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  1. OohErr

    2019 predictions...

    Don't think commercial radio would ever want Grimmy - on commercial, you can't get away with losing listeners!
  2. OohErr

    Alts to R1

    I love Adam and JoJo on Capital Yorkshire, Danny Mylo on Pulse 1 is good too. I think Absolute Radio is a fantastic station although I can't get on with the playlist - Bush and Richie I really enjoy. And if you like things more serious and speech-based, James O'Brien on LBC is fantastic.
  3. OohErr

    How much do you listen to Radio 1?

    I used to listen much more, but the lack of daily routine you have as a student isn't conducive to regular listening. I never miss a Mills podcast, and on top of that his show is the one I most often listen to live as well. Greg I hear a bit of as well, although I alternate between him and Capital Yorkshire so don't listen every day. Clara I hear a fair bit of but again, not every day and Grimmy I listen to depending on what else I'm doing. At the weekends I usually catch Matt and Molly in their last hour, then most of Maya/Jordan and a bit of Dev and Alice too. So basically I don't listen that much at the moment except for Scott - which I didn't quite realise until I wrote this post. I used to listen much more - breakfast and drive every day when I was at school.
  4. OohErr

    Schedule Changes

    Wasn't it always two hours? Thought all the specialist shows were.
  5. OohErr

    Scott Mills to Heart Breakfast?

    Yeah I think Lucy Horobin is just a temporary stand in, she's known for her partnership with JK (JK and Joel - whooooooo?), so I'd imagine they'd want to put them back together sooner or later. That said I really don't think it'll be Scott - to me, bringing back Bingo is a sign that he'll still be around for the foreseeable. It'll probably be Kelly Brook on Heart Breakfast, although maybe they'll replace Jamie Theakston too. But probably not with Scott.
  6. IT'S BINGO. Relax everybody. Innuendo Bingo is coming back. Phew.
  7. Okay now I'm not so sure again... The way they've been making a fuss about having no announcement is making me worry that this is all a bluff, and actually Scott will casually slip in a "oh, actually, I do have an announcement, I just remembered, I'm leaving". It would certainly be a clever way to do it, but I'M NOT READY YET!
  8. I feel like when the time comes Scott might announce he's leaving himself, but regular schedule changes would be done by the Press Office/Newsbeat. Based on what's been said on the show (which I hadn't heard before today) I think we can relax a bit. He ain't leaving us just yet*. *it'll be quite embarrassing if in under 24 hours time I'm proven very wrong
  9. Oh god. Really hope it isn't. Surely they wouldn't make big plans for Bingo to come back only to shelve them because Scott's leaving instead? Unless the whole "big plans for Innuendo Bingo" thing was a bluff and they were just buying time. Really think it would be a big mistake for Mills to jump ship and go back to Heart - he's got a job for life at the BBC. Besides, he's only just got the chart - he's dreamed of that since he was a kid, I don't think he'd give that up so soon. I reckon the announcement will be about Comic Relief - perhaps they have big plans for that, like another LOLathon or something bigger. Or a huge guest coming on soon. I hope. I've done a bit of research, and exactly six years ago today the show was also called "Scott's big announcement", when it was announced Beccy was leaving. There was also "a BIG show announcement" in May last year (can't remember what it was though).
  10. OohErr

    Schedule Changes

    Matt and Molly this morning - using Greg's imaging and doing his features like Yesterday's Quiz and the Ten Minute Takeover, but without the "coming up" mixes. Matt broke the rules of the 10MT thought - he gave Molly a choice of four tracks requested instead of taking the top three on his screen.
  11. OohErr

    Old shows

    I (sporadically I must admit) look after a site called The Radio 1 Archive (found at www.radio1archive.blogspot.com) that has quite a few shows from that era, and loads more that I will add if I've got the time. Plus, UM has a comprehensive archive of the Scott Mills Daily going back to 2005 and if you search for RadioAssistant on SoundCloud they have a few bits and pieces too.
  12. I notice that Dial-a-Carol wasn't on Thursday's podcast, and it got me wondering what else I've missed because it wasn't put on - I really like the extra Tap End episodes we're getting, but not at the expense of new content from the day's show!
  13. OohErr

    Radio 1 Now vs Then

    For me, Radio 1 was better in the past. My favourite era (so far) was the "Wake up with Moyles, go home with Mills era" from 2009 (when I started listening) until 2012. It lost its way a bit after that, although individual shows like Scott's, Greg's and Matt's were still really good. It's got better again with Greg at breakfast, although the four day week continues to grate and IMO they play too much music. I think my preferred style of radio (zoo formats, spontaneous and flexible, better balance between talk and music) is very much out of fashion at the moment.
  14. Greg's birthday show today. This Festive Feeling thing - I can't make my mind up about it. It's cute, and it's not bad radio... But it's not very funny is it? It's a bit preachy for me.
  15. Sack scott and chris try too hard boring  bastards give jordan and adelle a chance.