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  1. This news put me in a sad mood. I had a suspicion that Chris having to sign a contract, to stay on the TPC podcast, with a commercial broadcaster might lead to a split eventually and I did always wonder if both would go together, but never expected it to come to this so soon. Going to this miss these two on R1, and more importantly the content. Greg's show still feels likes it's pandering to kids of a pre-TikTok age, RM&C feels a bit too chaotic and V&J for me just isn't natural enough yet. Hope Katie Thistleton gets the slot instead of Dean, but I feel instinctively the bosses will do the opposite. Oh well. Times were good whilst they lasted.
  2. Just feels like a ridiculously contrived format. It's obvious that each deciphered clue won't be the exit password and the fact ther are only two guesses a show max just kills the pace of it. The production team have put together 5 days of content so there's no way Greg will 'guess' the password before Friday's Breakfast Show. Yawn.
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