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  1. He's probably been tied up with all this Brexit stuff (and other things). I hope he'll still be on the podcast!
  2. The flirtatiousness between Matt Fincham and ShowBot was hysterical at times. Made me realise just how genius Matt Fincham was as a producer.
  3. I think Grimmy finally had enough with constant press negativity and decided to call it quits. Each time the RAJAR's were released, he had the backing of Ben Cooper, so I don't think he was forced out in the way Chris Moyles was. As for Greg's podcast, he has confirmed that is transferring across to breakfast with him which I am relieved about!
  4. For those who may miss this announcement on the Chatbox, it has been announced this morning that Grimmy is leaving the breakfast show in September after 6 years. Greg will replace him and Grimmy will go to Drivetime. Full BBC statement is below:
  5. Jordan12

    Biggest Weekend 2018

    I don't think it's at all weird. I think it's quite natural - especially if you listen to them every day and have done so for years. They share so much of their lives and you become invested; look at when Chris Stark announced he was getting married. That was a huge moment for me as a listener as I have listened to Scott and Chris for years - from the Tap End days and the stag dos/holidays in Kavos to this big thing.