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  1. Love these ! They shouldn't get rid of them... but I think the question is, would they be missed ?
  2. Can anyone get the interview and put it on YouTube? I really want to see it...
  3. I love Max when she's on !
  4. This should be good ! Can't wait for it...
  5. When Chiles takes a spot on GMTV maybe it will put Ben Shephard out of a job and he could take the 4day a week spot on the one show ?
  6. I would agree 100% with you here, I would love to hear him back on his radio 1 show. I really enjoyed it, not that Grimeshaw is bad or anything I enjoy him too, but Murray was easy listening/enjoyable, when he was on. That said, I do hope he gets the MOTD2 gig since that's the direction he picked to go with his work...
  7. Really hope Murray gets it. I enjoyed watching him on 'five' (the tv channel, I think it's called) when he use to cover the matchs on there.
  8. What's happening with Moyles, is Scott back in tomorrow ?
  9. That will make me want to watch even more if so...



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