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  1. Hannah, why don't you take your medication and hop off to bed like the doctor told you. I wouldn't bother John, Jono won't listen and we'll end up getting banned for daring to criticise him... :roll::doubt:
  2. yes and considering I've been here over a year longer than you, my count is actually quite low compared to what yours will probably be...
  3. I spend less time here than you, so **** off.
  4. yeah, you keep telling yourselves that.
  5. you posted under the wrong name there Hannah
  6. wow... autism in thread form...
  7. Do I care? Hmmm lemme think...
  8. *gets out tiny violin... and smashes it
  9. *holds up a mirror for you* what now?
  10. Coal is such a complex substance that no two pieces of it have the same chemical structure...
  11. I have bought a grand total of ONE pressie... and that's coz I saw it by chance a few weeks ago...
  12. Moyles is doing a radio panto isn't he?
  13. demonhorse


    Did you get free beer at school too? or was that Andy B? either way, would explain a lot :-p:biggrin:
  14. Dogs can't look up [/shaun of the dead] Was this funnier than Joce as Cameron Ditzy?
  15. Time to change avatar to the Grinch me thinks....
  16. demonhorse


    I'n't Milk BRILLIANT! [/fast show]
  17. You're right... but I should be the only one to do any trotting around here?
  18. demonhorse


    team zoidberg apparently...
  19. *cough*North Korea*cough* What I don't get is why US and UK governments appear to think they have this divine right to be the ONLY ones with Nuclear Weapons... Also it's VERY suspect that Iraq is only suspected of having them and we go to war, but in N.Korea, we have PROOF and they even ANNOUNCE it, but you don't see Warmonger Bush going there.... do they have little or no oil perhaps?
  20. I thought you were already a Lord.... If I'm JK and Joke, doesn't that mean I'm a lowly peasant? :shock: :doubt: :cry:
  21. and here's me stuck as JK and bley Joel.....
  22. I also finished reading it tonight... I doubt there will be a LD2 though. Final Thoughts was maybe a little short.
  23. not usually when it's from EDUCATIONAL establishments... the clue is in the address.
  24. Trident is the name of a type of Nuclear missile that can carry up to 8 warheads to a target and deploy them independently. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trident_missile Also the fleet of submarines that are armed with the weapons in the british navy are known as Trident. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanguard_class_submarine (I used to love anything to do with submarines and/or spacecraft.. and still do to an extent, but waaaaay back I was a sub and shuttle geek ) If you're looking historically, it's basically a type of three-pronged staff weapon, often associated with Greek gods.
  25. 42 sang with the dolphins on their australian mega-mega-hit "So long and thanks for all the fish"
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