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  1. I think it was mentioned at the start of the week that Matt Edmondson is solo this weekend. Best New Pop I assume is recorded later in the week, so it's easier to keep the Friday early breakfast host on for an extra half hour to do it live. Either way, whatever reason they're off, it's their business.
  2. I think so, Gary Davies used to be his cover, although he is covering the breakfast show Mon-Wed next week. Radio 2 seem to be getting better with cover presenters, with Vernon Kay now a regular cover for Steve Wright and Rylan.
  3. I do miss them on breakfast, but that ship has sailed sadly. If Scott is going to be on Christmas Eve, it will be the Christmas Official Chart which falls that day. I hope he still does Christmas Day breakfast even with it falling on a Saturday. Will be interesting to how much live programming there is on Christmas Day this year. Last year there was the BFBS takeover which was a really good idea, would be good if that came back.
  4. That doesn't sound too bad. Dave Pearce never appeared last year so maybe that ship has sailed. I'd be surprised if Pete Tong popped up on R2. It's probably going to be one of Scott, Rylan or Ritchie Anderson on air going into the New Year. There were a few years when R1 just went into back to back music on NYE, thankfully they returned to live presentation a few years back, as in my opinion it's one of the best nights of the year to have live audience interaction (especially with WhatsApp messaging available now).
  5. BBC One is mostly repeats this afternoon, I agree it wouldn't have hurt to put out the highlights of Out Out Live! about now. However... The majority of those watching One at this time would likely not have interest in it, those wanting highlights will more likely watch it back on iPlayer.
  6. CBBC already have links to Radio 1, have done for a fair few years. Although there is some crossover, they target mostly separate audiences, so there isn't much need for more linking between the two.
  7. If I had to guess... Early Breakfast in the run up to Christmas hosted by one of the recent Friday EB presenters Matt & Mollie on breakfast from Monday 20th-Thursday 23rd with Matt solo on Christmas Eve. Dean McCollough between 10:30 & 1 and Katie Thistleton between 1 & 4 on Christmas Eve. Scott with the chart on Christmas Eve... then Christmas Day breakfast (although I suspect as Xmas Day is a Saturday.. there will be a pre recorded Christmas special of his 5 live Show too). Last time the 25th fell on a Saturday.. the weekend breakfast presenter did breakfast (Dev at the time) so maybe it will be the same again with Adele? I hope it's Scott, though. I dare say he'll be popping up on Radio 2 over the Christmas holiday, too. Arielle in for Vick & Jordan 20th-23rd December. Boxing Day to New Year's Eve is new presenters as we know.
  8. That's an interesting one! A presenter returning to cover a slot they've left. It was mentioned when he left that he would still "remain part of the radio 1 family"... he did a few random cover shifts on early breakfast and the weekend then nothing. Will be interesting to hear how Vick sounds on air with him compared to Katie and Roman... I mean Jordan.
  9. That's an interesting one! A presenter returning to cover a slot they've left. It was mentioned when he left that he would still "remain part of the radio 1 family"... he did a few random cover shifts on early breakfast and the weekend then nothing. Will be interesting to hear how Vick sounds on air with him compared to Katie and Roman... I mean Jordan.
  10. He's became the cover presenter pretty much not long after he joined Heart.
  11. Dev Griffin is doing the 'other chart' this afternoon on Heart/Capital which leads me to wonder, has there been many other people (if any) who have hosted both the official chart and the network chart (Big Top40)?
  12. I agree on RMC. Although I get to hear them more now, when I did hear them at night... they were good at that time, with risqué humour, and non playlist picks. They do sound more constrained on daytime.. However, I'm indifferent to what is broadcast in that slot as i only really listen in the background unless I have the radio on through my earphones. Clara did a good job of being a safe pair of hands in the live lounge slot, and I think that segment suited her more than RMC, personally. I don't understand why they moved the time of the live lounge to 11am after all these years. A move to daytime for them was inevitable though. More cost effective to have a trio on when more people are listening. Clara was the obvious and best suited replacement for Annie on Future Sounds. She knows what she's talking about, music wise... and like Annie and Zane before her... she's passionate about championing artists. One minor gripe.. I did prefer the previous voiceover and beds... Used to set it apart from other shows on Radio 1. It seems 'Hottest Record' has stretched beyond Future Sounds.. becoming a recognisable R1 brand like the Live Lounge is. The Sunday HR is shoehorned in to the start of the Chart update.. and is usually a commercially/playlist friendly track... Vick & Jordan are a step up on Grimmy's drivetime show... very strong start. I do personally think Jordan was a strong enough broadcaster to take over drive himself, same goes for Vick. They work together really well, so it was a decent shout putting them together.. It's pretty clear unless they decide to try something different.. that they will be the next breakfast show, whenever that may be... I hope they establish some features but at the same time, keep things fresh. I heard them on breakfast yesterday and it was a bit meh... Although I've been under the weather with a bad cold this week so it could just be my mood. Dean, I'm listening to now. I don't mind him. He's a decent listen and seems to have fitted in pretty well and suits the time slot. Greg James and Scott & Chris continue to prove they're the strongest daytime broadcasters on the station. The latter especially, cracked me up with that 'Just For Me' parody the other day. Granny Tinder is getting a bit tired. A new or returning feature wouldn't go amiss. It's their off the cuff links/chats which I prefer anyway. Has anyone heard any of the Friday early breakfast shows? I'm not usually up at that time to listen live (I've heard a couple live, and listened back to some).
