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  1. OohErr

    Schedule Changes

    That is a move I did NOT see coming. A very bold move of Radio 1 to directly poach an entire commercial breakfast show. They're clearly not scared of Radiocentre anymore. And about time too. That's the third time they've taken from commercial radio this year (and the second time from Kiss). That said, I've never been hugely impressed whenever I've heard Kiss Breakfast. But we'll see.
  2. OohErr

    Fantasy Christmas Schedule 2018

    Awww, I thought we might get the return of Greg's Christmas Day breakfast show this year. No such luck.
  3. OohErr

    Yet more new presenters!

    An observation on Jack Saunders that might be accurate or might be totally imagined - but it feels to me like he's not really been accepted as part of the Radio 1 family yet. Other than his appearance on Chris's Friday podcast before he started, I don't think I've heard him appear on anyone else's shows, or even really get mentioned by other DJs. I also don't see any interaction on socials between him and other Radio 1 DJs either. The only DJ who seemed to embrace him was Charlie Sloth - who's now gone. If you compare that to Jordan North, who Scott in particular seemed to champion from very early on, it looks a bit like he's not a very popular guy on the eighth floor. Huw Stephens seemed to be very well liked, and I remember seeing lots of people paying tributes on Twitter before his last weeknight show - maybe people resent the way Jack was parachuted in without having to do any sort of cover work first, and at Huw's expense. I could be reading into this way too much. Has anyone else noticed the same?
  4. OohErr

    Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

    There have been a few number 1s that Radio 1 hasn't playlisted over the years, either because they don't quite fit Radio 1 or just aren't very good. They tend not to playlist songs from film soundtracks I think - just look how long The Greatest Showman lingered in the charts, but was never playlisted.
  5. I found the chat with Francoise the Nose hilarious. Chris's questions were brilliant.
  6. Correction: according to the Friday podcast, the AP is someone called Jess. Potentially Jessica Munday (@jessmunday1)? Grace didn't last long on Scott's show, wonder who she's working with now.
  7. Mark has definitely left - he's returned to Absolute Radio where he's the exec producer of the Dave Berry Breakfast Show. Will Wilkin (@WillWilkin) is Scott's new producer, with Grace as AP I believe.
  8. OohErr

    Nick Grimshaw's new show

    I'm surprised at how rubbish the trails for the show are - literally just the jingle and Grimmy saying the days and time it's on. It doesn't provide much of an incentive to listen - surely it should contain highlights clips. It's not like there aren't any, the shows been on for over two months. It's the same for Greg's show actually, unless there's something specific the next day they're promoting. I remember the days of a daily breakfast and drivetime trail. Surely they're not that hard to make, especially as Greg has a highlights montage every day at 9:10 anyway.
  9. OohErr

    should Scott join Radio x?

    Scott would NOT work on X. His humour isn't laddy enough, and the music really isn't his thing at all. Can't see it ever happening. He's said in the past he'd never go back to commercial radio, and when you could have a job for life at the BBC if you're patient enough, I don't know why you'd want to.
  10. OohErr

    2016 Power Intros

    On one of Chris's extra Friday podcasts he named a few of the beds as well, we could try and get a list together.
  11. That's weird - I guess he never specifically said he was becoming an editor at Newsbeat, so maybe he's freelance now?
  12. Wonder whether Greg James and Chris Smith's new podcast is still happening? Chris is back off his leave now, and we're well into October but there are no signs of anything in the pipeline.
  13. OohErr

    20 years of Mills

    I'm guessing Scott didn't mention it on air? Certainly didn't on his socials, nor did any other Radio 1 staff that I saw. Was it mentioned on Chris's Friday podcast?
  14. OohErr

    20 years of Mills

    The Unofficial Mills Twitter account has reminded me that today's the day! 20 years of Scott on Radio 1. I'm so happy he's lasted this long, and hope he doesn't plan to go anywhere anytime soon. The absolute best in the business. A radio legend. Happy 20th Scott!
  15. OohErr

    What radio do you listen to?

    Ooh I'd forgotten about this thread! My answer has changed since two years ago. I'm now a student and therefore never awake during early breakfast hours. Greg at breakfast usually, but I alternate between him and Adam and JoJo on Capital Yorkshire. Mids are either Clara or James O'Brien on LBC. Obviously Scott in the afternoons. Pete Allison on Capital Yorks at drive is also decent, I alternate between him and Grimmy. Then during evenings it's podcasts - the Scott Mills Daily, Help I Sexted My Boss and Friends With Friends.