOVE one. Dan Mumford doesn't seem to update his website very often. Wonder if there's anyone at R1 that would leak it if you ask nicely on email?
  4. Friday is now the weekend

    I think that's a great shame actually - whenever I listen to classic Mills clips on here I always think the show used to have an air of naughtiness that's somewhat lacking these days. Not always - every now and again they do or say something that's a bit suggestive or borderline rude, but not as often as I'd like. I understand why, but it's been ten years since Sachsgate - surely now it's time to start pushing the boundaries back a bit more again?
  5. Friday is now the weekend

    Or, if you've been listening for a really long time, Scott Mills's Friday Floor Fillers (whooooooo?). Straight after The Wonder Years. OMG!!! Literally just had a thought whilst writing this - do you think this means the return of... IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITS OOOOOOOOOOOOONNNLLLLYYYYYY BLEEEEEEEEEYYYY FRIIIIIIIDAAAAAAAAAAY!
  6. Friday is now the weekend

    Three? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, no? But yeah, I'll miss having a content show on a Friday although maybe it means Monday-Thursdays shows will be even better. Plus, tbh I found my enjoyment of Friday's podcasts has been ruined by Maya Jama, who (I may have mentioned once or twice) really irritates me.
  7. Friday is now the weekend

    Just had another thought - I wonder if this is the end of Scott covering the breakfast show? Now weekdays and weekends are more fluid, they might get Dev and Alice to do it instead. That would be sad, I always look forward to Mills on breakfast. On another note, I guess Scott and Greg are kinda even now (not that there's any bad blood between them I don't think). Greg took drive off Scott in 2012, and now Scott's taken the chart off Greg in 2018. Funny how things work out.
  8. Friday is now the weekend

    Oh. Don't get me wrong, I really like Molly King and she works really well with Matt. But it's a bit weird that they're basically stopping the rotating celebrities after like three months. And also kind of a shame Matt's losing his solo shows completely but I'm not to annoyed about this one.
  9. Friday is now the weekend

    Just reading it again, and it doesn't explicitly say that Maya Jama is staying on Saturdays... So maybe she's just doing Fridays from now on and Jordan gets both Saturday and Sunday? Just wishful thinking?
  10. Friday is now the weekend

    Someone reset the "days since Radio 1 did some stupid gimmick" back to zero. http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2018/r1-weekend-friday With Ben Cooper's justification here: https://medium.com/@Ben_Cooper To summarise: • Grimmy, Clara and Greg are now only on four days a week (Monday-Thursday). • Dev and Alice now do Friday breakfast 6:30-10 as well as Saturdays and Sundays from 6-10 • Maya now gets two shows (Friday and Saturday) whilst Jordan is still stuck on one, despite being the infinitely better presenter • Molly King is now a permanent addition to Matt Edmondson's Friday show (so he now has Molly King on Fridays, rotating celebrities on Saturdays and a solo show on Sundays) • Scott is now the permanent chart host (and he's free of the burden of Maya Jama on Fridays). This is the change I'm happiest about (and it means Mills is back on 4-7 for one day a week!) I can't see this lasting. It's stupid. And a gimmick. And confusing for listeners who have a weekday routine which will now be interrupted one day a week. The idea behind it is to get weekday listeners to carry over to weekends but I can't see it working, and all that'll happen is most of the Friday listenership will only hear what happens on the shows on the Friday and be out of the loop by the following Friday having missed Saturday and Sunday's shows. It comes across as desperate actually. But hey, I could be wrong.
  11. I've had a look around, it's not from the Wise Buddah package and doesn't seem to be from last years Pure Jingles beds either. And I can't find it on NSM so who knows? Anyone have any idea what other production libraries Radio 1 like to use these days?
  12. Right, I've heard it. Absolutely brilliant. The bit about the bunny ears had me in stitches. Soooo funny. Really wanna find out why he ghosted, I hope they bust him at some point.
  13. Just in case anybody missed this, Scott announced on yesterday's show that Radio 1 have asked them to make a spin-off podcast about Profession Confessions - similar stuff to James the PI and that lettings agent. I'm assuming it's for the 3-4am slot, Scott said it can be a bit ruder because it won't be broadcast on daytime radio. I'm quite excited to hear it.
  14. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    That's true, but he's a more entertaining chap than Scarlett Moffatt I think. Here's a fun game: which celebrities would you like to be guest hosts with Matt? She's probably not well-known enough, but I like Katherine Ryan and I think she'd be good. Gemma Collins is good to laugh at but it might grate after a whole month. Adele would be a laugh but she's wayyy too famous. Joe Lycett would be good, maybe Jack Whitehall. Tell you what, I don't envy the bookers. I'm struggling to think of names. I suppose that's why Rita Ora's on the breakfast show so often. Actually, come to mention it...
  15. Omg yay I'll look forward to it. I'm a few days behind though, so I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer to hear it But she IS the new Beccy, I'm telling you.