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  1. God he has an irritating voice. Sounds so forced and unnatural. Reminds me of when Chris Moyles does his wacky deejay impression.
  2. If anyone wants to hear some early Chris Stark appearances, the first I could find was the 8th June 2010 podcast when he thought Scott was going to be called up to play for England in the World Cup, and a very funny one on 29th June 2010 where he was talking about spending an entire month's wages on World Cup merchandise.
  3. I remember Scott getting his mate "Football Chris" on the phone around about the 2010 World Cup, because he collected every piece of merchandise he could find or something like that. Scott's producers now are Mark Lockett Monday - Thursday, https://twitter.com/marklockett, Chris Sawyer on Fridays https://twitter.com/ahchrissawyer and the AP is Tom Whiter https://twitter.com/TomWhiter. Not sure which one is HRH though.
  4. No, there's a difference. Scott and Chris aren't cohosts - Chris (and he'd probably say this himself) is very much subordinate to Scott and his role is to be Scott's sidekick. He's never had any previous radio experience and isn't really a broadcaster in his own right, and he's only there because of Scott. The partnership also developed organically, it wasn't a partnership created by management. For the new Capital breakfast show, they've taken Vick Hope, who is a respected solo broadcaster in her own right, and paired her up with Roman specifically to be the lesser of the two, whilst airbrushing her from the show title. Also, Capital have a different naming convention to Radio 1 anyway, where they usually do name the whole team. It was "The Chris Moyles Show", not "The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Chris, Dave, Dom, Tina, and Aled". Whereas on most Capital breakfast shows, they do name all the hosts - Capital Breakfast with Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon/George and Lilah, Adam and Jojo, Rob and Katy, Dino and Pete, Will Manning and Aimee Vivian, Jono and Emma, etc etc. So there has been a conscious decision to exclude her name from the show title, and it's not the same as Chris not getting equal billing to Scott.
  5. Oh yeah, very true that women are underrepresented throughout the industry (at least the on air side of it) but it's quite another thing to actively exclude them from programme titles or make them subservient.
  6. Not completely related to this thread, but the sexism of Global, especially on Capital really pisses me off. Only 1 solo female DJ on the whole network schedule (Aimee Vivian), the woman always being secondary to the bloke in both presentation and billing on co-host shows (especially on Heart but it happens on Capital as well). But the formal name of the new breakfast show, to be hosted by Roman Kemp and Vick Hope is... Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp. Not even a mention of her in the shows formal name, that goes on the website, the app, and all the marketing. Really irritates me. Can't imagine how pissed off she must be about it. In terms of the Radio 1 snap election, I'd vote for Scott and Chris on breakfast any day of the week.
  7. Are you just really lucky with the ticket lottery Jono? You always manage to go, it's incredible. Thought you might have something to do with R1 in your job, or they just rewarded you for being the loyal admin of this site. Either way, have an amazin time. The midlands and south coast are really overdue a visit - they haven't been to Wales for a while either. Maybe next year they could go to see the Scott Mills statue in Southampton? Seems to me that they don't do big cities - wonder why. Maybe they don't want to encroach on Capital/Bauer City 1 territory.
  8. I never thought they'd be there all day, I thought there might be a bit more song vs song action going although. I really liked the little inserts from Scott and Chris made especially for each DJ, although shame there wasn't a new one for each hour. Says a lot about the esteem Scott and Chris are held in that they were allowed to choose an entire day's worth of music. Nice to see Radio 1 showing Mills the respect he deserves. Live Music Day was a bit meh imo. I'm not the biggest muso so it was never really gonna be my kind of thing, but surely they've got enough stuff in their archives from Big Weekends and Live Lounges gone by that they could do more than 2 live performances in a half hour. Enjoyed the Ten Hour Takeover though, not too many playlist songs and some good tunes in there. I did at one point text in trying to get the 2009 news jingle played, but alas to no avail Did anyone here manage to get anything played?
  9. God I love the Guardian. I read that, it's so interesting. Love that Scott is now a musicology expert.
  10. I wonder whether he's driving the desk himself - he's too loud but the bed is too low. Gotta say his voice really grates at this time of day (or any time of day). I'm just waiting for him to screw up the news, any minute now. Pretty sure he's already messed up the backtiming. (Although to be fair to him Dev was THREE minutes over today. Quite unlike him.)
  11. http://chrismoyles.net/wiki/index.php/The_Chris_Moyles_Show/Downloads/2012 They're both there, from March. (Sorry for linking to the *other* forum...)
  12. I don't have any insider info, but I could take a guess. Presumably it's just whoever Ben Cooper wants to try out, or who ever is experienced and a safe pair of hands. He probably uses the same DJ or two to cover specific shows for consistency's sake, and because they've done a good job the previous times they've been on. Whether they're available at that time of day/week is probably another factor. If you're asking what I think you are, I think it depends in part on the answer to a. The presenter is picked to cover the DJ going in holiday - e.g. Scott in for Grimmy. That leaves a gap in Scott's slot that needs filling. So someone will be brought in to fill the slot temporarily vacated by Scott. But if the regular cover presenter is on at the weekends, like Dev for Greg, it doesn't leave a gap in the schedule that needs filling because there's nothing to stop Dev doing a week's worth of drive and the two weekend shows as well (as he does most of the time). Hence he's brought straight in to the slot. Interesting how Adele is never used to cover drive though - Greg used to cover for Scott when he was doing early breakfast. And also, the hierarchy in radio is fairly well established - the weekday breakfast show is the biggest on the station, then the weekday drive show, then the rest of daytimes, and weekend daytimes (and maybe weekday early breakfast) are the lowest mainstream shows on the hierarchy. So cover tends to be temporarily promoted up - drive to breakfast, weekends to drive. Back in't day you used to get Scott in for Chris, Greg in for Scott, Dev in for Greg and someone else in for Dev. But that ended up being quite confusing, hence why weekend presenters tend to go straight into drive now.
  13. I wouldn't want to spoil all your elaborate cover scenarios, but... Jordan North?
  14. Sorry that this is The Sun, but it does give a selection of the jokes in question: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3245268/scott-mills-radio-1-show-jokes-essex-girls-ofcom/ Totally ridiculous, made even more so by the fact that they were told by someone from TOWIE. Who gets offended by that kind of thing? I will never understand the mentality of people who complain about stuff that offends them - just don't listen.
  15. I noticed, particularly on the LOLathon, a few on older songs, and thought they sounded really good actually.