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    thebeuter reacted to murste in The 8th with Charlie Sloth   
    I like the zoo format, the randomness and the sense of not knowing what'll happen next. Seems like a really good idea for a show but the music is putting me off a bit. The show is meant to be R1 AND 1Xtra, I know rap and grime is huge right now but I think the music needs to be more of a hybrid between the two stations. He's playing a lot of stuff that would be on the 1Xtra daytime playlist- it's a nighttime show so I wouldn't mind more specialist nighttime music (a mix of what Annie, Toddla T, Mistajam, Benji B are playing etc).
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    thebeuter reacted to welovemoyles in The 8th with Charlie Sloth   
    It is the first time I've ever listened to him. I like the fact the ZOO format has returned to Night times. I will listen now and again but the music genre is not my cup of tea. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOÒ?

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    thebeuter reacted to OohErr in The 8th with Charlie Sloth   
    So what are we all making of it so far?
    There's a load of voices we haven't been introduced to, the music is very much more 1Xtra than Radio 1 (it's Charlie Sloth, I don't know what I was expecting - Taylor Swift?). 
    So far it seems a bit naff and contrived. 
    EDIT 21:42: a lot naff and contrived. And all the music sounds the same.
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    thebeuter reacted to Ant L in Bad news for Grimmy but good news for Clara, Scott and Greg   
    I've made this point before but I feel Radio 1's target audience should be 16-35, and not 16-24 (or 29 officially) as it is now. Radio 2's target demographic is 35+, leaving no mainstream BBC radio service aimed for those of us aged between 25 and 35.
    It's also all very well Ben Cooper talking about Radio 1's YouTube subscribers but without the pull of a strong breakfast show then there may well be less engagement with the platform. And of course radio should always be the priority.
    I happen to quite like Grimmy now, however the show really needs a bit of a revamp. The finest moments are when Grimmy is just himself and not so "on-script"- for example I enjoyed him talking about his dogs yesterday, or when him and Fiona naturally bounce off one another. The entertainment news is quite good in the sense that it gives Grimmy someone else to bounce off but there seems to be heavy reliance on it as a "feature".
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    thebeuter reacted to murste in Schedule Changes   
    Really like these changes.
    Promoting Charlie makes perfect sense- he's great and I think a show with him could bring some much-needed life to nights, in the style of Nick Grimshaw's old 10pm show. Annie, Charlie and Huw is a really strong post-7pm schedule. Shame to see Huw bumped to 11pm but always thought 3 hours was too long. I'd ditch the Residency and have him on Monday-Thursdays 11pm-1am so you have a consistent line-up. 3 very distinct shows which will be great.
    The 9pm shows had become stale and time-fillers : R1 Stories repeats, Residencies that made no impact on the station etc. Even Phil's specialist chart seemed unnecessary. 
    Great to see Danny promoted to Friday nights- didn't realise it has been 6 years on Dance Anthems! Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Danny Howard, B Traits- wow, that's impressive. Mistajam the perfect replacement for Danny too, he'll be great. Putting Katie and Cel together is a smart move- a bit more direction & purpose for the slot and I think Cel was still struggling to hold down a 3 hour show by himself.
    Great to see the 2 hour shows back and an exciting, diverse nighttime line-up.
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    thebeuter reacted to ThinkTank in Schedule Changes   
    Big boss Ben did say that Radio 1 is different because it listens to the listeners, maybe the longer specialist shows were boring listeners? I know people who love radio 1 but go to other stations of a night/evening because of the shift in music, while this hasn't really changed, I think Charlie Sloth's new show is a massive game changer for youth radio if executed correctly! I'm really looking forward to that show and listening to radio 1 of an evening!
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    thebeuter reacted to Lee E in MistaJam covering for Greg   
    Maybe he will become the new weekday DJ if someone moved on? or looking to get him on R1 and someone like Jordan or Cel on 1xtra
    Hes been on R1 xtra for some years, maybe they are trying him for a new breakfast or drive host
    Maybe just that Dev is busy?
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    thebeuter reacted to Josh25 in MistaJam covering for Greg   
    It looks like MistaJam is covering Greg's show on Thursday and Friday this week.
    Interesting to see him doing more weekday cover.
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    thebeuter reacted to OohErr in 50th Birthday Celebrations   
    DAB pop up "Radio 1 Vintage" station for three days from 30th September with one hour extracts from archive shows. Tony Blackburn and Nick Grimshaw to launch it with a joint show and... MOYLES IS BACK!*
    *although I'm not sure how big his role will be, the article suggests it'll just be a five minute introduction to his retro show segments. 
    Very excited about this.
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    thebeuter reacted to BlueSkies in Schedule Re-Think is Imminent!   
