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  1. Didn't he just sign a new contract? Speaking of contracts, has Scott got a new one yet??
  2. It was really weird hearing Scott on Radio 2 but he sounded fine (even with some of the dodgy callers )
  3. Day 1 was so good! Can't wait for the rest of the tour!
  4. My new HP laptop can't connect to my wireless internet either. SO annoying. :confused:
  5. Whooooooooooo Having said that, I used to like his Wednesday night show on Radio 1.
  6. Sounds interesting! Does this mean the Chart Update is moving as well?
  7. I think Scott is probably safe now. They won't want to lose 3 of their popular DJs in 3 months..
  8. DJ Ace is to replace Clara Amfo on 1Xtra.
  9. False alarm. Radio 1 have confirmed Clara Amfo will be the new host 10am-1pm
  10. My first thought was Jameela but I hope not..
  11. She's also pregnant again!
  12. I'm not certain but it looks like Chris's girlfriend has had a baby!! Some people were congratulating them on Twitter.
  13. Scott apparently wants to enter I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here this year!! This has to happen.:hahaha: http://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/im-a-celebrity/208377-im-a-celebrity-2015-line-up-scott-millis-is-up-for-going-into-the-jungle.html
  14. I think the show is very scripted so it falls apart when Chris isn't there.. They should keep an emergency script. The show has sounded better since Monday though cos they've let Chris have the week off as he has some BIG news...
  15. They usually announce departures about a month before they happen so we won't know (for sure) if he's safe til about mid-March.