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  1. Noted on Twitter earlier, Scott and Tony Blackburn doing a conference in Amsterdam Monday (tomorrow) - representing 50yrs of R1 Matt covering Scott Monday Also noted Dev covering drive all week Greg must be on leave
  2. Just heard Scott and Chris will be on ITV at 0845 being filmed for the Lorraine show Brilliant intro by Grimmy as well saying to Scott "this is the breakfast show I've done it you've done it we've never done it together"
  3. also noticed in Gregs time, Scott as usual, fades the music in to the speaking so well, you can so tell he is on the decks
  4. Was great to hear Scott on after 1600 on drive, and specially knowing he was on the "decks" I thought the format would be the resident presenter did their show with Scott in the background, but looks like Scott has control of the "decks" and the residents are there just contributing
  5. Hey guys Geeky questions - put in this room as relate to Mills show A. Does mills always use the same studio, because sometimes you watch stuff like Bingo and the windows are on his right sometimes his left, noticed the same with Grimmy as well B. When they do real or no real with Greg, is he in the room with Scott and Chris, or is he in "his" studio, I get that if someone like Alice or someone comes in to play they are in the same room C. Do presenters share a studio, for instance Grimmy, Scott and Annie Mac share one and Clara and Greg the other and same at weekend D. We never hear a Clara/Scott handover, but hes been there for live lounges and all recently
  6. Love Scott and Chris every day I listen when I can, specially in the gym in afternoons, it is a proper show and it seems to be getting better Shame they cant be on breakfast, but then if they were I would not be able to listen as often as I can now
  7. Surprised to be woken up by Matt on Friday revealing he had been whisked away from a rehersal to do the show I would have loved to have seen Chris or Alice
  8. The R1 WIKI page had changed as well
  9. Just looked at Cliftons Wiki again and the comment has been removed, so was it spoof, or is it true but not public yet
  10. Saw a post on DS forums about Greg going to Capital Breakfast, and then just now, Dave Berry has quite and going to Absoloute Maybe the DS rumour is true
  11. Saw something on Phil Clifton's Wiki that he will take over R1 Breakfast Is this true? nothing on BBC or from Grimmy How will this affect Scott and co..
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