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  1. That's a bad sign - it sort of suggests that the Maya Jama Fridays won't just be the normal show where Maya Jama happens to be a contributor in a Chris/Beccy style role, but they will be focussed on her like she's a guest being interviewed, but EVERY WEEK. Yawn. I wonder how long it will go on for?
  2. Happy day after the BRITs day! Should be a good show. http://unofficialmills.co.uk/2014/02/scott-drunk-after-the-brits/ #neverforget
  3. Got my request played on the Bamboleo gap today! It was the "let's get social to social media" song.
  4. The fake boyfriend service keeps getting better and better. I'm pissing myself at today's one.
  5. Schedule Changes

    If she's good I'm willing to change my mind, but until proven otherwise can we refer to Maya Jama within the context of Scott's show as the homewrecker?
  6. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    That's interesting, I always saw her move from weekends to early breakfast as a promotion. Given Dev started on weekend breakfast and was then moved to early breakfast after a few months, to go in that direction looked like a promotion. Plus, when Gemma was moved Ben Cooper likened her to Chris Moyles in the press release as if he was building her up to be the next big thing. Ha! Never heard anything more ridiculous. I'm glad he realised his mistake after a year, on that one at least! http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2014/r1-gemma-schedule.html One of my favourite things about Gemma's sidelining was the way after it was announced she was coming off early breakfast she pretty much stopped showing up and Adele started weeks before she was formally due to! EDIT: Just looked it up because I was interested to see if I remembered it right. It went like this. Gemma on w/b 13th April 2015. Announcement Wed 15th April. Gemma on w/b 20th April. Gemma off w/b 27th April and w/b 4th May (Adele sat in). Back w/b 11th May. Off w/b 18th May (Adele sat in). Back Mon 25th - Wed 27th May. Off 28th and 29th May (Yasser sat in). Adele started Monday 1st June. So in her last six weeks of early breakfast, she only actually did 2 1/2. 13/30 shows. Actual LOL.
  7. 12th October according to Genome (Emma B - whooooo - was on from the 5th to the 9th, and before then Chris Moyles was on. http://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/schedules/radio1/england/1998-10-11
  8. As entertaining as that show would be, I hope I don't have to hear it for a very long time. I was trying to read deeper into what Scott was saying but it was difficult - I *think* he was implying he's not ready to go just yet? Which is good news. But it's interesting that he said he's been thinking about how he'll leave for years - I remember him saying in 2012 that at the end of his next contract that would probably be it but it seems he's had a change of heart since then.
  9. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Alice doesn't sound best pleased in the handover with Matt right now... (then again, would you if you'd been moved from 1pm to 6am?) Given the schedule changes formally kick in from next Saturday but Alice doesn't start with Dev until a few weeks later, I wonder whether he'll continue with his current show and features and jingles and the like until then or start the new show with new features without Alice actually being there. Or maybe he'll just continue with his current features with Alice.
  10. Live Lounge Covers

    There's an NME article about it as well, although it doesn't contain any additional information. http://www.nme.com/news/music/loyle-carner-slams-bbc-live-lounge-2242716
  11. Live Lounge Covers

    Interesting tweet here from Loyle Carner (whooo?). Clara was getting all of the nominees for the Best British Breakthrough Act in the Live Lounge this week, but it appears Loyle Carner's appearance was cancelled because they couldn't agree on a cover. Which got me wondering - how are covers chosen? Does Radio 1 present a list to the artist of songs they're allowed to cover? Does the artist pick any song they fancy, but Radio 1 has the final veto, as implied there? I wonder who pulled the plug here - Radio 1 telling him he couldn't appear, or Loyle Carner having a strop that he wasn't allowed to cover the songs he wanted to? Either way, looks like there's some bad blood.
  12. I figured that instead of passing comment in the chatbox all the time it would make sense to start a thread about the Scott Mills show for observations that don't warrant their own thread. Stuff you liked, stuff you didn't like, stuff you've noticed - anything goes really. So I'll start by saying the same stuff I said in the chatbox about today's show. Thought it was really good. Really funny chats and just particularly enjoyable. Also the podcast was a respectable 36 minutes - although that may be down to really long jingles between each segment and leaving long bits of the songs in. I like how Scott's involving the team more these days - it's definitely shifted to more of a zoo format in recent weeks, hasn't been like this since the Beccy and Chappers days. Also, Brick By Boring Brick has been on Bangers at least twice before - I always notice because I hear Scott saying "Barry the Castle" in my head. That said, still a robbery.
  13. Biggest Weekend 2018

    Scott keeps referring to it as Big Weekend instead of Biggest - probably by accident but maybe the R1 lot aren't that fussed about the rest of the Biggest Weekend stuff across the rest of the country.
  14. Schedule Changes

    Interesting choice - was it planned? I remember Dev once filled in for Huw Stephens on late nights for a couple of days.
  15. Biggest Weekend 2018

    I was wondering how this would work - basically it's just a Radio 1 Big Weekend in Swansea, with all the other locations being left to the other stations. That's a very decent pair of headliners. Wonder how long the J Hus set will be though...