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  1. If anyone is interested to know Adele Roberts stands in for Jo Whiley on Radio 2 next week whilst Annie Macmanus hosts for Lauren Lavern on 6 Music at breakfast time next week.
  2. Response to @Jono Idea of a card my message to tribute Scott Mills and Chris Stark’s tenure at Radio 1 reads:

    For the hard times and the good, for the the greatest radio personalities I got to praise them like I should. For the laughter and the joy brought a smile to many of days soundtrack as comprehensive student then through to sixth form to early adulthood. A constant will be missed. Especially the ridiculously funny laugh out loud moments that no other radio presenters come close (well maybe Elis James and John Robins on 5 Live. But this isn’t about them’

    Thanks for the memories they were quite alright actually. Best of luck with the future retiring to Radio 2 Scott and Chris going global, you will be back sure I know.

    Love Ya Bye - Aaron Williams @aarjaewilliams (They/Them

  3. Not far off Mollie King’s new Future Pop show from launching and Rock Introducing it would be good to have that extra pop and addition to the future brand of shows
  4. Wonder if just that they may have contracted Vicky Hawksworth to start presenting so many hours from august even with show starting in September since she hasn’t had a regular Radio 1 show permanently and getting a daily daytime one could be warming audience. Plenty opportunities live on air co-hosting and presenting may help pilot if and get feedback from
  5. What moments as Scott departs from Radio 1 for 2 would you put in a top 40 chart of his greatest moments on air
  6. Could it be when BBC Radio 1 Relax Proms get its radio 1 airplay know its live on Sounds May listen in evening
  7. I do wish that the BBC had better way of accessing the archived content. As if outlets like this didn’t exist it would be good for old recordings of stuff were accessible to the public in archive as public service broadcaster type of thing
  8. Think possibility Matt Edmonson could end up doing the Afternoon weekend slot with Mollie have Arrielle or someone like James Cusack, Matty Chaibi or Rakeem Omar at weekends
  9. I think should have as an unwritten rule able to criticise presenters and dislike them but not get personal and coming up with conspiracy that isn’t even hearsay. We can all say we’d have or prefer a presenter to do one show or slot. But need to try to be nice about presenters. As we all know there’d be a time when that the station will May make some changes that seem to end a good era if something we like. But, Dean and Vicky could prove any nay sayer wrong. Also the line of box tick diversity exercise is lasy. As for many years young people who have talent as broadcasters whether people of colour, LGBTQIA+, disability haven’t been given the opportunities to do so. Think there’s more that can be done but think it is moving in the right direction
  10. Yes evidence of Greg James or Katie Thistleton disliking or hating on Dean McCullough is no more than conspiracy and fabricating reality. We don’t know what is says off air and off twitter. Lesson is don’t read into things that much
  11. Lack of Radio 1 events and office parties may be an issue. With Dean McCullough broadcasting his weekend show from Salford and doesn’t really go into the Radio 1 HQ at Broadcasting House that often that is likely a factor in it. I think theres less general socialisation between the newer presenters.
  12. Think maybe something bit harsh and cruel in this comment but I get what you mean. Matt and Mollie would be the most natural successors. But shows Aled Haydn Jones is making greater risk of trying to make the station sound more young and fresh with less experienced presenters. This statement of mine would make me naturally wonder why did Rickie, Melvin & Charlie get poached. Think if it was Matt & Mollie could’ve created opportunities for broadcasters like Maia Beth or James Cusack to join. I think reflecting on when started tuning in bout nine to ten years ago there was more live and specialist presenter driven content. With the Review Show with Edith Bowman. Evening shows like Huw Stephens and Phil and Alice. Do some what miss the overnight original Indie Show with midnight drop and such like the Kench comedy original series. Do think next time around Relax/Dance & Anthems maybe the next head of Radio 1’s issue to address
