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  1. 1) For the talk-based networks: LBC has come on leaps and bounds, very well-established brand now, often on top of breaking news and does 'what it says on the tin'. TalkRadio is hampered by a line-up consisting (largely) of pub-bore presenters, but is doing well pushing it's constant streaming. TimesRadio deserves credit for relying on sponsorship only (no adverts as such) - Style is deliberately more 'dry' than the others, but I put an hour aside for John Piennar.  TalkSport2 is building a reputation for ACTUAL sports coverage, as opposed to the acres of inane 'banter' on the main TalkSport.

    2) For the music-based networks: There are quality shows to be found in many places, but there's no one station I can stick with for an extended period of time. They all default to too many blocks of overly-predictable playlists, too-long ad breaks, and too many restrictions on what the presenters can do. Still, honourable mentions for: Chris Evans & Graham Norton on Virgin, Frank Skinner & Bush & Ritchie on Absolute and Simon Mayo on Greatest Hits. I sometimes fantasise about one combined station, which would give room (and breathing space) to all of them ...

    3) Just to note that I regret it now seems to be out-of-the-question altogether for any show to divide its time equally between talk and music. Nick Abbot was able to do that for a time on the old 'Virgin 1215', in a richly entertaining way.

  2. 13 hours ago, IamNotFromUK said:

    I think it's time to move on. You can't have a DJ who's out of demographics and doing quite a lot of work on Radio 2 covering for Radio 1 breakfast. I don't say it won't happen, but I think he's not the first choice by now. There's nothing bad about this - as someone said, Scott's on Radio 1 for 20 years and sooner or later it's time for a change. I'm sure he'll get a gig on daytime or weekend Radio 2 easily. As i'm not from the UK and wasn't very much familiar with Terry Wogan till now, I did a lot of research on him recent days. He left Radio 2 breakfast being 70 and Ken Bruce is 69 now. I think we'll see him leaving anytime soon and Scott has a big chance to take over Kens' or Steve Wrights' (who's 67) show. It would be a promotion for Scott in a way as Radio 2 is a bigger station and it's getting more modern everyday.

    Fair enough - But who then fills his shoes on R1?  He is, after all, R1's equivalent of Steve Wright - a 'Mr Dependable', who most demographics can get along with ...

  3. I will simply say this: If they're struggling to 'fill time' at any point, then I'm sure there's a boat-load of artists who would appreciate more exposure through the 'Introducing' route - you know, instead of that just been shoved away in it's Sunday night corner ....

  4. From the odd bits & pieces I've caught, the evident excitement displayed by the new lot (including tripping over words, like 'Spitney Spears'!) was a great thing to hear - As opposed to some of the established voices (naming no names) who largely just coast through their slots with 'shout-outs', adding precious little to material supplied by the listeners ,,,

  5. He's somehow struck a seam where, whether you're 15 or 50, then, provided you take at least a passing interest in new pop, chances are you don't mind a bit of Scott. I say this as a 45 yr-old, and his is the only Mon-Fri daytime R1 show I actively listen to ...

  6. On 10/14/2020 at 9:06 AM, Lily Georgia said:

    Phil Taggart is in for Jack Saunders next week, 19th-22nd October....

    Re - My previous musings, will be interesting to hear what difference this makes - with the same music - in terms of having more of a 'late night' feel ,,,,

  7. I wonder what peoples views are on the time slots that different shows are given?  I know it's not such a big deal in these days of 'catch-up' listening, but (for instance), Jack Saunders sounds a touch too 'lively' to me for that late at night - whereas a straight swap with the relatively-relaxed Annie Mac would make more sense .....

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