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  1. I think we can safely the BRITs will be the biggest talking point tomorrow (given Maya's connection to Stormzy, shall we say!).
  2. Their resident Private Investigator, James, has been moved from Fridays to Thursdays now that Maya Jama is co-presenting on Fridays. It'll be a bit of a waste if they don't make up any features and just play more music.
  3. Scott did say yesterday that there won't be any form of a repeat of past BRITs years, and he and Chris are sounding alright today!
  4. Schedule Changes

    Phil Taggart is sitting in for Annie Mac on Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd and Monday 26th March, as well as Monday 2nd April.
  5. A wee while yet then! It certainly sounds as though he isn't ready to leave yet, and I hope Ben Cooper has picked up on that.
  6. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    That's so embarrassing! Of course, we don't know the reasons for her only doing 13/30 shows in six weeks - there could have been a variety of reasons, but it certainly looks suspicious!
  7. That's what I picked up from it too - he's not ready to go yet, but he'd like the choice to go at a time of his choosing as opposed to being forced out in a way that Chris Moyles was, for example. I would like to see Scott stay at Radio 1 until at least the end of this decade, anyway. I have no idea when he actually celebrates his 20 year anniversary at the station though. I know it's definitely this year. Would it be around the same time as Aled, perhaps?
  8. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Agreed. Either that, or this is a sign that Alice's days on Radio 1 are coming to an end and management have put her on a slot she won't be best pleased with. A bit like Gemma Cairney in that she was shunted to 4am and then the further demoted to an hour long slot once a week. I believe she can now be heard doing relief work on 6Music. Although Alice is a much better broadcaster than GC is.
  9. Schedule Changes

    Toddla T sits in for Benji B on Thursday morning at 1am. The podcasts appear to be starting this Thursday at 3am - starting with 'Nik and Sammy's Peachy Podcast'. Jordan North is doing early breakfast week beginning Monday 26th February, as Adele will be on the road with Greg as part of his three peaks challenge for Sport Relief (I forgot about this originally!).
  10. Interesting that on the show today, Scott and Chris were discussing what would happen if Scott was to resign or was sacked (this came off the back of a discussion point that mentioned a guy writing a 'Sorry for your loss' card to his bosses, announcing he quit). Scott said that when the time comes, he would personally like to make the decision himself as opposed to being forced out. He said that if he was forced out, he would exit in style with hidden secrets potentially being revealed.
  11. Live Lounge Covers

    I'm sure I read somewhere a long time ago that, under normal Live Lounge appearances, acts are given a list of 'current hits' and they choose the one they like the look of best. I'm not sure how it works under different strands, but it would seem it follows the same lines in that it has to be well known songs by the artists Loyle Carner wanted to cover.
  12. If you thought yesterday's 36 minutes was respectable, you'll enjoy today's 43 minutes - very rare for the 1pm-4pm slot. I haven't listened to it yet, but I suspect that they've used really long jingles in the podcast like they did yesterday.
  13. Radio 1 Playlist

    I am sure many of you out there know this already, but Radio 1 tweeted out this article that explains the playlist, how it is compiled and about the music team too. The thing that most caught my attention is the part about audience testing that helps decide which songs stick around longer than others. The audience must love James Arthur singing about being naked, as it feels like I've been hearing it for months!
  14. Schedule Changes

    While also covering Greg's show during the same week. That's dedication right there!