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  1. That's a great place. I probably last went there when I was 9 or 10 but it was still fun...
  2. Moyles was not being serious when he was talking about Grimmy. Like 90% of the things he says, it was tongue-in-cheek/joking. The trouble is people take him seriously and think he's being serious. I don't think if Moyles hated Grimmy he would go out for drinks with him.
  3. I know he was incredibly influential but to be honest I'm not sure many people would know of him outside the UK. Heck even the younger generation (i.e. most of Radio 1's audience now) have probably never heard of him. Of course this is terrible but this will happen to everything at some point. For example during the Olympics ceremonies people were tweeting saying they had no idea who Paul McCartney was.
  4. I'm more interested in the new Nokia Lumia phones they announced recently.
  5. As someone who was too young to hear him the first time around, I think I will be listening to a few of these when I get a spare moment.
  6. http://www.theverge.com/2012/9/12/3319488/dj-john-peel-live-radio-episodes-digital-archive-streaming?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter http://www.sevenstreets.com/music-and-listening/announcements-music-and-listening/stream-john-peel-bbc-show-archive-download/ 'John Peel's record collection has already been digitised, and now, hundreds of his live BBC 1 shows have been, as well. SoundCloud user +dB has uploaded 458 radio episodes from the late DJ, comprising more than 900 hours of music. The episodes date from 1967, when Peel was at Radio London, to 2004, when he completed his final shows for the BBC.'
  7. Yeah, it was really the only example I could think of. Chris in the past has said similar things about Radiohead (who I love) and The Streets.
  8. He's alright I suppose. Not my kind of guest though.
  9. Chris has said words to that effect before on his show. Lana Del Ray for example. Not many other DJs on the station would have the nerve to say that. That's what I have loved about listening to Chris.
  10. I joined both sites at the same time and post on both...
  11. Scott probably has to sound supportive of every song.
  12. Twitter's search is not as good as searching a forum though.
  13. Sometimes I LIKE to ADD random words in CAPITAL LETTERS to my sentences AS WELL.
  14. I didn't mean all wealthy people. There are also many that all they have done is be born and inherited the rest.
  15. Buzz Off is an old feature they used to do, where Chris plays songs from his iPod and the team listen. If they don't like it they say 'buzz'. Basically Britain's Got Talent before it existed.
  16. There is a lot of reverse snobbery in this country. I bet many people who are wealthy have ended up so through a lot of hard work. I suppose people are just jealous.
  17. I'm not so sure, the site existed before the breakfast show, Chris hasn't died or anything. He'll still do TV or radio work somewhere I'm sure.
  18. No, it's just that whenever the tabloids write an article about Moyles 'motormouth' or something similar is always in there. Especially since as of late they can't use 'roly poly DJ'.
  19. Haven't just jumped in the deep end and bought a £1500 Pinarello bike then Viv?
  20. The phrase that pays is in there.
  21. I imagine some of the people over at chrismoyles.net are going to record it. Probably somewhere on this thread. http://chrismoyles.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=22764
  22. Most of Sigur Ros' songs could probably be included in this thread.
  23. There isn't some kind of proxy you could use?
  24. I just have to go back to school the week it all starts, or rather ends. And I've had three months off...oh well.
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