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  1. My Mum loves Pointless but personally I never really watch game shows.
  2. What's been going on? I missed all this.
  3. Maybe we could do a UM one.
  4. Yes I am beginning to get tired of the endless torch talk. But it is coming to my town next month.
  5. Yes Scott said she might not be in every day as she is still recovering, but she is getting better.
  6. Well good for her for sticking up for herself. I didn't realise she had so much of a hate parade following her. Shame really.
  7. People do crazy things when they're drunk. One Saturday morning I was walking into town and I saw a whole row of cars with their wipers all in the air and some with cones placed on them.
  8. Meh, I quite like Scott when he comes on Chris' show. I think it'll work well.
  9. That post sounded like one of the spambots' ones.
  10. Nothing much interesting ever happens when I'm out.
  11. Random fact, we are actually running out of helium on Earth because of party balloons. No word of a lie.
  12. This is quite fun. Unless you hate Coldplay.
  13. I'm quite pleased that they are doing this, actually. Sounds like an excellent idea.
  14. R94N

    The Queen !!

    Shame the weather wasn't that great. I bet boat fans were glued to the screen.
  15. Wretch 32 has gone up in my estimation significantly following that interview. I thought he was great. Definitely insightful.
  16. You can click on the YouTube logo on the embed player and it'll take you to the 'video page' with the suggestions on the right.
  17. R94N

    The Queen !!

    Bunting, car flag and wing mirror cover sales up 3000%.
  18. Sure it isn't on YouTube somewhere?
  19. I couldn't do that, it sets my hayfever off. Had it really bad today.
  20. I think I might be avoiding most of Thursday's show, since I don't watch The Voice and have no interest in it. Since it'll be mostly about that there's no point.
  21. I haven't heard it, but apparently it sounds like a David Guetta song.
  22. That is sad to hear about the animals. I find reading about the history of the BBC and the programmes fascinating though. That BBC Four documentary was great.
  23. Thanks! I have more coming up in a few days.
  24. My Mum always says all the Russian countries end up voting for each other anyway. Looks like this wasn't the case this year, though.
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