  13. I'm impressed too. He was pretty good paired with Mollie King too a few months back when he stepped in for Matt Edmondson. The show is coming from Broadcasting House today (I assume tomorrow and Sunday as well).
  14. Nice that R1 are continuing to open up the opportunity for new voices to be heard however... I can't help but think there will be very little room for further opportunities in the near future to reappear. Sam & Danni and James Cusack seem to have got regular cover slots on the station
  15. So Yasser is leaving Asian Network? Any ideas if he's leaving the BBC entirely? He's back on Radio 1 tomorrow on chart duties.
  16. I hope he reintroduces knock offs soon. It's a simple feature but from what I can tell... one of the popular features on R1. As they settle in, I'm sure they'll have time to find what works well and what doesn't.
  17. They did do a full week, yeah. I cannot remember exactly when but I certainly remember them doing it. Edit: It was Monday 9th through to Thursday 12th September 2019.
  18. Grimmy's show seemed to be the home of the celebrity guests? Do you think that practice will continue on the new drive show? I've noticed there is a lot less reliance on celebrity guests, even pre covid.. instead favouring the 'Greg' approach of making the listeners star of the show
  19. As expected... Every show has sounded fresh and on form today. No doubt Jack Saunders will deliver a good show, as he often does and it's good he gets an earlier timeslot. Will be intriguing to listen to how Dean gets on at the weekend. What's great is the line up is also strong on Saturday & Sundays. There's not many weak links with the regular cover voices popping up (James Cusack and Sam & Danni) have both been decent listens too. In terms of cover now, I'm assuming RMC and Vick & Jordan will rarely be all off at once. If they are on occasion, I'll say the likes of Adele Roberts and Arielle Free will still be there to be called upon. Greg- Matt & Mollie as per before Clara- Hopefully Jack although Sian Eleri will pop up on occasion Future Artists- mix of Sian Eleri and Jess Iszatt (the latter popping up on the Power Down Playlist show on occasion) Indie Show- Nels Hylton If Dean is off, is there obligation of the show still coming from Salford? If so, might be another opportunity for James Cusack to get cover slots on the station, as he's already based in the North as a cover DJ for Heart Yorkshire drivetime. Any ideas who will become Scott's cover? In recent times it's been Vick & Katie, and RMC, and before that... Jordan (with Chris). As they usually favour a duo to cover, there's only really Matt & Mollie... and they already have a fair few weeks a year on breakfast duties in addition to their own show.
  20. Indeed. The Music Week article with Aled mentions that he put the feelers out to Clara when she started covering the slot last year how she would feel taking on Future Sounds. It's presumably what was being alluded to in the article about DJ's not being moved out of London... and Clara being at the forefront of their future plans.
  21. Less than an hour in and I think they're onto a winner pairing these two up. Capital's loss is Radio 1's gain where Vick is concerned. And we still have Vick & Katie on Sundays which is always a good listen.
  22. NathanS

    Voice notes

    Ha ha, Scott and Chris announcing it: "03700 100100 on whatsapp or come and find us on Only Fans"
  23. Was going to pretty much start the same thread tomorrow so you've saved me a job ha ha. I'm looking forward to hearing drivetime in particular. I enjoyed Jordan very much as a standalone presenter, which is how he's established himself. However, Jordan works well with pretty much everyone he's shared the Radio 1 airways with so I have no doubt they will click instantly as a duo. It does really feel like a new era, and it feels both like yesterday and a long time since Grimmy and Annie left, so I'm excited to hear how the new schedule sounds after a few weeks of temporary schedules and fill ins.
  24. I agree. Jack's been sounding good on daytimes. I could see him there in the future, depends if he's offered it and wants that chance. I can see him being at the helm of Future Sounds within the coming years though.
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