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  1. One of my favourite things about this is that on Heart's afternoon show in 1996, Chris Smith was reading the news for Scott. And 21 years later, on Radio 1's afternoon show, Chris Smith is reading the news for Scott.
  2. I'm listening back to a bit of it - it reminds me of that clip knocking about of Scott on Heart in 1996 where he's doing the All Requests Lunchbreak - he definitely went a bit more posh than usual. Not bad from what I've heard, but a bit weird hearing him not on R1.
  3. Me and radio1fan have also been grabbing and editing the shows - so far we have 1pm on Thursday to 10am on Friday I think, should be ready soon.
  4. Have I been missing them or have they not been doing rolling totals?
  5. Anybody else noticed how when they say "text LOL to 70703" they sometimes add the explanation that it's because of the Lolathon. Someone belatedly realised that playing out serious emotional appeals about serious issues and then responding to them with a "LOL" was a bit crude and ill thought through.
  6. I seem to remember Scott and Chris not much liking Lee Nelson, or at least not finding him very funny. When he pulled the Sepp Blatter stunt, they were less than impressed.
  7. Really enjoyed Mills being back in his rightful home. I was half expecting Beccy and Chappers to show up for a game of Oh What's Occurring. Speaking of which, http://www.unofficialmills.co.uk/communities/local_links.php?action=ratelink&catid=1&linkid=1321. Edit: OMG literally just after I posted this, Scott told that nun joke favourite joke. Coincidence or what.
  8. Nice! If you want a hand with recording or editing let me know.
  9. Will be good to hear Scott back where he belongs on drive - it's been just under 5 years! Anyone planning on capturing this?
  10. Pounds and ounces. And whilst we're at it, shillings, yards, and pints. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  11. See this for why Chris could and should never, ever be left alone. https://archive.org/download/ScottMills20141029/Scott Mills 20141029.mp3
  12. Update: I just tried washing up the mug and the handle broke off in my hand. Ffs.
  13. Guess who's just bagged himself a Radio 1 mug and pen from NBH (and I think saw Ali Plumb wander past as well)? To clarify, I didn't just go to NBH to stalk Radio 1 DJs and buy obscenely expensive Radio 1 tat, I did have tickets to see a show being recorded (which I ultimately didn't. Oh well.).
  14. Oh god. Dan and Phil? Please.
  15. I've heard bits and pieces of it on Soundcloud and it sounded really fantastic, much better than most commercial radio breakfast shows. Obviously slightly tarnished by the fact that Stephanie was so desperately unhappy for the whole time she was doing it, but nonetheless I'd love to hear more. Does anybody have any recordings of it?