  13. I don’t know but quite possibly James Cusack could be another name its quite something that there are some big risks being made with McCullough, Hawkesworth and O’Leary given some high profile slots. Think Aled is taking a very different approach to it not having people to work the early hours before something big to open up. Think and do hope we’ll see some big risks to be made with Radio 1. Think each reshuffle theres an idea of something different at work.
  14. i kind of felt Chris starkl would be great with a production position he’s a great ideas guy. One thing find peculiar is with Global’s higher they say someone is joining the Global Radio family. Think they may end up redesigning their app sometime. Wonder if there will ever be a gradual hire to the road to do a LBC Sport stationm
  15. I’m shocked and surprised interesting as comes in latest raft of beeb hires like Lewis Goodall, Dino Sofos, Maitlis, Sopel, Rob Burley… for LBC. Wonder if Global will allow for longer links
  16. I think I’d think it may help Dean to stay on weekends for a bit more longer. It’s not as easy replace as know with something like Asian Network or 1 Xtra as helps with the right show
  17. With Zoe Ball, Scott Mills, Fearne Cotton etc are on Radio 2 of the 90s-00s era of radio 1 (Vernon Kay and Edith Bowman) wonder if Pete Tong would ever move over to Radio 2 to play house, Ibiza stuff when
  18. My final predictions or punts on it will be: Matt & Mollie in the afternoon’s (til mid-2025) James Cusack *WildCard* for the chart as think the chart high profile slot but with very pre-formatted links and text tweets and rigid format. Kind of great show for newer presenter. Maia Beth becomes the new Future Pop (Presenter when it launches) Katie Thistleton on weekend afternoons. Maybe do more Lifehack blend of conversation in her show Life Hacks with Sam & Danni See Rakeem Omah, Kerri Cosh, Vicky Hawksworth, Matty Chabi, Connor Coates continue to cover. And take shows in next shuffle.
  19. I think if one of the current presenters did got poached by god to present on the radio station in the clouds above in the other realm. I think the station would have a more of a somber approach. I think they may have some fun ways to go out in a bang and whilst reliving the best give some new material. I mean they need to get the director general to do innuendo bingo
  20. I kind of hope for a former Radio 1 Scott Mills producer on the new show I kind of think it will be a new sound all together maybe watered down bits of 5 Live approach and maybe a lot of new ideas and features. Maybe theres appetite for something like Real or No Real or some of those quizzy features and stirring up the listeners feelings with Bombaleo on Radio 2
  21. I’m rooting for Katie Thistleton it would be good to have a solo presenter doing it and between Arrielle Free or Katie Thistleton have good choices. As for 5 Live think Elis and John could end up filling the saturday morning show with news and sport chat. Chris is going to be missed maybe they may end up doing some tv stuff or some podcast projects together it would be nice if Chris Stark popped in on the show every now and then.
  22. Wish they went for a dance music presenter to cover Charlie Hedges Dance Anthems like one of the Christmas future talent names
  23. I think that when it comes to if they are the next Breakfast duo do think maybe the breakfast show being a four day breakfast show again. So that maybe on a Friday they have dedicated day to do anymore projects outside. But someone like Lauren Laverne still manages to have quite a lot of time of her radio breakfast show.
  24. I think that when it comes to if they are the next Breakfast duo do think maybe the breakfast show being a four day breakfast show again. So that maybe on a Friday they have dedicated day to do anymore projects outside. But someone like Lauren Laverne still manages to have quite a lot of time of her radio breakfast show.
  25. I mean it always has but feels more in real time and more active rather than the natural long evolution of careers of where presenters go after 1. I think we are in the radio industry has spawned new stations throughout the last ten years (many). Think with the stations approach of Future Sounds, Relax etc may influence moves by the industry for ways to come. Think it’s what Radio 1 is doing great now and are slowly getting around to managing some diversity issues that Radio 1 and the industry have had to work on think Aled is passionate about giving people of different backgrounds and more people on a whole a platform
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