    There definitely needs to be a bit of a shakeup. I would go for something along the lines of:
    04:00 - Jordan North
    06:30 - Greg James
    10:00 - Alice Levine
    13:00 - Matt Edmondson
    16:00 - Scott Mills & Chris Stark (doubt they would be moved back, but they are still by far the best show at the station and if Scott is to leave R1 over the next few years, but him back on drivetime for his final bit)
    19:00 - Annie Mac (or MistaJam. Enjoyed his cover)
    Grimmy and Clara's shows I just find a bit stale and dull. Give Greg a chance now at breakfast and Chris Smith moving to doing the news in the morning and being an essential part of Greg's show. I think, judging by the article the other day, Tina is planning on moving on quite soon - I will miss her though.
    Radio 1 in general at the minute I think needs a change. It will never be the years of Moyles, Whiley, Coxy, Zane Lowe etc. again, but it always sounded fresh and had a lot of personality then and did things differently - time to bring a bit of that back. And find some new "radio" people who really have a passion for radio, instead of CBBC presenters...
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    thebeuter reacted to JWB_ in Schedule Re-Think is Imminent!   
    This would be my ideal Weekday Schedule:
    Breakfast - Greg James
    Mid Morning - Alice Levine
    Early Afternoon - Matt Edmondson
    Drivetime - Scott Mills
    I know the chances of that happening are very very minimal. Grimmy is just not interesting and neither is Clara, they could probably go on Breakfast and Mid Morning weekend I guess.
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    thebeuter reacted to welovemoyles in Schedule Re-Think is Imminent!   
    No it's not fake news. It's just my prediction. With Radio 1 heading into it's Golden Year in September. Me thinks they will be having a re-Think.
    If so the bosses plans are already set in stone with the Line-up knowing there places.
    So I do believe it's time for Gregory James for Brekkie with a straight swap with Grimshaw.
    Also feel it could be promotions time for the likes of Matt Edmondson and Alice Levine.
    Sad news would be people leaving aswell. Dev is more than likely to be the first victim.
    So what's everyone's thoughts on what may or may not happen?
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    thebeuter reacted to forde52 in 2016 Power Intros   
    The Live Lounge got updated a while ago but when I last listened the intro before the actual live performance still had the old voices on. Dance Anthems with Greg has new voices mainly, it's just Danny's show that doesn't. I'm more bothered about the chart now! 
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    thebeuter reacted to OohErr in Scott Mills To Be Investigated By OFCOM   
    Too bloody right it wasn't upheld. What a load of old nonsense.
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    thebeuter reacted to josie88 in Scott Mills To Be Investigated By OFCOM   
    2 complaints  http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-essex-40160368
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    thebeuter reacted to forde52 in New Newsbeat Imaging - 2017   
    I'm not sure on it at the moment, but I agree it sounds like an update. I'm curious to see what the sport bed sounds like (unless they've dropped it, but there hasn't really been any sport news so far today).
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    thebeuter reacted to Ant L in New Newsbeat Imaging - 2017   
    So a new Newsbeat package has launched this morning. 
    Sounds like an update to Daniel Mumford's last theme. 
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    thebeuter reacted to OohErr in Let's play Who Tennis online!   
    Orange Wednesdays. 
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    thebeuter reacted to DC in Let's play Who Tennis online!   
    0777459875-oh fliiirrrt divert!... Whoooooooooooooo!!!?
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    thebeuter got a reaction from OohErr in Let's play Who Tennis online!   
    (it's not really a who, but has anyone ever listened to it?)

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    thebeuter reacted to radiod in Gemma Cairney's Final Show   
    I'm not a massive fan of Gemma, but have to give her credit for tonight's Surgery so far -  a difficult show to go out with and so far she's doing a good job.
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    thebeuter reacted to Jordan12 in Gemma Cairney's Final Show   
    Talk about low-key exit! No idea who will replace her but I bet we will know before 10pm.
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    thebeuter reacted to radiod in Gemma Cairney's Final Show   
    Hi! Just heard Mistajam say that tonight's Surgery will be Gemma's last show on Radio 1.  I had no idea that she was leaving, but she did post it on Instagram. 
    Anyways, I don't know if you all knew this or not! 
    Any ideas who's taking over from her? 
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    thebeuter reacted to Ant L in Gemma Cairney's Final Show   
    She crashed the vocal on her last news intro, just for old time's sake. 
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    thebeuter reacted to murste in Alice Levine   
    By next weekend, she will have only done 1 of the last 6 weekend shows. She probably has other work commitments and might have holidays booked around now. Love how Scott always slags her off about it on Thursdays during Real or no Real. "So, do you still work at Radio 1?", "Are you turning up this weekend then?", "Oh the TWO days?!"  
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